Volume-3, Issue-6

November-December, 2017

1 Thin Layer Chromatography Profiling of the Medicinal Plant Solanum Nigrum L. from the Local Area of the District Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir
Romana Rashid, Dr Ghulam Nabi Hajam, Muzaffer Hussain Wani, Adil Gulzar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 6-9)
2 Extraction Method and Isolation of Phytoconstituents from the Chloroform Extract of Plant Solanum Nigrum L. By Colunm Chromatography
Romana Rashid, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Hajam, Muzaffer Hussain Wani, Ashiq Hussain
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 1-5)
3 Strategy for Flexible Spaces in Housing - A Study With Reference To Agraharams in Kumbakonam
Safrin Rex Dulcie .J
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 10-17)
4 Power Quality Improvement by Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter
Rahul Kumar Sahu, Dr. V. K Jain, Vinay Pathak, Ankush Yadav
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 18-22)
5 Unified Computing System- PC Without CPU
Anal Prasanna Salshingikar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 23-26)
6 Networking Smartphones for Disaster Recovery Using Teamphone
Mr. Vishal Ashok Gadhe, Ms. Ashwini Subhash Nimse, Ms. Amruta Satish Tanpure, Mr. P. D. Sinare
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 27-31)
7 Privacy Protection and Authentication Handover in 4G Network: A Survey of Literature
V. B Magalakshmi, D. Satheesh Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 32-37)
8 A Case Study in Designing and Analysis of Cost for a Solar Photo Voltaic System
B. Balaji, D. Venkatesan, A. Arulvizhi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 38-43)
9 A Study on Performance of SBI Blue Chip Fund at SBI Mutual Funds in India
Dr. Nalla Bala Kalyan, Dr. P. Subramanyam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 44-53)
10 Fabrication and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of AL6061-4%B4C-4%CU Based Composite Experimentally
Vikas Kumar, Shailesh Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 54-59)
11 Power Quality Enhancement and Harmonics Reduction in Non Linear Loads Using Vienna Rectifier
Mr. D. Venkatesan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 60-65)
12 Multi port Network Ethernet Performance Improvement Techniques
Tanaji Shankar Nalawade, V. L Jogdand
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 66-70)
13 5G Mobile Wireless Technology
Tanisha Ghosh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 71-75)
14 Shape Optimization of Planar Mechanisms
Kailash Chaudhary
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 76-81)
15 Biometric Identification with Improved Efficiency using SIFT Algorithm
Parmdeep Kaur, Nitika
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 82-86)
16 Implementation of “The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017"
Tushar Devidas Talware, Dr. Shobha B Jambhulkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 87-94)
17 Magnetic Gearing System
H. Vaidyanath
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 95-98)
18 Experimental Study on Young's Modulus of F.R.C with Bottom Ash
Maruthi Rakshith, K. B. R Prasad Reddy, Arati Parida
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 99-106)
19 Device-to-Device Communication (Pen drive) without PC
Vanaparthy Upendhar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 107-110)
20 Porcelain Laminates Veneers: Case Report
Dr. Raisa Rashid, Dr. Waseem-Ul- Ayoub, Dr. Imtiyaz Magray
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 111-114)
21 Efficient Implementation of Full Adder for Power Analysis in CMOS Technology
Kaleeswari .S, K. Saranya, Dr. N. J. R Muniraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 115-118)
22 Implementation of Pull-Up/Pull-Down Network for Energy Optimization in Full Adder Circuit
P. Aarthi, R. Suresh Kumar, Dr. N. J. R Muniraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 119-124)
23 Effect of Jaggery on Strength of Concrete
Fouziya Qureshi, Anil Kumar Saxena, Gourav Soni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 125-130)
24 IOT Based Theft Detection using Raspberry Pi
Umera Anjum
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 131-134)
25 MPLS VPN using VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding )
Samiullah Mehraban, Prof. Komil B. Vora, Prof. Darshan Upadhyay
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 135-139)
26 Efficient Implementation of 2-Bit Magnitude Comparator Using PTL
S. Bhuvaneswari, R. Prabakaran, Dr. N. J. R Muniraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 140-144)
27 Sliding Mode Controller with Modified Sliding Function of Buck Converter Dc-Dc
Mahalakshmi .S, P. Vasanth Kumar, Dr. N. J. R Muniraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 145-149)
28 Investigation on Fine Aggregate by Broken Tiles in Concrete
Utkarsh Singh Chandel, Rambharosh, Gourav Soni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 150-154)
29 Android App for Hostel Outpass Form
Mary Shalin Benigna
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 155-158)
30 Application of Taugchi method for Optimization of Dry Sliding wear Process Parameters in Improving the Wear of Al6061+4%B4C+4%CU based Composite
Vikas Kumar, Shailesh Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 159-165)
31 Comparative Study on Multistoried Building Using Linear and Non Linear Analysis
S. Swapna, KB. R Prasad Reddy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 166-171)
32 ECOMM Trends of Indian Teenagers
Tanay Pankaj Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 172-180)
33 Analysis on Big Data Concepts and Applications
Sandhiya .B, Ramya Devi .N, A. Deepalakshmi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 181-189)
34 Novel Low Power Half-Subtractor Using AVL Technique Based On 0.18µm CMOS Technology
A. Suruthi, E. Manoranjitham, Dr. N. J. R Muniraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 190-195)
35 The “SIR” Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy- Measure of Innovation
Yogita Kansal, Prof. Ch. Radhakumari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 196-204)
36 Algorithmic Study for 3D Reconstruction of Objects
Trupti Lokhande
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 205-210)
37 Design of Biometric Electronic Voting Machine
Priya Saxena, Satya Prakash, Priya Pandey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 211-214)
38 Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate In Terms of High Strength Concrete
Harsh Gupta, Anil Kumar Saxena
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 215-220)
39 Good Blue Emission of Synthesized Zn2GeO4 Phosphor Doped with Eu (0.5%)
P. B Lakshmi Prasanna, P. Sai Raju, B. Subbarao, Dr. K. V. R Murthy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 221-226)
40 Medicinal Properties of Tinospora Cordifolia (Guduchi)
Gyanendra Singh, R. K Saxena
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 227-231)
41 Implementation of “The Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Act, 2015”
Tushar Devidas Talware, Dr. Shobha B. Jambhulkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 232-237)
42 Study of Impact of Coal Mines on Environment in Madhya Pradesh
Keerat Kaur Bagga
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 238-243)
43 Effects of Demonetisation on the Retail Business of Pune
Tanay Pankaj Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 244-251)
44 Wire Guided Underwater Vehicle (ROV)
P. Deepika
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 252-257)
45 Effect of Voltage Sag and Voltage Unbalance on Induction Motor Drives
Harshita Batra, Kajol Sharma, Navneet Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 258-263)
46 Analysis of Knee Joint in Various Postures and Finite Element Analysis on Tibia
Badari Bheema Rao, G. Siva Karuna, Laveti Santhosh Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 264-282)
47 Video Based Face Recognition System
S. P Deepika, M. Ananthi, P. Rajkumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 283-287)
48 A New Development and Validation of UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method for Simultaneous Analysis of Etoricoxib and Paracetamol in Pharmaceutical and Bulk Dosage Forms
Yogesh S. Waghmare, Sonali P. Mahaparale
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 288-296)
49 Feminine Sensibility in Kamala Das’s Poetry: An Overview
Ruptalin Engtipi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 297-299)
50 Design and Implementation of Various Advanced Modulation format over 8-WDM Bidirectional PON
Nisha Rani
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 300-305)
51 Effect of Naringenin on 3-NP Induced Huntington’s Disease like Symptoms by Estimations of Motor Co-ordination and Behavioral Parameters
SDVS Kiran, Venkateswara Rao P, Rohini P, Bhagyasree P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 306-314)
52 Detection and Classification of Blood Cancer from Microscopic Cell Images Using SVM KNN and NN Classifier
Sachin Paswan, Yogesh Kumar Rathore
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 315-324)
53 A Study of 5G Network: Structural Design, Challenges and Promising Technologies, Cloud Technologies
A. Mythili, Dr. S. K Mahendran
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 325-339)
54 A Review paper on the Performance of Structural Concrete using Recycled Plastics as Course Aggregate
Gate Vishnu, Kadam Akshay, Agarwal Jayesh, Garje Bhagyashree, Khandave Sonali, Admile P. R., Dr. Nemade P. D
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 340-344)
55 Study on Solar Roadway
Varsha Dadasaheb Shingate, Rohit Wangade, Ajitkumar Manedeshmukh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 345-348)
56 Analysis on Concrete Made from Over Burned Bricks
Nilesh Kumar, Anil Kumar Saxena, Gourav Soni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 349-355)
57 Has Demonetization Really Helped in Growth of PayTM?
Pooja A. Patil
(Vol: 3, Issue: 6) (Pg: 356-358)

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