Volume-3, Issue-3

May-June, 2017

1 Performance Analysis of Data Transmission in Free Space Optical (FSO) Communication
Vipin Mishra, S.Sugumaran
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
2 Gamification: An Initiative to Improve Engagement and Performance in Education
Mustaque Bin Rashid, Prof. Suganya .P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
3 Industrial Security Solution with Embedded
Rohan Krishnarao Ninawe, M. Vishnu Teja, Prateek Mantri, G. Balaji Mohan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
4 Mobile Cloud Computing Model and Big Data Analytics for Healthcare Applications
Dhanya .K, Prof. Preethi .S
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
5 Design of Independent Traffic Light System to Automate Flow Adaptive To Traffic
Arjun Mohabey, Mayura Kulkarni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
6 Assessment of Porters Five Competitive Forces in Indian IT Sector
Abhishek Dakhole, Dattatry Mane
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
7 Self-Concept and School Adjustment of Children with Learning Disability
Dr. Priyanka Pandey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
8 A Case Study: Ways And Means to Measure and Reduce ATC Losses in Distribution Systems
S. R Shankar, Dr. N. Kamaraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
9 Implementation of Virtual Human for Military Application
Priyanka .C, Sanjana .S, Ramya P. S, Akilandeswari .M, Priya .G
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
10 Energy Efficient Electric Vehicle Using Regenerative Braking System
N. Dheepika Lakshmi, D. Pooja Kanwar, Sandhyaa. R, S. Lakshmi Priya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
11 Advanced Foot Step Power Generation Using Piezo-Electric Sensors
Anirudha Chavan, Shyam Lakhadive, Vaibhav Pondhe, Prof. Vineeta Philip
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
12 Indoor Localisation Using RSSI Technique
Ramya .B, Saranya .N, Jyotsna .M, Hardhika Mahavir, Senthil Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
13 Automatic Diagnosis of Epilepsy Using Electroencephalogram (EEG) Signal Analysis
M. V Satya Sai Chandra, Dr. Paul K Joseph, Dr. Thasneem Fathima
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
14 Traumatic Fibroma of the Upper Lip: Case Report of an Uncommon Presentation
Dr. Monica
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
15 A Smart Phone Based Accident Fall Detection, Positioning and Rescue System
Keerthana .B, Nikita Pandya, Pooja Joshi, Neha .N, Dr. S. Sathiyan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
16 Unsupervised Method for Face Photo - Sketch Synthesis and Recognition
Seena Jose, Prof. Shivapanchashari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
17 Clinical importance of chlorophytum borivilianum in oligospermia
Dr. Dipak Swain, Dr. Vivek Mahalwar, Dr. K B Mahapatra, Dr. A. K. Das
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
18 Smart Attendance Management and Analysis with Signature Verification
Chauhan Hardika, Dr. Nehal Chitaliya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
19 Low Power Full Adder Circuit Design Using Two Phase Adiabatic Static CMOS Logic
Roopali, Uma Nirmal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
20 Security Management for Controlling Theft using Arduino UNO
S. Deepika, M. Nisha Angeline
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
21 Assisting System for Deaf and Mute Using Arduino Lily pad And Accelerometer
Rakesh N. S, Rachamadugu Saicharan, Praveena Kumar, Harish N. G, Aneeta S. Antony
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
22 IOT Based Safety and Security System
Shrey Khurana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
23 Product Rating Based On Review
Anurag Manni, Naman Jaiswal, Nayan Jaiswal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
24 Globalization Of Finance And Its Implications For The Stabilization Of Industries Of India
Dr. V. Venkateswara Rao, D. Pushpa Sri
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
25 Review on OFDM-Mimo Channel Estimation by Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Approaches
Bhalinder Singh, Rekha Garg
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
26 Mimo Channel Estimation Using Fast Converging Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm
Monika, Mahendra Tyagi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
27 Impact of Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration for Loss Reduction on Bus Voltages - A Perspective
K. K. S. V. V Prakasa Rao, V. C Veera Reddy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
28 Development of Modified Digital Beam Forming Algorithm Using Least Minimum Square Algorithm
Heena Antil, Rajesh Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
29 Reliability of a New Multicomponent Agility Test for Assessing Agility in Basketball Players: The Basketball Multicomponent Agility Test (BMAT)
Lakshmi Pavani P., M. Vijayakumar, Payal Vashi, Shuaa D. Ghare
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
30 Education and Women: Islamic Perspective
Dr. Rubina Shahnaz
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
31 Application of Email Client with Rabbit Algorithm for Android Mobile
Jadhav Vivek Vilas, Jagtap Mayur Sampat, Sane Hanumant Raghuji
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
32 Implementation of Value Stream Mapping Methodology in Pulley Industry
Arpit K. Jayswal, N. D. Chauhan, Rahul Sen
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
33 Optimal Blending Of Fly Ash with Geospatial Characteristics of Soil
Dr. Shivraj L. Patil, Saurabh S. Naik, Nikhil M. Nainani, Akash J. Khanchandani, Akash S. Visrani, Shubham S. Surve, Karan N. Lalwani
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
34 Review on Religious Practice on Politics with Special Reference to Chhattisgarh State, India
Ashok Kumar Chaturvedi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
35 Structural Morphological and Electrical Study on PI/ ITO/ PVDF Ternary Composite Thin Films
Prabhat Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
36 The Conflict Between Tradition And Modernity , R.K. Narayan’s – The Guide
Pankaj Kumar Raj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
37 Review on EES Application in Power Engineering System
Shiw Vilas Sah
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
38 A Study of Reduction of Vanadate
Satish Kumar Sinha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
39 Interdependence & Integration between Futures and Spot Market: Empirical Evidence in India
Dr. Saroj Kanta Biswal, Saktikanta Barik
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
40 A Review on Extracting Deblur Image Using Fuzzy Logic Approach From Impulse Noise
Preeti, Sachin Suryan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
41 Robust Technique for Extracting Deblur Image Using Fuzzy Logic Approach from Impulse Noise
Preeti, Sachin Suryan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
42 Cloud Federation Management and Beyond: Requirements, Relevant Standards, and Gaps
Amit Singh, Anand Singh, Jackulin Mahariba
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
43 A Comparative Study of AAC Block & Clay Brick Under Gravity Loading For Buildings
Alim Shaikh, Utkarsh Jain, Hussain Narayangarhwala, Suraj Pawar, Kanhaiya panwar, Narendra Choudhary, Archit Khandelwal, Mohd. Shadab Hussain
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
44 Neurogenic Pulmonary Oedema- Case Report
Dr. Saurabh Karmani, Ghuliani Ranjit, Faiz Ahmad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
45 Static Signature Matching Using LDA and Artificial Neural Networks
Shaina Kedia, Er. Gaurav Monga
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
46 A Watermarking Approach In DWT Domain Using Symlet and Coiflet Filters
Akanksha Singh, Mohd. Saif Wajid
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
47 Improve Energy Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks by Selecting Secondary User
Mr. Raghunath K. Borkar, Prof. Sheshnarayan Ghungrad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
48 A Survey on Fingerprint Minutiae Extraction
Illa Singh, Rohini Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
49 A Review on Sensor Network in Smart Grid
Priya Sharma, Gitanjali Pandove
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
50 A Novel Approach for Efficient LDPC Decoding
B. LasyaSri, B. Ashok Raj, L. Nirmala Devi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
51 Review on Structural Software Testing Coverage Approaches
Monika Thakur, Sanjay
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
52 Designing and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Communication System Based on Advance STBC
Shubham Tyagi, Rajesh Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
53 Design and Implementation of Fir Filter Using Retiming Technique
R. Dhivya, Dr. P. Brindha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
54 Hybrid Recommendation Model With Nearest Neighbor Classification Based Collaborative Approach
Ramandeep Sharma, Samarth Kapoor
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
55 Stochastic Economic Load Dispatch Using Pareto Distribution with Multiple Fuels Local Convex By Bacterial Foraging Optimization
Akshay Rana, Shavet Sharma, Amandeep Thakur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
56 Automatic Irrigation System Based On Volumetric Soil Moisture Content Detection
Anirudh Itagi, Nidhish Meherotra, Utkarsh Shukla, Dipak Singh, Prof. Deepika Rani Sona
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
57 3D Face Reconstruction from 2D Images Using Data Mining Algorithm
Seema Chavan, Prajakta A. Satarkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
58 Variation Tolerant SRAM Cell for Low Power Applications
Dineshkumar .C, M. Parimala Devi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
59 Effect of Nidanparivarjan and Anutail Nasya in Vataj Pratishyaya-A Case Study
Dr. Kapil B. Shekhadar, Dr. Mahadevi Jadhav, Dr. Ankita Mandpe, Dr. G. G. Asati, Dr. Meera A. Aurangabadkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
60 Defining Quality in Construction Industry
Harshad Solanki Vijay, Prof. Ashok B. More, Mitesh Tank Ashok, Swarupa Jadhav Fattesinh, Sumalata Salian Sudhakar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
61 Power Loss Minimization Using Optimal DG Allocation and Sizing in Distribution Systems
Purvi Kapoor, Shashikant
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
62 Brainwave Controlled Robot
Jismy Shibu, Akash .J, Athul Johnny, Felicia Hyacinth Chelat
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
63 Discipline of Children: Impact of Different Way
Dr. Paras Jain
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
64 Review on Beacon Power Rate N VANET Routing
Abhishek Sharma, Kanchan Bala Jaswal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
65 Parspective of Development Disparities in Bankura District, West Bengal
Tanmoy Dhibor, Dr. Giyasuddin Siddque
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
66 Teacher Professional Development
Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
67 Asynchronous Grid Power Transfer Using VFT
Ekta Mishra, Ujjwal Utkersh, Hussain Gandhi, Pramod Kumar, Sudipta Dutta
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 370-373)
68 Robotic Fire Extinguishing Vehicle with Rocker Bogie Suspension System
Vishnu .V, Albin Sani, Alen Paul, Savio Mathew, Febin Davis, Rahul P. K, Nithin Rajan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
69 Ac-Dc Optimal power flow Based nodal pricing in deregulated power system
Juily N. Sukalkar, Dr. Sanjay B. Warkad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
70 Smart Surveillance Analysis System Using Hadoop
Deepali Babanrao Maske, Mrs. Mehzabin Shaikh, Ketki Keskar, Nikita Chavan, Priyanka Mahangare
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
71 Language Proficiency of English among +2 students in relation to their Locality and Stream of Study
Nidhi Mahindroo
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
72 The Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Spot Welding Process Parameters for Maximum Tensile Strength
Saiyed Faiyaz, Mrs. J. G. Borke
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
73 Digitization: A Paradigm Shift of Agriculture
Prof. Sonali Ganguly, Sujeet Prakash Patra
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
74 A Virtual Cloud Computing Provider for Mobile Devices
Dhanya .K, Prof. Preethi .S
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 411-414)
75 A Novel Method for Solar Energy Harvesting Method Based On Optimization
Sunita Rani, Shavet Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 415-422)
76 Review on Cognitive Spectrum Sensing By Met Heuristics
Rahul Kumar, Kanchan Bala Jaswal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 423-428)
77 Modelling and Control System Design for Electro Magnetic Suspension System
Y. Yojana Reddy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 429-436)
78 Segmentation of Breast Images Using Gaussian Mixture Models
Miss. Ankita Satyendra Singh, Prof. M. M. Pawar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 437-428)
79 Performance Comparison of AODV and DYMO Routing Protocols for Boundary Detection in 3-D Wireless Sensor Networks
Aditi Pandey, Ranjana Thalore
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 429-436)
80 Image Transfer Learning For Image Classification of Flowers Using Tensor Flow
Ujjwal Rangarh, Tanmay Trehan, Shalini .L
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 437-446)
81 Performance Comparison of AODV and DYMO Routing Protocols, for Congestion Detection in VANET
Rajashree Dutta, Ranjana Thalore
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 447-454)
82 Prediction of Movie Success for Real World Movie Data Sets
Abhisht Joshi, Sanjai Pramod, Geetha Mary .A
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 455-461)
83 Effect of BG-II Cotton Hybrids and Non Bt Cotton on Weight of Different Instars of Spodoptera Litura (Fab.)
Ramanjali Thirri, T. V. K Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 462-468)
84 Campus Connect : Advanced QR based Identity Card
Muthuraj, Nagashayan, Thejaswi G. N, Rahulkumar Solanki
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 469-474)
85 Cryptography- A Fundamental Tool for Directions of Research Process-An Overview
Dr. V. Venkateswara Rao
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 475-477)
86 Implementation of an Efficient and Robotically Operated Home Automation System Using the Robustness of IOT
Muthubharathi .R, Vigneshkumar .B, Durgalakshmi .K
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 478-484)
87 A New Hybrid Approach on Face Detection and Recognition
Saloni Dwivedi, Nitika Gupta
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 485-492)
88 Review of Approaches Under Water Image Enhancement
Karamjit Kaur, Rajnish Kansal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 493-496)
89 System to Detect Human Being Buried under the Rubble During Disaster
Apurva S. Ubhale, Prof. P. N. Pusdekar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 497-505)
90 Optimization of Resistance Spot Welding Parameters Using Taguchi Method
Shailesh Kumar Vshwakarma, Anurag Shrivastava, Sharmistha Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 506-513)
91 Reducing the Computational Complexity Of A 2d Gaussian Filter for Image Processing (An Overview)
Deepak Raj, Dr. Poonam Singal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 514-517)
92 Statistical Analysis of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Ch. Saketh, J. Manikanta Patel, M. Rajesh, G Sadanand, M. Manoj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 518-532)
93 Calories and Nutrition Measurement from the Image of Food
CH. Kavya, R. Priyadarsini, B. Madhavi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3)
94 A Hop To Hop Energy Efficient Transmission for WBAN (Wireless Body Area Network)
Er. Pinki Rani, Er. Rajnish Kansal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 537-540)
95 A Study on Working Capital Management in Apgenco Ltd., Muddanoor, Kadapa(D)
B. Sathesh Naik
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 541-544)
96 A Review on Recognition of Indian Handwritten Numerals
Geetika Mathur, Suneetha Rikhari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 545-548)
97 Analyzing the Performance of BER and SER in an Equilized OFDM System over AWGN by Using 16, 64, 128, 256 QAM Modulation
Vandana Chhoker, Hitesh Taluja
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 549-555)
98 Typology of Retractable Roof Structure
Saloni Patidar, Vikas Gandhe
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 556-560)
99 Server Initiated Model for Location Aware Web Application using Binary Search Tree
Shraddha Tiwari, Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Raj Gaurang Tewari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 561-567)
100 E-commerce Testing Framework
Ramsha Fatima, Upasana Dugal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 568-572)
101 Energy Optimization and Variation of Cooling Load of Multistory Building at Same Latitude of Location with Different Degree of Rotation
Fultariya Jay .J, Mandal Niraj .S, Kalapurackal Swapnil .E, Desai Hemal .A
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 573-577)
102 Analysis and Optimization of Fixture for the Welding Of Automotive and Non-Automotive Components
Sneha Kailas Ubale, Sachin V. Lomte, Ajit Kshirsagar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 578-583)
103 Online Secure Payment System Using Shared Images
Bhupendra Singh, Prof. Monali Deshmuk, Zawed Ansari, Akshit Pandita
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 584-586)
104 Development of Speed- Flow Curve for Arterial Road
Mayank Kanani, R. G Motwani, H. K Dave
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 587-591)
105 Review on Detection of Hypoglycaemia by Machine Learning Approach
Sannia, Shehnaz, Abhishek Bhardwaj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 592-596)
106 Effect of Plastic Grocery Bags on Environment and Its Reuse
Mr. Yakub Ansari, Prof. F. I Chavan, Prof. M. Husain
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 597-601)
107 Replace of Asphalt with Waste Polythene in Bitumen Road
Mr. Yakub Ansari, Prof. F. I Chavan, Prof. M. Husain, Prof. Vajed Shaikh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 602-608)
108 A Novel Technique to Remove Duplicacy of Files and Encrypt the Data Files Symmetrically In Cloud Environment
Sandeep Kaur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 609-614)
109 Tumor and Edema Segmentation Using Efficient MFCM and MRG Algorithm
Rehna Kalam, M. Abdul Rahman
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 615-628)
110 Renal Cell Carcinoma Nuclear Grading Using 2d Textural Features for Kidney Images
Jayashree G. R, Dr. K M Ravi Kumar, Ravi Kiran .R
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 629-634)
111 Preventing the Anonymous Authentication Using Cashma Technique
Santhosh, Prof. Dr. V. JayaRaj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 635-640)
112 Implementation of Pulse Compression for Space Applications
Arya V. J, Subha .V
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 641-648)
113 Survey Paper Analysis On Deblur Image Using Various Technique Method
Renuka Yadav, Munesh Yadav
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 649-653)
114 Anomalous Behavior Detection in Crowded Environments Using Classifiers Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine
Meenal Suryakant Vatsaraj, Prof. D. S Bade
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 654-661)
115 A Survey of Multipath Routing protocols in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
N. Kusuma, Dr. A. Subramanyam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 662-669)
116 Aqua Silencer
Nitish Kumar, Virendra Pal Singh, Sudhanshu Raj, S. P. Madnawat, Mohan Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 670-673)
117 Analysis of Cooling Process for Data Centre’s at Africa
Asha Yadav, Minakshi Memoria
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 674-681)
118 Extracting Deblur Image Using Fuzzy Logic Approach from Impulse Noise in Dip
Renuka Yadav, Munesh Yadav
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 682-688)
119 Recognition of Online Handwritten Characters Using Lipi Toolkit
Tanvi Zunjarrao, Uday Joshi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 689-692)
120 High Security Data Hiding in Videos Using Multi-Frame, Image Cropping and LSB Algorithm
Bharathi D A, Anitha .P, Kiran S. M
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 693-698)
121 Efficient Timing Closure in SOC through Timing Quality Checks and Engineering Change Order
Shanthala .L, Dr. R. Jayagowri
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 699-705)
122 Investigation of Phenol Adsorption Characteristics by Chemically Treated Ganga Soil
Adwitiya Mullick, Ayan Kumar Bhar, Bishwarup Biswas, Mahua Ghosh, Piyali Sardar, Monal Dutta, Dipankar Bhattacharyay
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 706-713)
123 Review on checkpoint optimization in WSN
Gurbhej Singh, Er. Aayushi Chadha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 714-718)
124 Review On Grid Wireless Sensor Energy Reduction Approaches
Deepak Bisht, Er. Aayushi Chadha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 719-722)
125 Design of Wave Generator and Pumping Aerator
Kaliki Sai Krishna Reddy, R. Nandhini, M. Sujatha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 723-726)
126 Exhaust Manifold Optimisation and Structural Analysis through F.E.A Approach
Abhishek Srivastava, Dr. Shailendra Sinha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 727-729)
127 Strategies in Research
Garima Malhotra
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1137-1144)
128 Fishers Management System Using Geo-Located in Android Application
Pavithra .R, Saranya .B, Prasanna Devi .P, Suganya .G, Kalaivani .J
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 730-737)
129 Synthetic Speech Spoofing Detection using MFCC and SVM
Anagha Sonawane, M. U. Inamdar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 738-744)
130 Optimization of Structure to Achieve Economy in Transportation
J. Ashwini, Dr. M. D. Subhan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 745-752)
131 Social Freedom of Female Teachers
Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 753-756)
132 The Role of Satellite Zigbee Technology in Flood Monitoring and Communication System
P. Nivethitha, S. R. Karthiga, C. Reikha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 757-766)
133 Patterned Fabric Defect Detection Using Wavelet Golden Image Subtraction Method
Sarojini Ganapati Naik, M. S Biradar, Kishor B. Bhangale
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 767-771)
134 Conversion of Window Air Conditioner into Air Source Heat Pump and Experimentation on Heat Pump Setup
Vaibhav Borate, Akshay Bhandare, Navanath Gawali, Devendra Jagtap, Prof. S.H Sonawane
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 772-777)
135 Location Based Smart Energy Meter
K. C Mohan Kumar, V. Venugopal Reddy, Y. Bhaskarrao
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 778-783)
136 Study and Synthesis of Manganese Doped Tio2 Nanoparticles
P. Prudhvi Raj, Y. Bhaskar Rao
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 784-792)
137 Improving the Performance for Crime Pattern Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques
Chhaya Yadav
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 793-799)
138 An IOT Approach to Monitor Water Quality Using MQTT Algorithm
Mehwish Mir
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 800-805)
139 Development of Data Mining Model for the Evaluation of Human Skill Placement in the Engineering Sector
Arun Mishra
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 806-811)
140 Implementation of Anonymous and Secure Communication System with Group Signatures
Mr. Vaibhav P. Thakare, Prof . Chetan J. Shelke
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 812-814)
141 Experimental Investigation of Mortar Cube with Pumice Powder and Ceramic Tile Powder
Jitha Mathew .V
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 815-821)
142 Implementation of Secured Sensor Nodes Using Cryptographic Algorithms
M. Jothimeena, R. Sherin jenny
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 822-830)
143 Study Of Mechanical Behavoir Of Composite Material By Vibration Analysis
Rohit Raman, Upasana Saikia
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 831-836)
144 Effect of the Fungicide Dimethomorph at Different Application Rates on Enzyme Activities in Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea l.) Soils
P. Ramanamma, D. Meghana, V. Rangaswamy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 837-842)
145 Irrigation Water Management and Crop Production
Ebissa G. K
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 843-873)
146 Video Transmission in Heterogeneous Network with Improved QOS
M. Edhayadharshini, Alamelu
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 874-879)
147 Classification of Land and Marine Resources Using SVM Classifier
Raghunatha .M, Prof. Shobha .S
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 880-884)
148 Face Recognition To Handle Facial Expression, Occlusions And Posture Variation
Bharti Khemani, Dr. Archana Patankar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 885-890)
149 Improved Learning for Special Ones Using Image Mapping
Poorva Awale, Gaurav Bhosale, Vishakha Panchal, Prof.Suhas M. Patil, Shubham Kumbhar, Atish Kulkarni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 891-894)
150 Smart Vehicle
Avinash Gupta, Ashish Yadav, Yash Vardhan Gaur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 895-897)
151 Software Agent Modelling Of Web Application
Arti Verma, Yogendra Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 898-903)
152 Calibration of Bone Mineral Density Using Artificial Neural Network
Aruna .M
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 904-906)
153 Fabrication and Analysis of Freon Wheel
Dalli Murali Krishana, V. Jagadesh Babu, B. Anjaneyulu Naik, D. Asha Sindu
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 907-910)
154 Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and Urinary tract infection in pregnancy and their prevalence in female around Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Dr. Sujeet Kumar Tiwary, Dr. Rajendra Kr, Dr. S. Sharan, Dr. B. K. Singh, Dr. S. K Sinha, Dr. N. K Jaiswal, Dr. R. K, Dr. K. Kumari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 911-914)
155 Agile Development Testing Paradigms
Saurabh Srivastava
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 915-923)
156 Seismic Analysis and Design of G+7 Residential Building Using STAADPRO
B. Gireesh Babu
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 924-930)
157 Closed Sequential Pattern Mining Using Binary Representation by Same Support Threshold Value
N. Jayaveeran, S. Ramesh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 931-936)
158 Matching Domination of Kronecker Product of Two Graphs
P. Bhaskarudu
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 937-944)
159 Symbolism in Anita Desai’s Novels
Bandna Semwal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 945-949)
160 A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee (A Study with Special Reference to Cafe Coffee Day)
Dr. S. Gayathry
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 950-954)
161 Intrapleural therapy for the prevention of recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax-A Randomized Comparative Evaluation of Bleomycin Pleurodesis & Autologous Blood Pleurodesis
Mudassir Ahmad Khan, M. Akbar Bhat, A. Majeed, Naveed Khan, Faheem, Hilal, Saima .N, Asif .M
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 955-959)
162 Study of Hopfield Neural Network for Noisy Random Patterns Using Evolutionary Approach
Srishti Gangwar, T. P Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 960-967)
163 Fingerprint Based Universal Debit Card
Dhonddev Suhas, Gajanan Deshmukh, Vishal Joshi, Nitin Dawande
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 968-970)
164 A Trinity Approach for Secure Image Access and Retrieval in Cloud
T. E. Bavisha, Ms. M. Madlin Asha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 971-977)
165 Under Water Image Enhancement by Color Convolution with Total variation
Karamjit Kaur, Rajnish Kansal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 978-986)
166 Monitoring Traffic Signal Destructions Using SVM Classifier
Shruthi .U, Prof. Srinivasalu .G
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 987-991)
167 Effect of Environmental Parameters on Solar PV Performance with MPPT Techniques on Induction Motor Driven Water Pumping System
Vishakha Garg
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 996-1007)
168 Combining Left and Right Palm Print Images for more Accurate Personal Identification
Shruthi .N
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1008-1013)
169 Novel Approach of Text Classification by SVM-RBF Kernel and Linear SVC
Gurvir Kaur, Er. Parvinder Kaur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1014-1017)
170 Fuzzy Based Stable Election Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Nimisha, Faseeh Ahmad, Dr. K. K Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1018-1023)
171 Review on Anticancer Activity of Medicinal Plants
Manivel .G, Kandasamy C. S, Hariprasad .R, Baskar .K, Jegadeesh .S, Venkatanarayanan .R
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1024-1028)
172 Regularization of Contract Labour
Arun Sasi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1029-1036)
173 Age Estimation Using Classifier Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine Based On Face Images.
Rajan Vishnu Parab, Prof. Dattatray S. Bade
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1037-1044)
174 Traffic Monitoring System Using IR Sensors
Deekshitha, Disha D, Malavika, Soumya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1045-1057)
175 Classification and Retrieval of Texture Images Using Gabor Filtering and Statistical Features
Vaishnavi Gadewar, Apoorva Deshmukh, Akshay Ekurge, Ashok Shinde
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1058-1064)
176 Voice Based Email for Blind People
K. Jayachandran, P. Anbumani
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1065-1071)
177 An Object Tracking Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pinki Rathee, Sanjeev Indora
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1072-1078)
178 Literacy Level of Muslim Girls in Uttar Pradesh
Pooja Singh, Dr. Meena Bhandari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1079-1084)
179 Rural Road Pavement Performance Evaluation and Design
Vivek Poonia, Mohit .R .Raina, Naveen Kumar, Hitanshu Bhagat, Pravin J. Gorde, Yash Wanjari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1085-1088)
180 Secure Data Retrieval For Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Networks
Miss. S. Anitha, Miss. K. Induja, Miss. N. Ramya, Mr. R. Sathishkumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1089-1094)
181 Designing and Performance Evaluation of Digital Video Tide-Marking Using 3D DWT Technique
Shekhar, Chetan Marwaha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1095-1099)
182 QR Code Based Image Steganography
Ashwini Warang, Dr. Archana Patankar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1100-1105)
183 Microstructural Characterisation of Thermal Spray Coatings on Stainless Steel AISI Ss-316 L
Hitesh Saini, Er. Pardeep Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1106-1110)
184 Wear characterisation of thermal spray coatings on Stainless Steel 316 L
Hitesh Saini, Pardeep Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1111-1119)
185 Analysis of Adaptive Neuro–Fuzzy Based Expert System for Parkinson’s disease Diagnosis
Pawanpreet Kaur, Harshdeep Trehan, Varinderjit Kaur, Dr. Naveen Dhillon
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1120-1127)
186 Experimental Reduction of Combustion Noise at Idle Speed in a Single Cylinder CRDI Diesel Engine BT Optimizing the Fuel Injection Pressure
Rupinder Singh, Pardeep Singh, Jaswinder Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1128-1132)
187 Oral Ulcers -Diagnosis A Dilemma
Dr. Smriti Ticku, Dr. Prashanth Rajaram, Dr. Beema Vinod Kumar, Dr. Purva Mansabdar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1133-1136)
188 An Improved Energy Efficient Threshold Based Routing For Wireless Sensor Networks
Govind Lal Yadav, Harikesh Pandey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1145-1151)
189 Secure and Constant Cost Public Cloud Storage Auditing with Deduplication
Shubham Srivastav, Harikesh Pandey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1152-1157)
190 The Experimental Reduction of Combustion Noise at Idle Speed in a 4 Cylinder CRDI Diesel Engine by Optimizing the Fuel Injection Pressure
Jaswinder Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1158-1167)
191 Study of Polymer Matrix Composite with Natural Particulate/Fiber in PMC : A Review
Shivanku Chauhan, Rajesh Kumar Bhushan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1168-1179)
192 Review On Power System Reconfiguration and Loss Minimization for an Distribution Systems
Amandeep, Shavet Sharma, Akshay Rana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1180-1184)
193 Analysis of Heat Reduction through Roof Using Innovative Insulation Technique
A. Muralimanohar, Dr. J. Amos Robert Jayachandran, S. Srinath
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1185-1191)
194 Comparison of Techniques for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Image Processing
Deshmukh Prajakta, Chavan Shruti, Rodrigues Winnie, Shinde Ashok
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1192-1196)
195 Segmentation of Brain MRI Using Multilevel Iterative Discrete PSO Based SVM
Dhanya G. S, Dr. R. Joshua Samuel Raj, Sam Silva A
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1197-1202)
196 Digital Money Monitoring
S. Divya Bharathi, D. Divya, S. Barath, K. Sakthipriya, S. Vijayalakshmi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1203-1208)
197 Enhance Energy Efficient Low Cost WSN System for Precision in Agriculture Zone
Prashant Suresh Mahure, Amit Fulsunge, Kartik Ingole
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1209-1212)
198 Laplace Transforms and Its Applications
Manju Devi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1213-1218)
199 PSLQ Algorithm: A New Approach In Mathematics Experimental
Manju Devi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1219-1221)
200 A Review on the Page Recommendation Model using Machine Learning Approaches
Ramandeep Sharma, Samarth Kapoor
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1222-1224)
201 Spectrum Senesing by Cognative Radio with Hybrid Metaheuristics
Rahul Kumar, Kanchan Bala Jaswal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1225-1228)
202 Augmentation of Batching Plant Productivity without Affecting the Quality of Concrete
Sudeshna Wawhal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1229-1233)
203 ZigBee Based Real Time Weather Monitoring System Using MATLAB GUI
K. Tanveer Alam, Mahammad Dada .V
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1234-1238)
204 Virtual Reality a Communication Tool in Architecture Education
Prof. Ismita Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1245-1261)
205 Survey of Various Load Balancing Techniques in MANETs
Megha Talwar, Chetan Marwaha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1262-1264)
206 On Some Statistically Convergent Double Sequence Spaces Defined By Orlicz Functions
Dr. Naveen Kumar Srivastava
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1265-1271)
207 Bitopological Connected Graph
U. Rajkumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1272-1275)
208 Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation in India
Priyanka Sengar, B. K. Upadhyay
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1239-1244)
209 Seclusion, Categorization and Molecular Documentation of Microorganisms from Intestine of Gut from Fish by Using 16s R DNA Sequencing
R. Senthil Malar, Dr. A. Kumaraswamy, Dr. T. Selvamohan, N. K Parameswaran
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 992-995)
210 IOT Based Waste Management System for Smart Cities
Akhil Nair .R, Dr. P. Valarmathie
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1276-1280)
211 Literature Review on Sugar Mill Coupling and It`s Bearing Materials
Vinod P. Hage, A. U. Gandigude, G. Iratkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1281-1288)
212 Designing and Performance Evaluation of a 3-Level Watermarking Based On Encryption and Compression
Kirtika Gupta, C. S. Rai
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1289-1295)
213 Design and Analysis of Composite Tank with End Domes
Ramesh Kumar .M, S. Raja
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1296-1301)
214 Hiding Information in Encrypted Video Stream by Using Code word Technique
Gote Yogita Ram, Prof. Ashruba Korde
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1302-1307)
215 Efficient Use of Safety and Emergency Management on a Construction Site
Makarand P. Garole, Uday Phatak
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1308-1311)
216 Big Data in Cloud Computing
Mythreyee .S, Poornima Purohit, Apoorva D.R, Harshitha .R, Lathashree P.V
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1312-1318)
217 Review on Load Balancing Techniques for Mobile AD HOC Networks
Harpreet Rupra, Rasbir Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1319-1321)
218 Performance Analysis of Various 4-Wheelers with IC Engines for Hybridization
Hitha .P, Siri .S Sosale, Sushmitha .S, Rekha K. R
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1322-1327)
219 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Fruits Peeling Machine
Praveen Kumar S Nahata, Oruganti Santhosh, Poorna Chandra G. S, Utkrash Sahu, Manjunath Naik H. R
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1328-1332)
220 Eco-Ethological Study on Semnopithecus Entellus in Chitrakoot (Satna), Madhya Pradesh
Manoj Kumar Mishra, Surya Kant Chaturvedi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1333-1338)
221 Virtual Wardrobe
Harshini .S, Gokul .S
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1339-1342)
222 Electricity Generation Using Air Borne Wind Turbine
Bhaskar .T, Madhu Sudan Reddy, Basava S. Mannur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1343-1346)
223 Study of Tosca of Cloud Application with Its Services
Snehal V. Raut, Dr. H. R. Deshmukh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1347-1350)
224 Enhancement in Cooperative Positioning Using Ad-Hoc on Demand Vector Protocol in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
Prachi Vasant Magare, Kailash T. Jadhao
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1351-1357)
225 Designing and Performance Evaluation of Low Bit Rate Audio Streaming Over Wireless Personal Area Network
Manoj, Gurpeet Kaur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1358-1364)
226 Design and Analysis of Hybrid Nanogrid
Vijeta Pal, Sourabh Maheshwari, Ameer Faisal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1365-1373)
227 Implementing Secure And Efficient Auditing Protocol For Cloud Storage
Manisha L. Narad, Prof. Amruta Amune
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1374-1381)
228 Homomorphism and Isomorphism of Rough Group
L. Jesmalar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1382-1387)
229 RER: Reactive Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ranjan .V, Vishmitha K. V, Sushmitha J. V, Vidyashree R. Koti
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1388-1395)
230 Impact of Attacks on Permutation Only Image Encryption Scheme
Ambare Snehal Bharat
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1402-1407)
231 Comparative Study of Low Cost Adsorbents in the Elimination of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions
M. Padmaja, R. Pamila
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1396-1401)
232 Performance Evaluation of Modified Clipping and Filtering Method for PAPR Reduction
Komal, Manisha Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1408-1411)
233 A Modular Feedforward Phase/Frequency Detector Design for High Speed PLL
Raju Patel, Aparna Karwal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1412-1416)
234 Performance of Strip Footing On Slope Stabilized With Piles
Surabhi S. Somwanshi, Dhatrak A. I, Thakare S. W
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1417-1423)
235 Performance of Equal Skirted Strip Footing Resting On Sand Slope Subjected To Lateral Load
Pratieksha S. Deshmukh, Thakare S. W, Dhatrak A. I
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1424-1429)
236 Improving the Speed of Data Leakage
Pooja A. Dagadkhair, Vidya Jagtap
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1430-1436)
237 A Survey on Contextual Operation using pair wise Ranking and COT for Recommender Systems
Sachin Madhukar Kolase, Prof. V. V. Jagtap
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1437-1441)
238 Design and Fabrication of Hand Operated Vacuum Cleaner
Pravesh Kumar Singh, Ritesh Kumar, Shashi Kant, Vivek Kumar Tiwari, T. Madhusudhan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1442-1449)
239 Current Regulations for Labelling and Advertising Of Nutritional Supplements
Yacob .M, Ramesh Reddy .K, Alagusundaram .M, Jayachandra Reddy P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1450-1459)
240 Password Based Circuit Breaker with GSM Module
Yash Pal Gautam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1460-1464)
241 Design and Implementation of HDLC Controller Using VHDL Code
Payal Gupta, Pankaj Gulhane
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1465-1469)
242 Contextual Operation Using Pair Wise Ranking and Cot for Recommender Systems
Sachin Madhukar Kolase, Prof. V. V. Jagtap
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1470-1474)
243 Faculty Information System(FIS)
Barge Sandesh, P. Phaniram Prasad, Sree Ananth Kumar .P, Musam Ahmed, Soumya .N
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1475-1479)
244 Online Internet Knowledge Management System for College
Vikas .R, Venkateshwar .A, Nikesh Reddy, Tilak Kumar, Ranjeet .H
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1480-1485)
245 A Review E-Mail Spam Detection and SVM Classfication Techniques
Shradhanjali, Prof. Toran Verma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1486-1490)
246 E-Mail Spam Detection and Classfication Using SVM and Feature Extraction
Shradhanjali, Prof. Toran Verma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1491-1495)
247 A Survey Paper on Approaches of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Samta Tembhekar, Monika Kanojiya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1496-1498)
248 Geospatial Based Study to Predict Future Shoreline Positions from Historical Data for a Part of Palk Bay Coast, South India
Kumara Ganesh .U
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1499-1504)
249 Experimental Investigation of Hardness Value of Coir Fiber/Epoxy Resin Composite
Mr. Bochare R. H, Prof. Gidde R. R
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1505-1507)
250 Averaging Representation of Standard Face Images and Recognition by KPCA and GFMTAveraging Representation of Standard Face Images and Recognition by KPCA and GFMT
Jagan Kumar, Geetha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1508-1512)
251 Current Trends in Regulatory Authority Actions against Misbranded and Adulterated Drugs
Doni Prakash Kumar, Umasankar .K, Alagusundaram .M, Jayachandra Reddy P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1513-1521)
252 Current Trends in Follow up Procedures with MOH for the Registration of the Pharmaceutical Products
Satyanarayana Reddy Bijivemula, Alagusundaram .M, Jayachandra Reddy .P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1522-1531)
253 Emerging Issues and Challenges in Banking and Financial Services on Indian Economy- Post Demonetization
V. Kanakalatha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1669-1673)
254 Utilization of Demolished Brick & Marble Waste in Concrete for Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate
Md. Mamun, Zeeshan Khan, Amir Mirza Baig
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1702-1707)
255 FPGA Implementation of Built In Self Repair Technique for Hard & Soft Errors in Memories
Sojy Yacob, Anu C. Kunjachan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1532-1541)
256 Effect of Green Gram FLDs on income of the among Green Gram Growers in Dewas District (M.P.)
Kavita Padiyar, Dr. Sandhya Choudhary, Dr. Abhay Wankhede, Dr. V. K. Swarnakar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1542-1545)
257 Application of Graph Theory in Matrix Representation
Sanjay Kumar Bisen, Dr. Arivnd Kumar .Yadav
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1546-1549)
258 Production of Bio-Ethanol from Biomass (Press Mud)
Sangram S. Pawar, Dr. Prakash Chavan, Dr. Sandeep Bankar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1550-1555)
259 Home Automation Based On IOT
A. Mathi, P. Thilagavathy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1556-1560)
260 Detection and Removal of Shadows for Side Scan Sonar Images By Effective Image Processing Algorithms
Vikas .A
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1561-1565)
261 A Review on Static Analysis and Material Optimization using FEA of Centrifugal Pump Impeller
Ghanshyam G. Iratkar, A. U. Gandigude
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1566-1569)
262 MYPAL-A Fingertip Technology Using Cloud Computing
Heena Batra, Parul Tushir
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1570-1574)
263 Pneumatic Based Auto Railway Gate Control System
Jimmi Kumar Bharti, Akash Bhardwaj, Akhil Das, Mishal Raj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1575-1578)
264 Analysis of Sino-Nasal Diseases Causing Proptosis
Dr. Naeem Akhtar, Dr. Adeel Niaz, Dr. Muhammad Waqas, Dr. Muhammad Anees -ur- Rehman
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1581-1586)
265 An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Reformative and Rehabilitative Methods for Juvenile Delinquents in India
Sonia Shali
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1587-1593)
266 Review and Study of Water Hyacinth and Their Application on Environment
Shubhangi A. Lakade, Sagar M. Gawande
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1594-1596)
267 Current Regulations for Herbal Products
Chaduvu Ramkrishna, Jayachandra Reddy .P, Alagusundaram .M
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1597-1604)
268 Estimation Model on Facade in High Rise Building
Swapnali Sharad Onkar, Prof. Sanghmesh Ghale, Prof. S. V Pathaskar, Prof. Meena Kaulgi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1605-1608)
269 Orthotic (Pressure Sensing Insole) Using FSR Sensor for People Suffering With Foot Pronation
Munish, Sarita, Dr. S. L Yadav
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1609-1616)
270 Monitoring and Controlling of Different Process Parameters by Using LabVIEW and Arduino
Prashant A. Shirke, Umesh Thorkar, Kalyani B. Kshirsagar, Shamal G. Pusdekar, Rani J. Welukar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1617-1622)
271 Water Scarcity and Rain Harvesting Method- A Case Study of Diphu Town, Assam India
Rebecca Kramsapi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1680-1684)
272 An Enlightment Of Diagnosis Of Pandu Vyadhi By Clinical Presentation And Its Management By Combination Of Aarogyavardhini Vati With Mandur Bhasm And Punarnavadi Mandur -A Single Case Study
Dr. Vinita Bhayekar, Dr. Meera Aurangabadkar, Dr. G. H. Kodvani, Dr. G. G. Asati, Dr. Pranali Bhende
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1623-1625)
273 Comparative Study of Seismic Behaviour of Open Ground Storey Buildings, After Replacing Rectangular Columns with Circular Columns
Kapil Verma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1626-1668)
274 Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Issues and Challenges
V. Kanaka Latha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1674-1679)
275 NC Cloud A Network-Coding-Based Storage System in a Cloud-of-Clouds
Amogh S. Kinagi, Pundalik .R
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1685-1689)
276 Glass Fiber Reinforced With Partial Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash
Hifzurrahman, Zeeshan Khan, Amir Mirza Baig
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1690-1695)
277 Multi-Purpose Agricultural Robot
N. Kishore, V. Avinash, Chennakeshwar, K. Pranaka, Vinod Kumar Reddy, S. Srinivaslu, Dr. M. Ravindran
(Vol: 3, Issue: 3) (Pg: 1696-1701)

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