Volume-3, Issue-4

July-August, 2017

1 Simulation Implementation of Different Types of Loads for High Gain Single Stage Boosting Inverter
Pravin Appasaheb Mali
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 1-11)
2 Analysing EOT (extension of time) claim procedure in Indian construction industry along with case study
Ayush Kushwaha, Anutosh Kushwaha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 12-15)
3 Modified snack recipe Varagu Tikki for Diabetes Mellitus
Shruti Bhavsar, Sneha Patil, Swapana Nerkar, Swati Sawant, Dr. Rupali Sengupta
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 16-18)
4 Novel Framework for Software Defect Classification by Hybridization of Sampling and Classifier Algorithms with Kernel Principle Component Analysis
Deepak, Maninder Kaur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 19-24)
5 An Optimization Technique to Detect the Forgery in Digital Images by Using Ant Colony Optimization
Neha Jain, Er. Sushil Bansal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 25-31)
6 The Postwar Novel as Postmodern: Billy Pilgrim’s Imagination and the Critical Tendency Towards Teleology, Slaughterhouse - Five
Suman Rajest .S, Anbarasi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 37-41)
7 Wavelet Analytical Study of Solar Wind Proton Density
Anil Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 32-36)
8 On Almost Contra (b, µ)-Continuous Functions.
C. Rajan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 42-49)
9 Speech Recognition in Noisy Environment-an Implementation on MATLAB
Nishitha Danthi, Dr. A. R Aswatha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 50-58)
10 Conversion of RF Signal to Optical Signal Using MZM
Yakin Y. Malekar, Dr. A. R Aswatha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 59-66)
11 Recovery of RF Signal from Modulated Optical Signal
Akshata Gudihal, Saravana Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 67-74)
12 Review on PID Controller with Intelligent System
Jasvir Kaur, Gursewak Singh Brar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 75-79)
13 Convex optimization based Adaptive PID Controller in CSTR Plant with Deadline Constraint
Jasvir Kaur, Gursewak Singh Brar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 80-85)
14 Wavelet Analytical Study of Sulphur Dioxide as an Air Pollutant
Dr. Anil Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 86-90)
15 Size and Color Based Quality Assessment of Maize Grain
Amarpal Singh, Jobanpreet Singh, Shadab Ahmed Khan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 91-96)
16 Structural Analysis, Material Optimization using FEA and Experimentation of Centrifugal Pump Impeller
Ghanshyam G. Iratkar, Prof. A. U. Gandigude
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 97-105)
17 Between Closed Sets and -Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
C. Rajan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 106-111)
18 Internet of Things Based Real Time Transformer Health Monitoring System
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 112-115)
19 Resource Allocation Utilizing Enthalpy Based Krill Herd Optimization Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Chenni Kumaran .J, M. Aramudhan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 116-124)
20 Combination of Urethrotmy, Urinary Bladder Repair, Tubecystostomy in Clinical Cases of Urethral Obstruction in Bullocks
Basavaraj R. Balappanavar, B. V. Shivaprakash, S. M. Usturge, D. Dilipkumar, Ashok Pawar, Vivek R. Kasaralikar, Vinay P. Tikare
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 125-130)
21 Wavelet Analysis of Air Pollution due to Carbon Monoxide
Anil Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 131-136)
22 Flood Frequency Analysis of Stream Flow in Pakistan Using L- moments and TL-moments
Zakia Batool
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 136-142)
23 Optimize Cloud Resources Framework for Workflow Scheduling By Swarm Intelligence
Harjot Kaur, Sharvan Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 143-148)
24 Data Security in Cloud Computing Based On Blowfish With MD5 Method
Pooja Devi, Amit Verma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 149-154)
25 Spectral Analysis of Particulate Matter in the Atmosphere using Wavelet Transforms
Dr. Anil Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 155-159)
26 Indexing Hydrological parameters of Narmada River influenced by Socio biological activities
Dr. Taniya Sengupta Rathore
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 160-163)
27 Role of Public Relations in Image Management of an Organization
Neha Singh, Dr. A. Ram Pandey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 164-168)
28 Modified Load Balancing Technique to Improve Performance of MANETs
Harpreet Rupra, Rasbir Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 169-173)
29 Energy Preservation through Rest Planning Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Vinayak S. Korishettar, Manisha Tapale
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 174-179)
30 Intersection Movement Assistance for Vehicles
Manoj Pai, Uma Mudenagudi, Gourav Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 180-186)
31 Performance Evaluation of Various Routing Protocols of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Sheetal Kadyan, Gopal Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 187-192)
32 An Interactive Interface for Natural Language Query Processing to Database Using Semantic Grammar
Soumya M. D, B. A Patil
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 193-197)
33 Comparing Three Neural Network Techniques in the Classification of Breast Cancer
Smitha Hallad, Prof. Roopa Hubballi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 198-203)
34 Role of Staging Laparoscopy in Gastric Carcinoma
Dr. Pratik Hire, Dr. K. B. Golhar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 204-213)
35 Isolation, Screening and Charaterization of Cellulolytic Bacteria, Determination of Their Cellulolytic Potential
Jeeva Raj, Hema .C, Haris .S, Hema Amulya, Dr. Snehalatha V.
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 215-219)
36 Shifted Histogram Using Optimal Shift Distance for Images with Entropy Value & Wavelet Decomposition Images
Rekha, Vijay Nandal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 220-227)
37 Comparison Analysis of Modulation Technique of UWB, OFDM and CDMA for Different Parameter
Pooja Budhwar, Dheeraj Kapoor, Nipin Gupta
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 228-238)
38 Survey Paper on Analysis of Modulation Technique of UWB, OFDM and CDMA for Different Parameter
Pooja Budhwar, Dheeraj Kapoor, Nipin Gupta
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 239-246)
39 Removing Salt-And-Pepper Noise from Digital Image Using Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter
Minakshi, Suraj Rana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 247-254)
40 Identification and Characterization of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria and Estimation of Its Cellulolytic Capacity
Jeeva Raj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 255-259)
41 Integration of Robust Different Hierarchical Routing Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network
Nikita Balhara, Tajendar Malik
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 260-268)
42 Multipurpose Near Field Communication
K. Lakshmi, M. Sree Lekha, S. Prem Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 269-271)
43 Improvement of Coexistence of LTE Femtocell Network with Dynamic Resource Allocation
Annu Kumari, Suraj Rana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 272-280)
44 Simulink Model Design for FSO Communication System for Analysing Of Different Parameters
Usha, Manisha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 281-290)
45 Comparative Research Analysis on LTE Techniques to Reduce PAPR in Multi-Carrier Communication Systems
Ritu, Tajendar Malik
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 291-297)
46 Effectively Reconstructing the Routing Paths in Sensor Networks
Mohammad Peer .M. Shaikh, Prof. Anand D. Vaidya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 298-306)
47 Non Destructive Method by Penetrant Testing
Shyamji, Dr. Suresh Prasad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 308-310)
48 Analysis of Air Pollution
Rajeshwari K. Rai
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 311-320)
49 Classification of Leaf Disease Based On Multiclass SVM Classifier
Pooja Kulinavar, Vidya I. Hadimani
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 321-327)
50 Novel Fuzzy logic controller based Multivariable Energy Management Strategy for Standalone DC Micro grids
Navneet Singh Saini, Davesh Bindal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 328-334)
51 Authorized Deduplication of Files in Cloud Environment
Shrikrishna Kerur, Dr. Anand N. Diggikar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 335-340)
52 Fuzzy Enhanced 3-Level Dwt Image Compression
Manish Mishra, Dr. Md. Sanawer Alam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 341-346)
53 Supply Chain Management System
Arjun Singh, Gyanendu Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 347-350)
54 Optimization of Parameter for Surface Roughness by Using Taguchi Method
Krishanveer Singh, Abhilash Karakoti
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 351-358)
55 Design & Analysis of Polyethylene Terephthalate Based Sandwich Beam with Ansys
Rohit Kumar Singh, Nidhi Sindhu, Sushil Kumar Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 359-366)
56 Comparison and Analysis of Multistoried R.C.C Building in Different Seismic Zones
Arvind Kumar Gupta, Mirza Aamir Baig
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 367-376)
57 Novel Approach For Spectrum Sensing of Primary use by Hybrid Swarm Intelligence in Cognitive Radios
Manpreet Kaur, Mayank Joshi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 377-382)
58 Project Planning and Delay Analysis For 2x300 MW EMCO Thermal Power Plant
Mohammad Zeyauddin, Masoom Reza, Shahzeb Md. Danish
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 383-388)
59 Overview of Regulatory Guidelines for Medical Devices
Pakala Jayasree, Jyothshna Devi .K, Alagusundaram. M, Jayachandra Reddy .P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 389-398)
60 Pharmaceutical Market and Regulatory Issues for Export of Pharmaceutical Products to Latin American Countries
Gopala Krishna Mukkamala, Sabareesh .M, Alagusundaram .M, Jayachandra Reddy .P
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 399-408)
61 Seismic Analysis of Office Building with Prestressed Flat
Wamik U. R Rahman, Misbah Danish, Mirza Aamir Baig
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 409-413)
62 Design of Industrial Steel Building by Limit State Method
Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Mirza Aamir Baig
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 414-424)
63 Design and Simulation Result Analysis of Data Aggregation in Ns2 for WSN with Security
Rachna Kumari, Sunil Dalal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 425-434)
64 Personality Based Indian Song Suggestions
Ela Gore
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 435-442)
65 Robust Approach of Compressing Images Using DCT and Analysis of Parameters PSNR, CR
Madhu, Sunil Dalal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 443-450)
66 Parametric Optimization of Hot Machining Process for Aisi4140 Material Using Grey Relational Technique.
Jagjit Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 451-457)
67 Challenges before Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Role of Government
Dr. Shashikant Magar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 458-463)
68 Classification of copy move forgery and normal images by ORB features and SVM classifier
Rekha Devi, Deepti Chauhan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 464-469)
69 Review of Classification of Copy Move Forgery
Rekha Devi, Deepti Chauhan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 470-474)
70 Parametric Study of Multi-Storey Buildings for Blast Load
Prajna, Deepthishree S. Aithal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 475-478)
71 Universal Dependencies of Sanskrit
Puneet Dwivedi, Easha Guha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 479-482)
72 Gateway Based Energy Efficient Routing: GEER
Naziya Anjum, Masood Ahmad, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 483-488)
73 Crack Detection in Railway Track Using Image Processing
Aliza Raza Rizvi, Pervez Rauf Khan, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 489-496)
74 Image Processing Based Disease Detection for Sugarcane Leaves
Arifa Khan, Manmohan Singh Yadav, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 497-502)
75 Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Luffa-Epoxy Composite
Gurmeet Singh Arora, Dr. A. S Verma, Dr. Nitin Srivastava
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 503-506)
76 Flame Retardant Luffa Fiber Reinforced Composites with Epoxy Resin Matrices
Gurmeet Singh Arora, Dr. A. S Verma, Dr. Nitin Srivastava
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 507-510)
77 Review of Cognitive Spectrum Sensing Of Secondary User by Soft Computing
Manpreet Kaur, Mayank Joshi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 511-515)
78 Identity Crisis in V. S. Naipau the House of Mr. Biswas
R. Vaishnavi, J. Kiruba Sharmila
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 516-517)
79 Experimental Investigation on Ferro-Cement with and Without Using Fibers
Sahana H. D, Deepthishree S. Aithal, Rajendra Rao Kalbhavi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 518-520)
80 Study on Diagrid Structures with Various Aspect Ratio under the Action of Wind
Denet Priya Mascarenhas, Deepthishree S. Aithal
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 521-526)
81 Pushover Analysis of Multistory Reinforced Concrete Building
Dabeer Anwer Danish, Mirza Aamir Baig, Shahzeb Mohd. Danish
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 527-533)
82 A Study on Survive Quality and Passenger Satisfaction on Air India Services
Dr. P. Usha, E. Kusuma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 534-546)
83 Honour Killing a Customary Killing
Suraj Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 547-548)
84 Maya Angelou’s Life and Works as an Inspirational Sources to the Women
Kotteeswari. R, Anbarasi .U
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 552-555)
85 Review on Online Shopping For Visually Impaired People
Kunal Mohadikar, Rahul Navkhare
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 549-551)
86 Honeypot for Detecting Behaviour & Exposing Attacker’s Identity for Dos and Ddos Attacks
Rachana Khorjuwekar, Dilip Motwani
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 565-570)
87 Quest for self-identity: psychoanalytic theory and writing technique in Isabel Allende’s Maya’s notebook
K. R Veerapandian, N. Indhira Priya Dharshini
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 561-564)
88 An Automated Storage Area
Priyanka Khandekar, Dr. Kishor Kolhe
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 556-560)
89 Study on the impact of family’s Socio Economic status on employee’s level of satisfaction with organizations
Shweta Tewari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 571-579)
90 Review on Recent Techniques for Reducing Packet Drops in Dense and Sparse Vehicular Network Scenarios
Aditi Saini, Pritpal Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 580-584)
91 Dowry Prohibition Act- A Shelter or A Weapon
Suraj Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 585-586)
92 RTI- An Act Improving Governance
Suraj Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 587-588)
93 A Comparative Study of Fly Ash and Na-Fly Ash as Adsorbents for Removal of Cr (VI), Cu (Ii) and Fe (Ii) From Aqueous Solutions
S. Sheeba Thavamani, D. Karthika Navaneetha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 589-593)
94 A Region Based Load-Balancing Approach in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
Tejpal Singh, Karandeep Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 594-598)
95 Adsorption Refrigeration using Zeolite-Water pair on Pro-e and MATLAB
Diwakar Srivastava
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 599-613)
96 Analysis of Gait Recognition Using SVM and Surf Algorithm a Review
Chinu Sayal, Dr. Rajbir Kaur, Dr. Charanjit Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 614-617)
97 Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Mir Salim Ul Islam, Bhawana Rana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 642-646)
98 A Study on Women Impact on Demonetization and Perspective of Economists, International Media
D. Sai Sarika
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 618-624)
99 Comparative Analysis of Mobile Payment Applications
Sanchi Meena
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 625-633)
100 Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Vishakha Chandore, Shivam Asati
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 633-641)
101 Seismic Effect of Masonry Infill with Open and Shear Wall on Flat Slab Structures
Janardanachar M. H, D. Prakash
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 647-670)
102 Human factors in Safe Construction of Mega Projects in India
Samarth Ramprasad .K, Prabhat Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 671-682)
103 Biosorption of Heavy Metal Using Bacteria Strain and Its Optimization
Dhondup Namgyal, A. Chandra, G. Reddy, K. Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 683-691)
104 Synthesis of Zirconium Phosphosilicate and its Application as Inorganic Ion-Exchanger for Adsorption and Radiochemical Separation of Indium(III)
Dr. S. D Ajagekar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 692-695)
105 Effect of Bracings on Multistored RCC Frame Structure Under Dynamic Loading
Rakshith K. L, Smitha
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 696-705)
106 Detecting and Overcoming the Black Hole in MANET
Irfan Ahmad Wani, Pooja Garg
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 706-710)
107 A Comparative Study of Swalpa Masha Taila Nasya and Swalpa Masha Taila Uttarabaktika Snehapana in the Management of an Avabahuka
Dr. Vikramaditya Jangir
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 711-714)
108 A General Study Of Bi-Products of Sericulture
Ameet Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 715-716)
109 Environmental Jurisprudence – A Journey from Vedic Culture to Supreme Court
C. S Priyanka Maheshwari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 717-724)
110 Review on Distribution System Reconfiguration for Minimizing Losses and Utilization of DG for Improvement in Voltage Profile
Vibhuti, Shavet Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 725-728)
111 Speech Enhancement Using Dual Transform-Normalized LMS Algorithm for Speech Recognition Application
Dr. D. Deepa, Dr. C. Poongodi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 729-735)
112 A Study on Direct Oxidation of O-Toluidine by Potassium Bromate
Tapas Ghosh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 736-738)
113 IOT Applications for Indian Based Farming and Hospitality Industry
V. Sasikumar, Dr. S. Priya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 739-745)
114 Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates with Waste Glass
Ishan Srivastava, Dushyant Gupta, Sukhvinder Singh Sehmi, Kumar Shivam, Jhalki Bharadwaj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 746-749)
115 A Critical Study on Make in India Program of NDA Government Special Reference To Tech India
Vikas Pathak, Dr. Pramesh Gautam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 750-758)
116 Multiple Face Detection for Colour Images
Radhika Anchanala, Dr. G. Chenchu Krishnaiah
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 759-766)
117 Review on Text Classification by NLP Approaches with Machine Learning and Data Mining Approaches
Gurvir Kaur, Parvinder Kaur
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 767-771)
118 Study on FM/FM/1 Queueing System with Pentagon Fuzzy Number using α Cuts
K. Usha Madhuri, K. Chandan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 772-775)
119 Bio Inspired Technique to Improve the Performance of VANETs
Shivani Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 788-791)
120 Qualitative Risk Assessment and HAZOP Study of a Glass Manufacturing Industry
Yadhushree B. J, Shiva Kumar B. P, Keerthi D’ Souza
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 776-787)
121 Role of Tamas in the Manifestation of Nidra and a Study on Incidence of Sleep Patterns in Health and Disease
Dr. Priyanka
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 792-793)
122 Relevance of Paradi Gunas with Special Reference to Samskara and Abhyasa in Understanding and Management of Santarpana Nimittaja Vyadhi
Dr. Ragini Bhardwaj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 794-795)

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