Following is the list of all volumes and their issues published in IJARIIT with direct links to their e-magazine spectrums. To submit your research paper for publishing, please read call for papers for the current issue.

Volume-7, Issue-1

(January-February, 2021)
Total Papers11
Published Papers1
Acceptance Rate9%

Volume-6, Issue-6

(November-December, 2020)
Total Papers158
Published Papers56
Acceptance Rate35%

Volume-6, Issue-5

(September-October, 2020)
Total Papers284
Published Papers127
Acceptance Rate45%

Volume-6, Issue-4

(July-August, 2020)
Total Papers335
Published Papers150
Acceptance Rate45%

Volume-6, Issue-3

(May-June, 2020)
Total Papers538
Published Papers235
Acceptance Rate44%

Volume-6, Issue-2

(March-April, 2020)
Total Papers364
Published Papers165
Acceptance Rate45%

Volume-6, Issue-1

(January-February, 2020)
Total Papers168
Published Papers80
Acceptance Rate48%

Volume-5, Issue-6

(November-December, 2019)
Total Papers152
Published Papers76
Acceptance Rate50%

Volume-5, Issue-5

(September-October, 2019)
Total Papers198
Published Papers91
Acceptance Rate46%

Volume-5, Issue-4

(July-August, 2019)
Total Papers252
Published Papers133
Acceptance Rate53%

Volume-5, Issue-3

(May-June, 2019)
Total Papers913
Published Papers473
Acceptance Rate52%

Volume-5, Issue-2

(March-April, 2019)
Total Papers1038
Published Papers457
Acceptance Rate44%

Volume-5, Issue-1

(January-February, 2019)
Total Papers309
Published Papers168
Acceptance Rate54%

Volume-4, Issue-6

(November-December, 2018)
Total Papers306
Published Papers159
Acceptance Rate52%

Volume-4, Issue-5

(September-October, 2018)
Total Papers371
Published Papers184
Acceptance Rate50%

Volume-4, Issue-4

(July-August, 2018)
Total Papers423
Published Papers226
Acceptance Rate53%

Volume-4, Issue-3

(May-June, 2018)
Total Papers905
Published Papers477
Acceptance Rate53%

Volume-4, Issue-2

(March- April, 2018)
Total Papers1087
Published Papers474
Acceptance Rate44%

Volume-4, Issue-1

(January- February, 2018)
Total Papers315
Published Papers161
Acceptance Rate51%

Volume-3, Issue-6

(November-December, 2017)
Total Papers381
Published Papers229
Acceptance Rate60%

Volume-3, Issue-5

(September-October, 2017)
Total Papers186
Published Papers89
Acceptance Rate48%

Volume-3, Issue-4

(July-August, 2017)
Total Papers211
Published Papers122
Acceptance Rate58%

Volume-3, Issue-3

(May-June, 2017)
Total Papers506
Published Papers278
Acceptance Rate55%

Volume-3, Issue-2

(March-April, 2017)
Total Papers455
Published Papers229
Acceptance Rate50%

Volume-3, Issue-1

(January-February, 2017)
Total Papers270
Published Papers166
Acceptance Rate61%

Volume-2, Issue-6

(November-December, 2016)
Total Papers144
Published Papers91
Acceptance Rate63%

Volume-2, Issue-5

(September-October, 2016)
Total Papers54
Published Papers44
Acceptance Rate81%

Volume-2, Issue-4

(July-August, 2016)
Total Papers53
Published Papers43
Acceptance Rate81%

Volume-2, Issue-3

(May-June, 2016)
Total Papers65
Published Papers53
Acceptance Rate82%

Volume-2, Issue-2

(March-April, 2016)
Total Papers8
Published Papers6
Acceptance Rate75%

Volume-2, Issue-1

(January-Febuary, 2016)
Total Papers1
Published Papers1
Acceptance Rate100%

Volume-1, Issue-5

(November-December, 2015)
Total Papers7
Published Papers3
Acceptance Rate43%

Volume-1, Issue-4

(September-October, 2015)
Total Papers2
Published Papers2
Acceptance Rate100%

Volume-1, Issue-3

(July-August, 2015)
Total Papers1
Published Papers1
Acceptance Rate100%

Volume-1, Issue-2

(May-June, 2015)
Total Papers10
Published Papers8
Acceptance Rate80%

Volume-1, Issue-1

(March-April, 2015)
Total Papers5
Published Papers5
Acceptance Rate100%

Total Papers2
Published Papers2
Acceptance Rate100%