Volume-3, Issue-5

September-October, 2017

1 Safety Begins From Childhood
Dr. Chitra
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 1-5)
2 Analyze Portrayl of SEP for WSN Using Matlab
Aditi, Arun Rana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 6-12)
3 Comparative Study on Fresh and Hardened Concrete Properties of Ternary Blend Self Compacting Concrete
Rachael Challagalli, G. S Hiremath
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 13-17)
4 Effect of MANET Nodes on the Performance of WIMAX
Ajay Kumar, Pankaj Sharma, Puneet Jain
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 18-24)
5 A Five Phase Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Wind Turbine Application
R. Shanmugarajan, P. Prabakaran, A. Ariventhan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 25-31)
6 Wind Excitation Control in Skyscraper
Prashant Borge, Abhijeet A. Galatage, Dr. Sumant K. Kulkarni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 36-44)
7 Evaluating Seismic Efficiency of Combination of Bracing for Steel Building
Suyog Sudhakar Shinde, Abhijeet A. Galatage, Dr. Sumant K. Kulkarni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 46-55)
8 Scaling of Ground motions for performing Incremental Dynamic Analysis of RC framed structures
Nilesh Chandrakant Gaikwad, Abhijeet A. Galatage, Dr. Sumant K. Kulkarni
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 56-68)
9 Novel Approach for Residential Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System Using Matlab Simulink
Neetu, Surender
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 69-76)
10 Recent Progress in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Kumar Avinash Chandra, Sukhminder Singh Gill
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 77-85)
11 Diversity Indices of Aquatic Macrophytes in Jharokh Wetland, Assam, India
Soni Talukdar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 32-35)
12 Microbiological Characteristics of River Ganga In Between Khankhal to Bhogpur
Dr. Deepika Vats
(Vol: 3, Issue: 4) (Pg: 86-91)
13 A Review Paper on Residential Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System Using Matlab Simulink
Neetu, Surender
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 92-96)
14 Design & Analysis of Robotic Arm’s Part for Carbon Composite Material
Mukund Narayan Pandey, Amit Kr Srivastava, Paveen Kumar Maurya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 97-106)
15 Veneers: Modern Approach of Dentistry-A Review
Dr. Raisa Rashid, Dr. Waseem-ul- Ayoub
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 107-111)
16 Use of Demolished Waste in Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate in Concrete
Gowtham, Anandhan .R, V. Gokulnath
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 112-118)
17 Object Sorting Robot Based on Shape
Priya Vinayak Garad
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 129-134)
18 Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams Reinforced With GFRP Rebars
Chidananda S. H, R. B. Khadiranaikar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 119-128)
19 The Impact of Nitric Oxide (No) On the Biological System
Vijaya Dubey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 135-138)
20 A Study of Performance Appraisal at IBM, Bangalore
Sruchita Maheswari Rath
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 139-145)
21 A Comparative Study of Surgically Induced Astigmatism in Superior, Supero-Temporal and Temporal Incision in Small Incision Cataract Surgery
Dr. Madhumita Prasad, Dr Sachin Daigavane
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 146-170)
22 Use of Demolished Waste in Partial Replacement Of Course Aggregate With Concrete
Akash Chandra, Sri Hari Reddy, Gokulnath.V
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 171-176)
23 Influence of Age and Gender on Interpupilary Distance and Comparison of Pd Ruler and Auto Refractrometer Values of Interpupilary Distance
Zakia Batool, Dr. Waqas Mahmood, Umar Waqas Khan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 177-179)
24 CFD Based Quantification of Aerodynamic Performance of an Automotive With Roof Dimples
Akshay Ashok Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 180-188)
25 Various Mobile Sink Approaches for data aggregation in WSN: A Survey
Ankush Bhatt, Geetika Gandhi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 189-191)
26 Mid-Point Algorithm Based Sink Movement to Improve Lifetime of the Wireless Sensor Networks
Ankush Bhatt, Geetika Gandhi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 192-195)
27 Isolation, Identification, Purification and Characterization of Antibiotic Producing Bacteria from Different Soil Samples
Rajnish Vishwakarma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 196-204)
28 Effect of Heat Stress on Amylase Activity in Chalky and Translucent Rice Genotypes
Sharma Kanu Priya, Sharma Neerja
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 205-209)
29 CFD Based Investigation on Delay of Boundary Layer Separation by Active Flow Control for NACA0084M Aerofoil
Akshay Ashok Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 210-218)
30 Importance of ICT among the Madrassa Students of District Cachar, Assam
Hussain Md Bajlun Noor
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 219-223)
31 Improved Production of Ga3 on Cheap Novel Substrate by Fusarium Moniliforme
Rashmi Pal, Sengar Amrita, Mishra Vivek
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 224-229)
32 Right to Privacy- LGBT a Study
Pathuri Venkata Subrahmanyam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 230-231)
33 Automatic Solar Tracker With Pre Installed Panel Cleaner
Aditya Sinha, Ambuj Preet
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 232-239)
34 Defamation and Newspapers -The Right to Privacy
Pathuri Venkata Subrahmanyam
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 239-240)
35 Review on Methods of Self Balancing of Two Inline Wheels
Chetan Rane, Bharat Kasar, Akul Ghormade, Rajmohammed Kasmani, Aniruddha Foka
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 241-243)
36 Comparison of HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients) and Haar Cascade Algorithms with A Convolutional Neural Network Based Face Detection Approach
Emine Cengil, Ahmet Cinar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 244-255)
37 An Information Extraction Approach with Vehicle and Pedestrian Activity Monitoring For Traffic Management in Smart City
Canan Tastimur, Mehmet Karakose, Erhan Akin
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 256-262)
38 Riverfront Development of Gomati River in Sultanpur City
Shradhanand Tiwari, Vandana Pandey
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 263-268)
39 OFDM Based Key Generation Technique
Sandeep Kamble, Kailash T. Jadhao
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 269-272)
40 Malaria Cells Detection Using Digital Image Processing Methods
G. Ramyapriyanandhini
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 273-277)
41 Experimental Study on Self Compacting Concrete Having Grade M70
Baravkar Amit Balaso, Chandgude Swapnil .K, Yadav Ranjit .D, Kumukale Shilpa .K, Udage Manisha .E, Prof. Ingale Sujata
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 278-283)
42 Fea for WEDM Process of Titanium Alloy
Pratyush Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar, Paveen Kumar Maurya
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 284-293)
43 Synchronization of Photovoltaic Systems in Single-Phase Grid-Connected Under Grid Faults
Chinmayee K. S
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 294-301)
44 Automated Safety Control Blind Zone Alert System
Javeed S. K, B. Bhuvaneswari
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 302-303)
45 Effects of Glass Powder and Brick Aggregate in M-25 Concrete
V. Gokulnath, T. Soumith Reddy, Nalamothu Nagachandu
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 304-312)
46 Partial Replacement of Cement with GGBS in Concrete
Chalamcharla Venu Gopal, Suresh .A, V. Gokul Nath
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 313-322)
47 Analysis of FM/FM/1 Queuing System with Pentagon Fuzzy Numbers and using DSW Algorithm
Dr. V. Ashok Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 323-329)
48 Assessment of Nitrate Contamination in Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu (India)
T. Thamilarasan, K. Sankar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 336-342)
49 Application of Operations Research in Agriculture
Aakanksha Bhatt, Aarti Multani, Aditi Agarwal, Aditi Joshi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 343-357)
50 Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Compound from Bacillus Megaterium from South East Coastal Region of India against Human Dental Caries
S. Vijayalakshmi, S. Rajasekar, A. Mohankumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 358-364)
51 Passive and Active Technology Used in Zero Energy Building
Deepshikha Bhagat, Ar. Ashish Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 354-355)
52 Power Quality Improvement and Harmonic Mitigation by Using D-Statcom
Soujanya Mekala
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 356-360)
53 A Review on Security to Network using Security Metrics and Multisink Timestamp
Ms. Patil Priyanka Nagnath, Dhainje Prakash B.
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 330-335)
54 Vulnerability Assessment of Sensor Network Using Multisink Timestamp and Attack Graph Based Metrics
Ms. Patil Priyanka Nagnath, Prof. Dhainje Prakash B.
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 361-366)
55 A Study on Market Segmentation of Samsung Electronics Ltd. With special References to Mobile Phones
Abhishek Bajaj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 367-372)
56 Studies on Strengthening of High Performance Self Compacting Concrete
R. Karthika, S. Balamurugan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 373-377)
57 A Method and a System for Secure Access to a Network Resource
Uma Shankar Gupta, Ram Chander Rohilla
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 378-391)
58 Financial Promise Keeping and Social Audit Programme under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) In Himachal Pradesh
Dr. Arti Pandit Dhawan, Ajay Kumar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 392-400)
59 A Survey of Monitoring and Controlling Power Theft Problem in Local Area
Malka Tarannum, Durga Sharma, Dr Dharmendra Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 401-405)
60 Electricity Theft in India: Its Measure and Solution
Malka Tarannum, Durga Sharma, Dr Dharmendra Singh
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 406-409)
61 Design and Analysis of Casted Mecanum Wheel
Sushil Lengade, Suraj Shirodkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 410-413)
62 Performance Estimation of OFDM in Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel
Pavan Kumar Tiwari, Arun Kumar Mishra
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 414-419)
63 Client Server Architecture for IT Company
Amrutha NT, Dr. N. Revathy
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 420-426)
64 Adhesion of Fouling Organisms and its Prevention Technique
Chandrakant Chaudhari, Murlidhar .K
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 427-440)
65 Effectiveness of Play Therapy upon Anxiety among Hospitalised Children
Bency Davidson, Nesa Sathya Satchi, Dr. Latha Venkatesan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 441-444)
66 Cloud Computing
Pratima Purohit, Thanushree .K, Amulya Ramesh, Mamatha .V
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 445-448)
67 A Literature Review on Sentiment Analysis
Venkata Satya Sai Abhishikth Tholana
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 449-451)
68 Impact and Non-implementation of CSR in Liquor Industries
Vaishali Sharma
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 452-456)
69 An Investigation on the Mechanical Properties of Die Cast Zn-Al Alloy Reinforced with Boron Carbide
Nikhil V. S, Anirudh Attuvallil
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 457-465)
70 Design and Analysis of Air Less Tires
Dr. R. Ramachandra
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 466-481)
71 Relevance of Buddha Teaching in Quality Management
Nitin Kamble, Swati Suradkar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 482-483)
72 Power Quality Issues Mitigation by Using DSTATCOM
Megha Bhikaji Misal, Gauri. M. Karve
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 484-490)
73 Narmada Bachao Andolan
Daine Seirra Jacob
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 491-495)
74 To Evaluate the Association between Cranial Base Angle and Malocclusions in Saggital Plane
Mariya Qadir
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 496-500)
75 Human Rights and Terrorism: A Psycho-Social Perspective
Dr. Sonia Shali
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 501-505)
76 Implementation of Matrix Converter Using Induction Heater
R. Pradeep, Dr. S. Mahendran
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 506-512)
77 Access, Use and Level of Satisfaction of Availability of Electronic Resources by the Students of Kuppam Engineering College, Kuppam Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh – A Case Study
M. N. Mythili Rajyalakshmi, Dr. M. Anjaiah
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 513-518)
78 A Study on Sleep Deprivation in Young Adults
Dr. Amitabh Kishor Dwivedi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 519-522)
79 Persuade of Development Parameters on Diffusion Coupled Joints of Dissimilar Materials – An Analysis
G. Ramesh, V. C. Uvaraja, R. Santhosh Raj, A. Santhosh, K. R. Suraj
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 523-527)
80 Res Judicata
Revathi N. S Sundar
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 528-534)
81 A Hybrid Approach to Detect and Recognise Faces in Complex Background
Shubham Srivastav, Shyam Shankar Dwivedi
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 535-541)
82 Reduction of VR Using Pi and FLC in a Buck-Boost Converter by Combining SR Buck – KY Boost Converter
S. Radhika, R. Rajalakshmi, D. Venkatesan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 542-549)
83 Performance of Mixing Efficiency and RTD of Static Mixer in Liquid-Liquid And Gas-Liquid Mixture
Vishal Pralhad Bhaskar, S. T. Patil
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 550-557)
84 A Review Report on the Distribution of Insurance in Bank
Ashok Kumar Sahoo
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 558-560)
85 Operations Research in Logistics
Krunal Rindani, Jayash Agarwal, Kunal Deshpande, Manan Dewan, Manya Mehan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 561-567)
86 Exploration of Diffusion Welding of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Plates
G. Ramesh, V. C. Uvaraja, A. Santhosh, J. Yashwanth, S. Karthikeyan
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 568-572)
87 Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Disrupted Business Intelligence (BI) truly Conversational with Humanity Touch, Automated Descriptions and Talking Bots
Indrasen Poola
(Vol: 3, Issue: 5) (Pg: 573-577)

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