International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology is presently looking for opportunities to cooperate with conference organizers across the globe for Research Publication. It is a well-known fact in the recent days that bountiful conferences were being conducted and most of them end up with publishing their conference proceedings as hard copy or in the digital media like CD’s which is not widely circulated. This restricts the ideas and views shared in the conferences, the ideas being discussed and analyzed by very few attending the conference and to those who receive the proceedings. We are among the few well-known journal with the right infrastructure and capabilities to organize the conference for research publication.

Upcoming Conference

  • NLC-2019 (16th March, 2018) – Details

Past Conference

  • NCISRDC-2018 (23rd & 24th February, 2018) – Details
  • NCRENB-2018 (9th & 10th March, 2018) – Details
  • VENT-2018 (9th March, 2018) – Details

Nature of Support Services

We offer end to end support to the organizations willing to have our support, being an association dedicated to bringing your research work online in the best possible way we are here to help those who are in need of support. Once the proposal to support a conference is approved by our editorial board we start working with the conference team to promote their conference through our site and in all possible ways for research publication. We are sure that with our experience in conducting conferences we can support any academic conference in a better way. We provide the following service to the conference organizers so that their conference is promoted in a better way

  • Providing a separate webpage for the conference in our site if needed with all details related to the conferences
  • Providing a link to the conference site from our site so that willing authors can view the details of the conference.
  • Promotional support in online and offline form to promote the conference if asked by the organization.
  • Technical and academic support to the conference organizers if needed.
  • Publication of conference proceedings through our journals or as separate proceedings with ISSN number.
  • All published articles will be submitted to databases in which IJARIIT articles are being added.

For further details or enquiry about the conference for your Organization/Institute, please send us your enquiry now or mail us at [email protected] incorporating the details of your proposed.

Service Charges for Conference Research Publication

Considering our motto of supporting dissemination of scientific information and to promote the conference in a better way we charge a separate service fee according to the service we offer. It is in the own interest of the organizations to utilize our services if needed, we are interested in institutional membership and if institutions are interested in the same it can be obtained to support our journal system. Conference Proceeding will only be in the digital mode for research publication.

Approval Duration

Normally we decide about supporting the conference within 10 days from the receipt of consent and interest from the concerned Organization/ institution, in certain cases it may take more than 15-20 days to decide, depending upon the requirements of the concerned organization.


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