How to Publish your Paper

Paper Submission

There are two methods of paper submission:

Author Notification

After you have submitted your paper, you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail and SMS (Indian authors only). Once we receive your paper you receive acceptance or rejection mail based on our quick review process.

Acceptance or Rejection

For acceptance, the paper will be reviewed by the Peer committee i.e, Group of experts on the review committee, only if it fits with the criteria for acceptance, it will be accepted for publication.

Rejection: The paper gets rejected If does not meet the acceptance criteria i.e.

  • Lack of originality, novelty, significance
  • Flaws in writing, poorly formulated research questions
  • Language and spelling errors
  • Poorly presented visual elements
  • Unintentional ethical issues, plagiarism
  • Lack of adherence to journal submission guidelines
  • Other miscellaneous factors as reviewers deem fit

Submitting Copyright Form

Authors can easily submit “Digital Copyright form” of their manuscript. You need not print or scan the copyright form. All you have to do enter your “Unique Tracking Code” that you have received in your acceptance email in the space provided below. This will generate your Copyright form.

Once you have verified the information on that generated copyright form, attach a copy of any Govt. issued or approved ID card and click submit.

Tracking key auto-filled. Click “Verify” to proceed.


IJARIIT avails various mode of payments to authors for their convenience:

  • Direct deposit to the Bank
  • Pay using the NEFT transfer
  • Online payment using your net banking/debit/credit card
  • For more details about the fee structure and to pay online, please click here


When the author has completed all the above prerequisites, the paper will get published within the time period of 4-5 Days.