Volume-2, Issue-2

March-April, 2016

1 The Analytical Study of Meshing of Double Helical Gear
Nishant Saini, Raminder Singh, Harpreet Singh
(Vol: 2, Issue: 2)
2 Electrical Energy Generation by using Pendulum Motion
Rajat Wairgade, Sandeep Mude, Sonu Tagwan
(Vol: 2, Issue: 2)
3 Economic Load Dispatch using Genetic Algorithm
Bhushan Makwane, Prof. S. R. Gawande
(Vol: 2, Issue: 2)
4 Load Balancing and Providing Security using RSA in Wireless Sensor Networks
Megha I Mathapati, Mr. Shrikant Salotagi
(Vol: 2, Issue: 2)
5 Power Generation in Future by using Landfill Gases
Sourabh Dhokpande, Ruchira Khadakkar, Bhawana Deshmukh, A. M. Halmare
(Vol: 2, Issue: 2)
6 Comparative Study of Induction Motor Starters using MATLAB Simulink
Abhay M Halmare, Ashish Karnase, Swapnil Kourati
(Vol: 2, Issue: 2)

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