Volume-6, Issue-4

July-August, 2020


1. The systemic pattern of Evolution

The paper depicts about the relation of the evolution in contest of comparison of gene difference of an organism in present generation and older generation

Published by: Ajil BennyResearch Area: Zoology

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Zoology, Evolution, Genetics, Evolutionary zoology

Research Paper

2. Higher education in India- The past glory of excellence, the downfall, and an attempt to rise again

The current study titled “Higher Education in India –The Past Glory of Excellence, the Downfall, and an Attempt to Rise Again” is a quantitative study to analyse the perceptions of people about the Higher Education in India. The investigator used random sampling method to collect the information through an online survey. The sample consisted of 40 individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in the higher education system. The study revealed that India had enjoyed a well renowned higher education system and world class universities. India contributed immensely towards Science, Mathematics, surgery and medicine. But the statics show that now India’s performance in higher education in the global level is alarming and shameful. The young generation wants to move to world- class universities abroad for their higher education. The findings of the study shows that most of the respondents are aware about the positive aspects, negative aspects, brain drain and the current scenario of Indian Higher Education System. The finding also shows the Indian Education System needs radical changes and more investment from the government towards its development. There was a strong opinion that Indian universities should respond to global changes and also work hard towards the skill-based training rather than the age old theory-based learning.

Published by: Nisha ChakyarkandiyilResearch Area: Education

Organisation: Christ Deemed To Be University, Bangalore, KarnatakaKeywords: Higher education system, brain drain, colonial system, global changes, skill-based education, human resource, social reforms, NAAC, accreditation agencies, policies, funds

Research Paper

3. The food and beverage sector in the COVID-19 times

The following research paper attempts to unravel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on industries’ operations. In order to ensure that the inferences drawn are reliable, this paper focuses exclusively on the dynamic Food & Beverage Sector.

Published by: Vir JainResearch Area: Business (Hospitality Sector)

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Food and Beverage sector, COVID-19, Pandemic, Restaurants, Consumers


4. Bio-control of mosquito larvae using filamentous fungi-environmental study

fungal species are useful for medical and agriculture purpose as a bio- control agent. In aquatic environments, temperature, salinity and organic pollution are the important factors.The objective of the current project was to investigate the possibilities of controlling the mosquito population using fungal cultures. to investigate the possibilities of controlling the mosquito population using fungal cultures. In the view of rampant increase in the incidence of dengue fever transmitted through mosquitoes it is absolutely essential to control the mosquito population. There are different species of mosquitoes of which dengue virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti, found in habitats like stagnant clear waters, backyards which are common in urban areas. In the present work water samples were collected from in and around Mumbai, the water samples were examined for its nutritional status by analyzing them physically, chemically and biologically.The fungal cultures obtained from water samples were predominantly Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus terreus, and Penicillium, Trichoderma, Curvularia, Sprolegmia and Achlya.. As per the results it was observed that the Curvularia was the most effective on the larvae as the mortality rate was 100%. . The death of the larvae could be possibly due to the organic acids produced by the fungi. Microscopic observation of the larvae shows the growth of the fungi on larvae ultimately killing it. This is the most effective bio-control.

Published by: Dharit Bhatt, Dr. Sashirekha Sureshkumar, Shamil DarbarResearch Area: Environmental Science

Organisation: Bhavan's College, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Bio-Control, Asperigillus Niger, Aspergillus terreus, Penicillium, Curvalaria, Trichoderma

Research Paper

5. A multivariate statistical approach for ranking the best batsmen in test cricket

The primary objective of this paper is to devise a ranking system for individual test batsmen (from different eras) considering all possible factors like the difficulty of opposition bowlers, the batsman’s consistency, the contribution of the batsman in the success of his team, the era in which he played, etc. Due to the presence of such numerous factors—each one of them having a significance of its own, it is imperative that a multivariate statistical approach is employed in the ranking of Test batsmen. A total of eight factors were zeroed in on which were thought to influence the performance of a batsman. An index was developed for each of the eight factors, and thus each of the batsmen got eight different scores for the eight different factors. Consequently, the eight scores of the batsman act as the coordinates of a point/cluster in an eight-dimensional plane. In this way, each of the batsmen under study is represented by a point in an eight-dimensional plane. Finally, to determine the most exceptional batsmen among the batsmen under study, the concept of multivariate statistical outlier detection using Mahalanobis distances was used. However, the concept of Outlier Detection only gives us an idea of the most exceptional batsmen when compared to the others. In order to determine the best batsmen, the process of outlier detection is followed up with the determination of the efficiencies of each of the batsmen under study. The efficiencies of the batsmen are calculated by adopting the approach of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), wherein each batsman is likened to a machine or a Decision-Making Unit (DMU). The higher the efficiency of a batsman, the greater his success in converting low inputs (difficult input parameters) to high outputs.

Published by: Rahul Motipalle, Sajjanapu Venkat Lokesh KumarResearch Area: Statistics

Organisation: Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sricity, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Ranking Batsmen, Ranking Cricketers, Outlier Detection, Factor Analysis, Data Envelopment Analysis, Test Cricket

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6. Controlling web browser via different hand gestures and speech recognition

Gestures and speech are major forms of human communication. The primary goal of gesture recognition is to create a system that can identify specific human gestures whereas the primary goal of speech recognition is to create a system that can convert speech sound into its corresponding text. In this paper, we have implemented a real-time gesture recognition system where a user can navigate a computer to a particular website by doing a specific gesture in front of a web camera linked to the computer. We have also implemented a speech recognition system that takes speech as an input from the device microphone, converts it into text, and thereafter performs different operations.

Published by: Rithika V. Jadhav, Prajakta S. Bait, Sumedh PundkarResearch Area: Computer Science & Technology Engineering

Organisation: Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Gesture, Speech, Human Communication, Gesture Recognition, Speech Recognition


7. Design of rainwater harvesting system in RRCE campus

Rainwater harvesting system is mainly the process or a phenomenon of collection and conservation of rainwater from various techniques where the rainwater is the main source for the process of harvesting. Here we mainly consider the rooftop rainwater harvesting system for the collection of rainwater from roof or top of the buildings of Rajarajeswari College of Engineering campus. The study and implementation of the technique of rooftop rainwater harvesting system in RRCE campus mainly fulfill the needs and also resolves the issue of scarcity of water in all seasons by equivalent supply of collected and stored water for future needs . Also groundwater recharge could be done in efficient way. By implementation of this technique, water source will be increased up to 1420 meter cube in the campus which also intern could be used for construction works as well as maintenance of the good gardening works in the campus .Thus we can say it mainly fulfill the needs of scarcity of water and also mainly recharge groundwater

Published by: Akash M. P., Vivek J., Venugopal M., Dhanush Bhavan B. M.Research Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, Bengaluru, KarnatakaKeywords: Roof top Rainwater harvesting system, Total station Surveying, Design considerations

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8. Parallel A* search on a multi-core CPU

Multi-core central processing units (CPU) and the graphics processing unit (GPU) have become popular parallel computing platforms in recent years [1]. The GPU platform is commonly adopted in the research community as it has been to be superior to the traditional CPU. Straightforward implementations of Parallel algorithms on a GPU can easily achieve a speedup of ten times or more over the sequential algorithms. However, achieving significant speedup on a multi-core CPU (over the sequential algorithm) requires intelligently designed and well-optimized algorithms [3]. This paper discusses a parallel implementation of A* search which achieved 6.67x Speedup with a search space of 106 nodes, 3.14x speedup with 107 nodes, and 137.67x speedup with 108 nodes when run on the eight-core, 3.0 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. This paper also analyses different work partitioning strategies and how the performance of the parallel A* search algorithm scales.

Published by: Ishaan JafferResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaKeywords: Parallel Computing, A* Search, Search Algorithms, High-Performance Computing, Multi-core, CPU, GPU, Speedup, Threading, Parallel A* Search

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9. A study on life cycle of six spotted zig-zag ladybird

Six spotted zig-zag ladybird is a type of ladybird belonging to genus Cheilomenes. Even though the beetle is known to everyone their life cycle is not commonly known to us. The aim of this research project was to identify the different life stages of the six spotted zig-zag ladybird

Published by: Ajil BennyResearch Area: Zoology

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Zoology, Ecology, Entomology Ecosystem

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10. Development of fiber rich gummies

The consumer's demand for functional foods and nutraceuticals has increased globally in recent years. There is a shift towards natural colorants, low fat, low cholesterol, natural-based ingredients, and free of synthetic additives. The gummy food supplements are more acceptable having fewer limitations compared to other dosage forms. Fiber is a critically important nutrient in the everyday diet as it promotes healthy digestion, improves gut microbiota composition, helps reduce cholesterol, and improves cardiovascular health. Research has shown that consumers are more likely to move towards fiber as a value-added ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. The aim of our study was to produce a fiber-rich gummy. The key ingredients used include watermelon juice, beetroot juice, plant-based pectin instead of gelatin, and stevia. The present study showed that the product is a good source of dietary fiber (8.54%)and carbohydrates (64.52%). The product was liked very much by all the participants (score- 8.) Through various proximate analysis, the nutritional value of gummies was estimated. Even the sensory analysis and microbiological analysis were conducted to analyze the safety and consumers preference respectively.

Published by: Priya Bharat Lohar, Pooja Manojkumar Shrivastav, Suhana Suleman KulavoorResearch Area: MSc Nutraceutical

Organisation: Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Gummies, Dietary Fiber, Watermelon Juice, Beetroot Juice, Sensory Evaluation, Nutritional Requirements

Research Paper

11. Development of a Protein-Rich Premix “Health-o-Fit Basundi Mix”

The increasing demand, craze of muscle building and the market related to protein supplements is seeking a lot of profit and is growing at a very fast rate. In India, gyms are opening across the country in both small and big cities, thus serving as main promoters of Sports nutrition products/ Protein supplements for a typical consumer being someone that wants to build muscles and aid recovery after a serious workout. Keeping that in mind, the idea of having something as delicious as basundi is always appealing and added to it the nutrition factor will just make it more desirable. A premix for Basundi rich in protein and high amount of fiber was developed for general population except diabetic people. Effects of the ingredient incorporation on the nutritional composition and sensory qualities were evaluated. The product with more consumer acceptability was analyzed for various parameters like protein, calcium, energy, fat, carbohydrate, moisture, ash, essential amino acids. Addition of powdered oats, dried fruits and pumpkin seeds improved the nutritional composition and made it acceptable for wide range of consumer groups. The premix was analyzed for its physical, biochemical and sensory properties. Proximate analysis was carried out and the results obtained were Energy (397.38 kcal), Ash content (3.48%), Moisture content (3.52%), Carbohydrate content (67.9g), Protein content (25.1g), Fibre content (8.6g) and Fat content (2.82g). Organoleptic analysis including sensory attribute like color, odour, appearance, texture and taste was carried out to check the overall acceptability of the product. Microbiological testing and shelf life studies were also carried out and suitable packaging for the product was also identified. Health-O-Fit Basundi Mix is healthy and a good source of protein, fibre and energy. Also effective in terms of nutritional quality, without compromising on the taste of the basundi premix available locally.

Published by: Komal Kamlesh Pathak, Shreya Bhau Parab, Suhana Suleman KulavoorResearch Area: Nutraceuticals

Organisation: Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Premix, Basundi, Protein rich, Pumpkin seeds, Powdered Oats


12. Improvement of highway capacity due to cycle track in urban area

This paper tries to make study of the Improvement of highway capacity due to cycle track in urban area. As urban areas develop in our country and the world, some issue related to urbanization such as traffic congestion became a serious issue. Cycle tracks are exclusive bicycle facilities that are physically separated cyclists from motor vehicle lanes. Cycle tracks are important part of infrastructure proven to increase ridership and improvement in highway capacity. Increasing bicycling can improve the overall quality in the urban areas. A separate cycle track can increase the speed of remaining vehicles so that it can save time, fuel consumption, wear and tear, reduce pollution etc. It can also increase the transportation choices, reduce parking and traffic congestion. In urban planning, cycle tracks are designed to encourage bicycling to an effort to relieve traffic congestion and reduce pollution, reducing bicycling fatalities and injuries by eliminating the need for cars and bicycles to journey for the same road space and to reduce overall confusion and tension for all users of the road. Cycle track may be one-way or two-way, and may be at road level, at sidewalk level, or at an intermediate level. I tried to find improvement of highway capacity if we construct cycle track in urban area. For this I did survey work on Chinhat to Dewa section of Itaunja-Mahona-Kumhrawa-Kursi-Dewa-Chinhat road, Lucknow. I did two way classified traffic survey of the road and also calculate average speed of commercial vehicles, personal vehicles and two wheeler vehicles except cycle. We studied of speed of commercial vehicles, personal vehicles and two wheeler vehicles based on algorithm that there will be no cyclist on mixed traffic. Lastly we studied and comparison of fuel consumption, wear and tear cost, air pollution cost, accident cost etc and as well as total cost saving due to separate cycle tracks

Published by: Arif Anwar, Prof. D. S. RayResearch Area: Traffic Engineering

Organisation: Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Cycle Track, Traffic Congestion, Urbanization, Traffic Jams, Bicycling

Research Paper

13. Women empowerment and their empowering schemes in India

This paper attempts to analyze the need for Women Empowerment in India and highlights the methods and schemes of Women Empowerment. Empowerment is the main process of social development that can enable women to participate, in the economic, political and social sustainable development of the rural communities. Today the empowerment of women has become one of the most important concerns of the 21st century but practically women empowerment is still an illusion of reality. Empowerment of women is essentially the process of upliftment of the economic, social and political status of women, the traditionally underprivileged ones in the society. We observe in our day to day life how women become victimized by various social evils. Women Empowerment is a vital instrument to expand women’s ability to have resources and to make strategic life choices. It is the process of guarding them against all forms of violence. The study is based on purely from secondary sources. Women of India are relatively disempowered and they enjoy somewhat lower status than of men in spite of many efforts undertaken by the Government. It is found that acceptance of unequal gender norms by women are still prevailing in the society. The study concludes by an observation that providing basic facilities and implementing various schemes are enabling factors to Women Empowerment.

Published by: Huma Akhtar Malik, Dr. Dinesh MandotResearch Area: Sociology

Organisation: Bhagwant University, Ajmer, RajasthanKeywords: Women Empowerment, Basic rights, Education, Health, Socio-Economic Status, scheme implementation.

Research Paper

14. Gender and space in temple architecture

Architecture can be perceived as Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter. These principles can be observed all around from history till present. These are the fundamental philosophies of life. As per vitrivius, Masculine interprets firmatis, feminine interprets venustas while neuter interprets utilitas. It has been observed from the literature that these parameters don’t function independently and are dependent on each other. If we look on earth, wind, water, sky & fire all have their unique characteristics and depend on each other. All together they create balance and harmony. Few other examples are as follows Sun & moon –both are balancing the entire universe. Yin & yang - were in harmony with each other. This paper addresses a sensitive and ideological study based on balance, fluidity, harmony, style, engineering, and sustainability. This paper looks into the articulation of sacred geometry, golden ratios & ancient wisdom with masculine and feminine principles.

Published by: D. Midhila, Dr.R.V.NagarajanResearch Area: Architecture

Organisation: Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Gender and space, Masculine and feminine principles, Gandikota, Madhavaraya temple

Research Paper

15. Kinetics of rural transformation in Marathwada and Khandesh region of Maharashtra and the rhythmic factors affecting it

The rural development in India has been overlooked as an approach to increase the financial status of the villages. Whereas, the actual sustainably developed villages have adopted a very unique and significant approach. These villages have approached towards strengthening of the resources a village has and generating the resources village need, especially natural resources. This research is an effort to state the role of various rhythmic factor which affects rural development. The study was conducted in 165 villages from Marathwada and Khandesh Region from Maharashtra, India. The selected villages were almost in the drought-prone area with very low rainfall and improper auxiliary systems for development and transformation

Published by: Parag Gopal PanchabhaiResearch Area: Rural Development

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Rural Development, Factors affecting Rural Development, Natural Resources, Marathwada & Khandesh Villages, Rural India

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16. Literature Survey on different topologies of UPQC

Concern for power quality issues has been increasing day by day due to increase in renewable energy resources, non-linear loads and applications of power electronic devices. Utility of UPQC to mitigate issues related to power quality is emerging as a universal solution. This paper presents review on various topologies available for UPQC system both for single phase system and three phase system. A review on previous research work on application of UPQC in various utility systems is also showcased.

Published by: Vinay Gupta, Shobhna JainResearch Area: Power System

Organisation: University Institute of Technology, RGPV, Bhopal, Madhya PradeshKeywords: Unified power quality conditioner (UPQC), Power quality, power electronic converters, dual control strategy, harmonic compensation, voltage sag and swell compensation.

Research Paper

17. Stacklite – Stack overflow tag prediction

Nowadays data plays a major role in every aspect of our life. The past data that is available can be used for analysis and to predict the future. For websites that are based on learning, the old data which the users are posting and tagging can be used to analyze and predict what new implementations can be done to increase the user experience. Similarly, Stack Overflow is the largest learning forum that is used by most of the developers to learn and share their programming knowledge. To post a question, users need to enter the tags related to the question manually. Here we are analyzing the past available data to predict the tags automatically based on the question a user enters which increases the enhancement of user experience.

Published by: Gada Shrenika, Ch. Ramya, A. Rajashekar ReddyResearch Area: Computer Science Engineering

Organisation: BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women, Hyderabad, TelanganaKeywords: Machine Learning, Multi-class classification, Text Classification, Binary Relevance, Classifier Chains, Label Powerset, K-Nearest Neighbours, Logistic Regression, Tags, TF-IDF vectorizer, Countvectorizer

Case Study

18. Impact of computer education in high school – A case study of Dharwad city

Liberalization, Globalization, and Privatization coupled with the advancement in computer technology have opened up new demand for skilled manpower, service, and education sector. So in this scenario education has been identified as one of the 12 main services under the general agreement on trade in services, which needs to be opened up for the free flow of trade between countries. Knowledge is expected to become a tradable commodity and it will be essential that Indian educators keep pace with the change in the field of education and learning. The findings of this study reveal that computer education has greatly enhanced educational administrators through improving cross communication at the managerial level, quick access to needed information, analyzing data fast and effectively. It reduces workload good secure storage of information, improves coordination of tasks and activities in the education era with respect to high school. Therefore, the finding reveals that computer education should procure more ICT facilities and equipment in order to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in all dimensional of educational administration. Hence researchers move contrasted on High School education, so sample study of Dharwad City has been considered.

Published by: Maimuneesa K. KaziResearch Area: Computer Technology

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Computer technology, Knowledge, Education, learning

Research Paper

19. A comparative study to assess nutritional games and modified hearth approach for adolescents

Communication is the heart of human beings for exchanging information. Use of health communication principles in public health nutrition present various challenges and has contributed in gaining vast recognition by combing theory and practice in bringing desirable changes in nutritional knowledge and practice to overcome communicable and non-communicable diseases. An attempt was made to bring out a desirable knowledge change in school going children of 8th and 9th class by using nutritional games approach and modified hearth approach and to study the efficacy of the approaches by comparing. The study revealed a Significant improvement in knowledge level of intervention groups of adolescents after exposure to experimental approaches-nutrition game and modified hearth approach compared to control group not exposed to any treatment(p<0.01). Significant decrease (p<0.05)in knowledge level was not observed after 4 to 5 weeks of intervention in experimental groups indicating retention of knowledge acquired through interventions. Modified hearth approach model was found more effective for imparting nutrition education compared to gaming approach.

Published by: Meera M., R. K. AnuradhaResearch Area: Food Science And Nutrition

Organisation: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Nutritional Games, Hearth Approach, Nutrition Education, Communication

Research Paper

20. An analysis of online music streaming behavior in India

In the Indian music industry, the consumption of music on digital music streaming platforms has increased significantly over the past few years. There has also been a rise in the number of music streaming apps in India. The purpose of this study is to determine popular features in a music streaming app that appeal the most to consumers. This information can be used by brands so that they can enhance one or more of these features and hence provide a better customer experience to users.

Published by: Divya ShridharResearch Area: Marketing

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Music Streaming App, Brand, Customer Experience, Consumers

Research Paper

21. Anti-oxidant activity of 2-amino-5-(3-arylsydnon-4-oyl) thiazoles

In biochemistry and medicine, antioxidants are enzymes or other organic substances, such as vitamin E or β-carotene, that are capable of counteracting the damaging effects of oxidation in animal tissues”. Because of these considerations and the wide variety seen in molecules that exhibit antioxidant ability through a multitude of mechanisms, AO activity may be interpreted in a variety of ways. Antioxidant activity of different 2-amino-5-(3-arylsydnon-4-oyl)thiazoles are studied by different methods like FRAP, -carotene assay and DPPH assay and the results are presented.

Published by: Dr. Jisha S. P., Dr. K. N. RajasekharanResearch Area: Chemical Sciences

Organisation: Government First Grade College, Bengaluru, KarnatakaKeywords: Sydnones, Thiazoles, DPPH, FRAP, Beta-carotene assay

Research Paper

22. Setup for simulation and analysis of Pulsatile Flow

In Fluid Dynamics, we can classify the flows in different ways, but we have two flows that remain pristine, these are Pulastle flow and Continous Flow. Pulsatile flow is the one in which the flow is represented by cycles, whereas the Continous Flow is represented by a straight line. In this paper, Pulsatile flow is feed to the Inlet boundary as a varying sinusoidal wave with a constant amplitude and angular velocity. The feasibility of the model can be increased as we have can use a cosine wave instead of a sinusoidal wave according to the requirement. This setup gives a detailed explanation as to how to set up for the simulation and analysis of the Pulsatile flow. The results of the following setup can be obtained by using the Post-Processing in Ansys Fluent.

Published by: Nagasai PanugantiResearch Area: Mechanical Engineering

Organisation: Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad, TelanganaKeywords: Pulsatile Flow, Continous Flow, Amplitude, Angular Velocity, Sinusoidal wave, Cosine wave, Setup, Ansys Fluent

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