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About the Conference

Rural development is a key element in developing strategies to facilitate employment and create income, resulting in wider distribution of economic and industrial activities, thereby reducing rural exodus. The overall development of rural areas is of paramount importance, for any state and this can be achieved only by improving the quality and standard of life of people in rural area. The theme of the conference is a comprehensive and multidimensional concept, encompassing the development with interactions between social, cultural, environmental, technological, economical and institutional factors. The aim of the conference is to bring together Academicians, Researchers, Professionals, Executives and Practicing Engineers, from various Industries, Research Institutes and Educational bodies to share and exchange ideas and information on the theme of the conference free citation generator. This conference will provide a forum to discuss various issues, new research areas, Irish Paving, technological development and problems pertaining to various fields (social, cultural, environmental, technological, economical and institutional) for sustainable development of society. Mission of this conference is to generate implementable practical Idea, Solutions, Observation & Analysis of  providing “Engineering Innovation Solutions for Rural Development of Chattisgarh” for better future.


Conference Theme 

Civil Engineering

  • Transportation around and beneath existing cities.
  • Environment infrastructure for population in rural areas.
  • Water and energy infrastructure for population in rural areas.
  • Materials and tools for rural development.
  • Resilient building in rural areas.
  • Emerging paradigms for rural communities.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Heat transfer, thermal engineering.
  • Fluid dynamics, biotechnology.
  • Energy conservation system.
  • Design and analysis CAD/CAM/CAE.
  • Conditional Monitoring.
  • Fracture Mechanics, Cryogenics, Mechatronics.
  • Production and Industrial Engineering.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Policies for Rural Development
  • Rural Products Marketing
  • Socio Economic Aspects of Rural Development
  • Financial Schemes for Rural Development
  • Community Based Rural Development
  • Applied Art, Architecture and Allied subjects

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  • E-Agriculture
  • Remote Sensing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Microelectronics
  • Agriculture Robotics
  • Image Processing
  • Wireless Communication
  • Automation in Agriculture

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Green Technology for Power Generation.
  • Power Quality & Soft Computing Applications.
  • Power System Modeling Simulations & Analysis.
  • Power Electronics & Drives.
  • Flexible AC Transmission System.
  • High Voltage Engineering.
  • Renewable Energy Management.

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Design Foundations
  • Realization Aspects Big Data, Internet of Things
  • Mobility Communication and Services
  • Networking and Grid Approaches
Contact Persons
Registration & Program Committee Prof. N K Dhapekar +919009051878
Prof. Mithilesh Singh +918770701970
Prof. Abhishek Jain +919827497818

NCISRDC 2018 Proceedings

Special Issue 1 (Volume 4)

S.NoTitle of the paperPagesFull Paper
1Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregates
Sourabh Singh, Shirin Malik, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar
2Comparison of Various Properties of Virgin & Recycled Aggregates
Md. Hasnain Raza, Pragya Agrawal, Prof. N. K. Dhapeka
3Study of Construction & Demolition Waste
Kanchan Soni, Himanshu Jain, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar
4Quantitative Approach for Estimation of Residential Building
Lakshya chawda, Kheledra Verma, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar
5Changing Practices in Highway Engineering: India and Away
Pooja Sikdar, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar
6Trending Practices in construction sector for Earthquake Resisting Structures
Abhinav Singh Gautam, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar, Abhishek Kumar Jain
7Future Potentials of Smart Materials in Construction Industry
Priyanka Dixit, Ajma Kausar, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar
8Scope of Utilization of Construction and Demolition Waste
Avindana John, Prof. N. K. Dhapekar
9The Learning and Securing of Artificial Intelligence
Parul Choudhary, Dr. B. C. Jain, Abhishek Kumar Jain
10Analysis of Bubble, Insertion, Selection and Merge Sort
Akriti Gupta, Parul Choudhary
11Evaluation of Standard Programming Languages
Omkar Prasad, Parul Choudhary
12Association of Array, Linked List, Binary and Linear Search
Nancy Bansal, Parul Choudhary
13Implementation of Data Deduplication Using Cloud computing
Bhairavi Kesalkar, Dipali Bagade, Manjusha Barsagade, Namita Jakulwar, Prof. Shrikant Zade
14Cryptography AES Algorithm – A Review
Sakshi Chatur, Simran Dhandwani, Palak Keshwani
15Comparison Between Linear Search and Binary Search Algorithms
Morrice Joseph, Palak Keshwani
16Review on Well Known Sorting Algorithms
Praveen Verma, Vineet Meshram, Palak Keshwani
17A Study of Failure Node Detection Techniques for Wireless AD-HOC Network
Kailash P. Dewangan, Padma Bonde
18A Review on Commonly Used Operating Systems
Rishabh Raj Jain, Aman Agrawal, Palak Keshwani
19A Review on Various Generations of Mobile Technology
Nidhi Sachdev, Heena Sahu, Palak Keshwani
20A Survey and Analysis of the Artificial Neural Network and the Biological Neural Network
Ishwar verma, Kamal Sahu, Palak Keshwani
21Understanding Event Bus : Events for Android
Amrita Chaturvedi, Palak Keshwani
22Implementation of Regenerating Code Based Cloud Computing for Privacy Preserving
Sakshi Chaturvedi, Neha Dubey, Megha Sonkusare, Deepa Kale, Khusboo Khobragade, Prof. Shrikant Zade
23Artificial Intelligence-A Survey
Heena Sahu, Nidhi Sachdev, Palak Keshwani
24Plant Colour Detection- An Application for Wireless Sensor Network
Kamal Sahu, Praveen Verma, Ishwar Verma, K. P. Dewangan
25Artificial Intelligence: A Marvellous Technique & its Applications
Mohit Yadav, Priya Singh, Palak Keshwani
26A Survey of False Alarm Algorithmin presence of malicious node for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Lalita Nayak, Rashmipriyanka, Palak Keshwani
27MRI Images Retrieval with CBIR, K-NN Algorithm and SFTA
Rashmipriyanka, Palak Keshwani, Lalita Nayak
28A Comprehensive Study of Various Techniques of Steganography : A Survey
Palak Keshwani, Rashmipriyanka, Lalita Nayak
29Accomplishment of Cryptography using Neural Network in Artificial Intelligence
Paritoshik, Parul Choudhary
30Next Generation, 5G Technology for Mobile Communication
Paritoshik Sharma, Ankush Choudhary, Parul Choudhary
31Survey and Review on Software Engineering Models
Shivani Ahuja, Pooja Bangar,, Palak Keshwani
32Survey on IoT(INTERNET OF THINGS) & its Application
Tanisha Verma, Ruchi Agrawal, Shahista Nawaz
33A Study of Various Cryptographic Algorithms
Omkar Prasad, Palak Keshwani
34Power Flow with Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) Controller
Dr. Mithilesh Singh
35Risk Prediction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Brain Images Using Machine Learning Techniques
Ullas Kumar Agrawal, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra, Sandhya Thakur, Tomeshvar Kumar Dhivar, Dr. Mithilesh Singh
36Modelling Simulation and Analysis of Grid Connected Wind Generator
Sandhya Thakur, Ullaskumar Agrawal, Tomeshvar Dhivar, Dr. Mithilesh Singh
37A Review Article of PV Cell Boost Converter Efficiency Enhancement by Using Multilevel Inverter
Ritesh Diwan1, Bhawana Deshmukh
38Home Automation Using ATmega328 Microcontroller and Android Application
Lutan Kumar Sahu, Utav Sahu, Parul Choudhary
39Role of PSO Optimized Singular Value Detection Technique in Rural Development
Dr. Vivek Baghel, Lokesh Kumar, Ishwar Lal Verma
40A Survey on Crop Disease Detection Using Image Processing Technique for Economic Growth of Rural Area
Yashpal Sen, Chandra Shekhar Mithlesh, Dr. Vivek Baghel
41Glimpse of Future Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Human Lifestyle
Brijmohan Lal Sahu, Shahnaz Parveen, Yasmeen Dani
42Machining of Metal Matrix Composite: A Review
Ajay R.Bhardwaj, Dr. A. M. Vaidya
43Effects of Gasoline Ethanol Blends on Performance of SI Engine: A Technical Review
Praveen Srivastava, Prakhar Chansauria, Abhishek Kumar Jain
44A Review of Structural and Vibrational Analysis of Natural and Artificial Composites
Manoj S. Patil1, Prof. Dr. A. M. Vaidya
45Systematic study of synthesis of poly (o-anisidine-co-o-toluidine) coatings and its performance against corrosion of copper
Mahesh L. Raotole1, A. M. Vaidya, P. M. Raotole
46Analysis of Heat Transfer from Fins Using Finite Difference Method
Manuraj Sahu, Gulab Chand Sahu, Manoj Sao
47Hydrodynamic and heat transfer study in a channel with baffles
Ajay yadav, Gulab Chand Sahu, Manuraj Sahu, Abhishek Kumar Jain
48Design and Optimization of Rolling Mill Chock
Manoj Sao, Ajay Yadav, Gulab Chand Sahu, Abhishek Kumar Jain
49Experimental Investigation of EDM Process Parameters on High Carbon High Chromium Steel with Graphite
Vijay Chaturvidani, Anchal Dewangan, Dhruv Kant Rahi
50Analysis of Power Generation from Thermo Electric Generator Module based on Diesel Engine coupled with Exhaust Gas Recirculation System
Anchal Dewangan, Vijay Chaturvidani, Abhishek Kumar Jain, Vibhor Kulbhaje
51Reducing Shifting Cost of Machine by Application of Replacement Analysis in Facility Planning
Abhishek Kumar Jain, Dr. B. C. Jain, Ila Dixit, Prakhar Chansauria
52Applicability and Synthesis of Thermal Resistive Material for Rural Development
Dr. Divya Singh
53Architecture and Security Threats for Heterogeneous Network in Wireless Network
Bhojeshwar Maskare, Ambarish Kumar Patel
54A strategy for poverty alleviation in India - An approach for Rural Development
Chintamani Panda, Shalini Tiwari, Roopal Shirvastava
55A study on Promotion/Branding of Mahua (Madhuka Longifolia) in Chhattisgarh State
Abhinav Shrivastava
56Forest Produce of Chhattisgarh with special reference of Tendu leaves
Shyamali Mukherjee, Madhumita Mandal
57A Mobility Models in Mobile ADHOC Network
Amol Dewangan, Kajal Chandrakar
58Role of Education in Rural Development
Surmani Mangda, Rupali Mukherjee
59Policies for Rural Development
Babita Sahu, Hemlata Verma
60Role of Cooperative Societies for Women Empowerment In Rural Areas
Anjana Prasad, Mamta Maheshwari
61Rural Development
Virendra Singh Thakur
62Economic Development through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) : A Critical Analysis
Dolly Aheer Yadav, Sanjeev Kumar Yadav
63Automation in Agriculture
Sirin Patel
64Socio Economic aspects of rural Development of Chhattisgarh
65Recirculatory Aquaculture System
Sudeep Das
66A study on contribution of Khadi and ‘KVIC’ in the economic development and employment generation for rural Chhattisgarh
Abhinav Shrivastava, Anjana Prasad
67An Assessment of the Government Sponsored Economic Development Programs on the Rural Development of Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh
Abhinav Mishra
68Rural Development Through Organic Farming Chhattisgarh
Prof. Suresh K Pattanayak, Dr. J. H. Vyas
69Agriculture Rural Market Opportunity and Chhallenges in India
Ram Kumar Sahu, Dr. Reshma Shrivastava
70India’s Drive for a Cashless Economy- Virtues and Challenges
Ashok Kumar Jha, Dr. Anoop Shrivastava, Vivek Kumar Sharma
71Indian Rural Market: Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Reshma Shrivastava, Mr. Ram Kumar Sahu, Dr. Imran Nadeem Siddiqui
72Shabari Emporium: A Study of Customer Satisfaction
Dr. Anoop Shrivastava, Nitin Kulshrestha
73Effective Way to Boost Performance of Rural Doctors: A Case Study
Dr. Chandralekha Sen, Mr. Yashpal Sen, Dr. Anoop Shrivastava
74A Study about Issues Related to Menstrual Practices in Rural India: Key to Development
Mansi Tiwari
75Role of Integrated Marketing Communication for The Innovational Development in Chhattisgarh
Ila Dixit
76Importance of Supply Chain Management in Paddy Procurement and its Distribution System in Chhattisgarh
Ila Dixit1, Dr. B. C. Jain, Abhishek Kumar Jain
77An Analytical study of Rural Development Schemes in Chhattisgarh: A case study of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA)
Paritosh Dube And Bhavana Dube
78Techniques for Nanoparticle Synthesis
D. K. Golhani, B. Gopal Krishna, Ayush Khare, Dr. S. A. H. Zaidi