Volume-8, Issue-4

Volume-8, Issue-4

July-August, 2022

Research Paper

1. Maintenance of facilities for women’s safety in hostels

Safety is a state of being “safe”; it is the condition of being protected from harm. A hostel has always been regarded as a smaller, slightly cheaper alternative to a hotel, and a hostel is commonly used by students and working men or women. This study focuses on working women hostels in Hyderabad, India. This study is to re-emphasize the importance of maintenance and safety in hostels. In the last five years, several crimes have come to the notice of schools, hostels, and other areas of stay. With the intention of reducing crimes, one of the steps taken by the Cyberabad police Commissionerate is to enhance “safety” and “security”. This initiative took the form of a project called “Safe stay”. As a part of this initiative, a team of surveyors was appointed from DMS, GCET. They were provided with a checklist of items for audit. These items were regarded as “essential” for safety by Cyberabad Police. After a preliminary survey, the study was extended to studying the importance of maintenance of facilities mentioned in the checklist, in hostels to enhance or ensure safety. The current study focuses on the “MAINTENANCE’’ of facilities in women's hostels

Published by: Jyothi PulipatiResearch Area: Safety and Security of Women in Hostels

Organisation: Geetanjali College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, TelanganaKeywords: Women's Safety, Hostels, Facilities, Maintenance, Inmates, Hostel Management

Research Paper

2. Improved work flow scheduling by hybrid optimization using whale optimization in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a most recent methodology that is developing quicker step by step because of its compelling component and security. Distributed computing gives an approach to get to the information from wherever whenever. This component makes it famous in light of the fact that it decreases the weight of the clients. Distributed computing gives the administrations like framework, stage and programming as an administration on it. Because of these elements the Size of information on cloud in expanded and it impacts on the productivity of cloud. To defeat the issue like this planning of assignment on information is the best alternative. Work process planning for logical registering frameworks is one of the most testing issues that spotlights on fulfilling client characterized nature of administration necessities while limiting the work process execution cost. So, to lessen the cost, cloud condition, has been conveyed in cloud condition, assets will increment yet its usage is another test. To keep up and use assets in the distributed computing planning component is required. Numerous calculations and conventions are utilized to deal with the parallel employments and assets which are utilized to improve the exhibition of the CPU in the cloud condition. This work Particles swarm Optimization (PSO) and Gray Wolf Optimization (WCA) are utilized for successful booking. This work depends on the advancement of Total execution time and absolute execution cost. The consequences of the proposed methodology are observed to be successful in contrast with existing strategies. Insight advancement Particle Swarm enhancement is utilized which is instated by Pareto circulation. WCA is utilized to merge the choice of Virtual Machine (VM) relocation by its union to limit cost and time as outlined by Total execution time (TET) and Total execution cost (TEC). It is inferred that WCA performs better in contrast with existing FUZZY_HEFT calculation.

Published by: Ashok Kumar Kashyap, PratibhaResearch Area: Computer Science And Engineering

Organisation: Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dera Bassi, PunjabKeywords: Distributed Generation, optimization, Cloud, VM

Research Paper

3. Improved Classification of Tweet Sentiments with Semantic Features using Convolution Neural Network with Soft-Max Approach

Sentiment analysis is a process of identification of opinion and thought related to any product, people or an organization. The sentiment analysis is mainly done to understand the others opinion related to some entity. This concept is mainly used in the large organizations and E-commerce to track the user’s activity and their response related to the product. The reviews of the product help the other users to know about the product more. If the reviews of other users are positive its sale is enhanced and if reviews are negative, then it affects the product sale. Sentiment analysis is done on the basis of text and images posted by the users on the social media website. In this analysis, sentiments are classified into positive, negative and neutral. sentiment analysis can be characterized as a procedure that helps in mining of feelings, emotions, views, and opinions from content, tweets, database, and speech in an automatic way by mean of NLP i.e. Natural Language Processing. SA examination includes the classification of opinions in content into classifications like "positive" or "neutral" or "negative". It's likewise indicated as opinion-based mining, subjectivity examination, and the extraction based on judgement. This polarity is assigned according to the meaning of words and after these score of all words is combining to understand the total score and then decides the comment is positive or negative. Sentiment analysis is a challenging task because it is not easy to analyses the exact views, opinions, and feeling from the text. The way of writing the feelings are different for every people in different context and topics. This issue solved by combining the text and prior knowledge. This research work proposes the deep convolutional neural network that uses character- to sentence-level information to perform sentiment analysis of tweets. This model presented a new approach for the initialization of the weights of convolutional neural network which helps to train the network effectively and helps to add new features. The model train by using unsupervised neural language and further tuned by deep learning model on a distant supervised corpus.

Published by: Vishal Thakur, PratibhaResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dera Bassi, PunjabKeywords: Tweet, Bigdata, CNN, Classifier

Research Paper

4. Impact of device parameters fluctuation on SRAM Cell

These days controlling the variation in device parameters during fabrication is a great challenge. The variations in process parameters such as the oxide thickness, channel length, and width, and doping in a channel result in a large change in threshold voltage. This process variation on design metrics of Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) cell which is used for process-tolerant cache architecture is suitable for complex memory design. The six-transistor and seven-transistor SRAM cells have been used to find the impact of process variation at 32nm technology. The 7T SRAM bit cell has a 60% improvement in SNM at the cost of area penalty, power penalty, read delay penalty, and variability penalty. This shows that the 6T SRAM cell is more efficient than the 7T cell.

Published by: Farhan Aziz, Rajneesh Yadav, Vinay GuptaResearch Area: Electronics & Communication

Organisation: BSA College of Engineering and Technology, Mathura, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Random Dopant Fluctuation (RDF), Line Edge Roughness (LER), Static Noise Margin (SNM), Read Access Time, Hold Power, Static Random Access Memory (SRAM).

Research Paper

5. Lexical analyser web extension for text simplification

Lexical simplification means the process of providing alternatives to the complex words in the sentence with texts that are much simpler to understand, while also preserving the context and grammar of the original text to make the whole sentence easier to understand. All of the recent work involving lexical simplification relies on unsupervised tasks to learn simpler alternatives to complex words. But the drawback of most of these researches has been the fact that they provide simpler words without taking the context of the complex world in the sentence into account. In this paper, we are proposing a lexical simplifier that is based on contextual learnings from the sentence. We have applied the pre-trained representation model, BERT. It is a very powerful tool that can make use of the broader context of the sentence in both forward and backward directions. We have also taken the word frequency indicator from the Subtlex list, to produce results that will be more correct both semantically and grammatically. We have also added a web extension for the simplification of the text on the webpage, which takes the input from the user, processes the text on the server end, and gives the result in return after the computation is over.

Published by: Harchit Mahajan, Prateek Koul, Sukhjeet SinghResearch Area: Computer Engineering

Organisation: Government College of Engineering and Technology, Jammu, Jammu and KashmirKeywords: Lexical Analyser, Bert Model, Web Extension, Text Simplification

Research Paper

6. Use of a spacer layer and doping, 0.5 µm AlInAs/InGaAs to improve mobility of HEMT

In this article, we optimize the performance of a high electron mobility In0.53Ga0.47As/In0.52Al0.48As transistor with a 0.5 m gate length and delta doping. Here, we have improved the mobility of the HEMT using variables like spacer layer fluctuation and delta doping. We simulate the -doped In0.53Ga0.47As/In0.52Al0.48As HEMT's conduction band discontinuities, threshold voltage, trans-conductance, cut-off frequency, and high-density two-dimensional electron gas. Analysis has been done on the parameters affecting the conduction band discontinuities, high-density 2DEG, and HEMT performance optimization.

Published by: Farhan Aziz, Vishal Lal Goswami, Ashutosh Dubey, Ranjeet SinghResearch Area: VLSI

Organisation: BSA College of Engineering and Technology, Mathura, Uttar PradeshKeywords: High Electron Mobility Transistor, HEMT, 2DEG, InAlAs/InGaAs Hetrostructure, Delta Doping, Spacer Layer

Research Paper

7. Seismic analysis of a multistory building using push over and nonlinear time history methods.

Non-linear analysis of G+5 storied RCC structure by using push over and Non-linear Time History Methods considering different ground motions. Bhatwari, Gopeshwar, Myanmar, and Srinagar are the ground motion data considered for Non-linear Time History Method. For modeling and analysis SAP 2000 software has been used for the G+5 storied RCC structure. In this paper, Base Shear, Displacement, Plastic Hinge formation, Performance point, Push Over Curve are generated after analysis.

Published by: Akshay Sudhir Naik, Prashant Barbudhe, Dr. Atulya PatilResearch Area: Structural Engineering

Organisation: Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Push Over Analysis, Non-Linear Time History Analysis, Push Over Curve, Performance Point

Research Paper

8. A study on the performance of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna (PMMY)

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna was launched by the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri. Narender Modi on 8th April 2015. Under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna (PMMY), 3 types of loans are given from the bank such as Shishu, Kishor, and Tarun, where Loan up to 10 lakh can be availed in the Tarun category. The government of India established a new organization called MUDRA (Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Limited), Which takes the responsibility for the development and refinancing of small firm loans made under the PMMY program. This study focused on the performance of Mudra Yojana, data in this research work has been collected from secondary sources such as various journals, articles, and MUDRA websites. The aim of the research paper is to study the performance of different Categories under MUDRA Scheme, evaluate the loan sanction by financial institutions in the different states of India, and critically evaluate the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY). The paper analysed based on secondary sources like State-wise Performance, Regional wide analysis, Agency wise Achievement, and Assistance to less privileged sections.

Published by: D. RajagopalResearch Area: Commerce

Organisation: Osmania University College for Women, Hyderabad, TelanganaKeywords: MUDRA, Micro and Small Enterprises, Performance, PMMY, SHISHU, KISHOR, TARUN, Schemes.

Research Paper

9. Improved Workflow Scheduling by Hybrid Swarm Optimization in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, as demonstrated by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), is a method under which a prevalent pool of resources or assets (networks, servers, services, applications, and storage) could be easily retrieved on demand and it can be released. There seems to be a lot of discussion in the industrial and academic world about its description, future, and context of cloud computing. The development of cloud computing has resulted in many benefits for the implementation of scientific workflows. Workflows are widely utilized application models for computer sciences. It defines a series of calculations that allow data analysis in a distributed and systematic manner and has also been effectively used to produce meaningful technological innovations in multiple computational fields. Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a simple flexible, scalable, and accessible infrastructure for the implementation of these applications analysis of cost and time by FPA with PEFT ranking shows high cost and Time. In case of GWO with PEFT reduces cost and time significantly. So, the decision of optimization plays an important role in the scheduling of tasks. Through simulation results it has been observed that Grey Wolf Optimization shows significant results in terms of cost and time on all the workflows of the cloud as compare to Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA) and Genetic Algorithm (GA).

Published by: Ashok Kumar Kashyap, Vishal ThakurResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: International Centre for Distance Edu. and Open Learning, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, Himachal PradeshKeywords: Cloud, Hybrid, Scheduling, Optimization

Research Paper

10. Software Defect Prediction by Data Science and Machine Learning Approaches

The quality, dependability, and cost of maintenance are all significantly impacted by the existence of software flaws. Bug-free software, especially software that has been thoroughly built, is difficult to obtain because of the many hidden problems that have been found [7, 9]. A key issue for software technology is the creation of a model based on software bug prediction that can identify faulty components in the early stages of development. As a result, this is neither a linear or constant operation. PSO's formal foundations will be briefly discussed in the section that follows. A linear PSO allows the notion of margin maximization to be explained in an extremely easy manner since the score remains direct and constant number everywhere it works. The pattern of precision in graph analysis differs from that of accuracy. Two datasets, JM1 and KC1, show enhanced precision in the case of accuracy.

Published by: Vishal Thakur, Ashok Kumar Kashyap, Aditi BadhanResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: University Institute of Information Technology, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, Himachal PradeshKeywords: Data Science, Datamining, Software Defect, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

Research Paper

11. Economic and Environmental Impact of Major Transportation Modes

The efficiency range of modern transport modes has increased. Fifty-five years ago, ‘What Price Speed?’ in Ingenia's article illustrated the price to pay in terms of efficiency for faster travel. Economic and environmental demands leading to more efficient transport have been matched by a growth in faster, more fuel-hungry modes brought about by society’s need for speed. As society grows wealthier over time, people tend to travel more frequently and over greater distances. Travel demand increases by a factor of approximately 10 for each generation, but the amount of time spent traveling has remained constant at approximately one hour per day per person over the past three decades. The primary reason for this is the development of faster and faster modes of transport. Speed is a key driver for transport developments, although factors such as price, convenience, comfort, and safety also play major roles. Transport now consumes a large and increasing proportion of our energy budget. Gabrielli and vonKármán suggested using specific tractive force to make such comparisons. A further examination of this revealed that any form of transport is an economic balance between the cost of the transport and the value of the time that goods or people are capable of during transit. In this article, we have collected data for 4 categories of Transport i.e. Road, Rail, Water & Air. Those points are plotted on the graph plotted for vehicles in 2005, trying to verify the accuracy of those curves. It also helps us to compare different vehicles in terms of Cost/passenger-km and Carbon Dioxide/passenger-km.

Published by: Abdul Kadir M. Poonawala, Mustafa PatanwalaResearch Area: Automotive, Environment

Organisation: Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Cost/Passenger-Km, Carbon Di-Oxide/Passenger-Km, Specific Tractive Force, Efficiency, Environment. Transportation Modes


12. Road roller barrier system

India is a developing country. The growth of traffic increases rapidly day by day. The government is looking for new technologies in order to reduce accidents on the road and improve safety on the road. In India, the transportation system is expanding fast or rapidly. In India in 2015, 501423 road accidents happened in which 146133 people died. In 2016 road accidents decreased by 4.1% in which near about 480652 road accidents occurred and 150785 people died. in 2017 road crash fatalities increased by 3% last 2 years. A small Korean company developed a new product in order to reduce the harsh impact of guard rails. The product is a rolling Barrier. The latest technology for the safety of vehicles on the roads is provided with the help of the rolling Barrier concept. Providing rolling Barriers on intense curves helps in reducing many accidents of vehicles now a day. Therefore, the rolling Barrier proves to be a lifesaving technology for the drivers as well as passengers of the car. The product (barrier system) developed by the Korean company is very expensive because of which we can't implement it in India. So, we thought about how to reduce the cost of the barrier system. So, we can implement the low-cost barrier system at the local level at minimal cost by replacing the W beam with a steel pipe which has low cost and equal strength. Also, we decided to replace the LED lights used by the Korean company with radium paper which will do not the same purpose but at a very low cost. Painting rail guards with yellow color and sticking radium paper red color so that the drivers are not distracted as well as it will help them to remain in their lane. So, overall we are making changes in the model of the barrier system given by the Korean company to reduce its cost which can be implemented at the local level.

Published by: Pravin Vilas Kulkarni, Hajariwale Rajendra Ranjeetsing, Mugale Kirti Umesh, Chatla Nikhil Anand, Falmari Sneha Prasad, Thamake Aishwarya AshokResearch Area: Academician/Student

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Pratishtan’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Road Barrier, Crash Barrier, Safety Barrier, Etc.

Research Paper

13. Cost analysis of RCC and composite structure

Structural engineers are facing the challenge of striving for the most efficient and economical design solutions while ensuring the final design of a building is serviceable for its intended function, habitable for its occupants, and safe over its design lifetime. As our country is the fastest-growing country across the globe and needs shelter with higher land costs in major cities where further horizontal expansion is not possible due to space shortage, we are left with the solution of vertical expansion. Steel-concrete composite construction has gained wide acceptance worldwide as an alternative to pure steel and pure concrete construction. Reinforced concrete members are used in the framing system for most of the buildings since this is the most convenient and economical system for low-rise buildings.

Published by: Prasad Dhuttargi, Riyaz J. Mulla, Rahul Guddodagi, Rajesh RathodResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Pratishtan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: R.C.C., Cost, Composite, Analysis, and Design

Research Paper

14. Traffic Density Analysis

Congestion in activity is a serious issue these days. From city streets to roadways, a ton of traffic issues happen every day. Terrible traffic administration prompts the wastage of parts of labor hours. These continuous issues like congested driving conditions have forced the requirement for a proficient traffic administration technique. Current activity control procedures including attractive circle finders covered inside the street, infra-red and radar sensors as an afterthought give constrained movement data and require isolate frameworks for traffic checking and for activity reconnaissance. Conversely, video-based frameworks offer many points of interest in thinking about the existing advancements. There can be many purposes behind activities like inadequate limits, excessive requests, huge red-light deferrals, and so on. This paper outlines an audit of different strategies for building up a wise movement recognition calculation in view of various research papers alluded. It additionally demonstrates a survey on various techniques under picture handling for building up a clever movement framework. Different strategies on this point have been investigated on this such as, savvy activity controller utilizing constant picture preparation, utilizing DSP and NIOS II, utilizing the implanted framework, and utilizing a remote sensor network. Various creators utilize diverse systems like identifying the resulting quantities of vehicles identified from the video caught utilizing the cameras introduced at the paths or utilizing live encourage from cameras at movement intersection for ongoing traffic thickness figuring utilizing picture and video handling or making utilization of remote sensors to detect the nearness of movement on streets. Correlation and overview of each of these strategies are analyzed in this paper which presumed that utilization of picture preparation makes investigation of traffic nearly effective.

Published by: Gaurav ThakurResearch Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Organisation: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, PunjabKeywords: Traffic Density Analysis, Image, and Video Processing, Reduced Traffic Congestion, Traffic Management, Digital Image Processing.

Research Paper

15. Manual and software-based design of RCC g+1 building and its comparison

Civil Engineering is an ever-changing industry. With advancements in technology, we have seen the civil engineering field evolve from working solely with concrete to now designing and building with the help of computer technology. The project deals with different software used in civil engineering like AUTO CAD, REVIT, ETABS, and STAAD PRO which are useful for project completion in various ways. Auto CAD helps with detailed drawings of 2D floor plans. After that for obtaining more details 3D model of the building can be made with help of Revit then design and analysis are done with STAAD PRO.

Published by: Shraddha Pawar, Kamlesh Chaudhari, Om Zakarde, Shweta Giram, Tejal Borkar, Sanjana Pawar, Balram Lagad, Dr. S. R. BhagatResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, MaharashtraKeywords: Autocad, Revit, Staad Pro, Manual, Design, Comparison

Research Paper

16. Messenger service using AWS and sprinboot framework

Cloud computing is a technology for delivering pervasive, appropriate, sought-after networking access to shared computing resources such as storage, networks, servers, applications, and services that can be quickly equipped and supplied with minimal maintenance or service provider engagement. Most organizations have chosen cloud computing because it is believed to be safer and more trustworthy, especially in inventory tracking. Amazon, with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business, is at the forefront when it comes to providing cloud computing services around the world. The cloud-based email service uses a serverless an architecture which is the microservice type which will be enacted using Springboot Framework and Amazon Web Services including AWS Lambda, Simple Notification Service, Simple Queue Service (SQS), Simple Email Service (SES), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and CloudWatch. The proposed work is to implement a cloud-based email service using AWS to send bulk emails with less time using email templates and configure services to monitor the email sends deliveries, failures, and complaints

Published by: Shivani, Rekha B. S.Research Area: Technology

Organisation: R.V. College of Engineering, Bengaluru, KarnatakaKeywords: AWS, SQS, SES, Email Service

Research Paper

17. Confidential data protection using a multi-level security approach in the cloud

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. This exciting computing model depends on data traffic and is controlled by a third party. Despite the expected savings in infrastructure and the development cost for business flexibility, security is still the biggest challenge for the implementation of computing for many service-based companies. Security in cloud computing is mainly focused on the protection and guaranteeing data security. This paper discusses challenges related to data security and privacy implementation in a cloud computing environment. A multiple-level approach is proposed to accommodate the protection of confidential data in a cloud computing environment. This framework consists of different levels application security level, keyword-based file search, public key, and fingerprint verification level. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the framework implementation and its architecture verification. It is expected from the research a verified framework to protect private and confidential data in a cloud environment.

Published by: Sagar Bagale, Sudhir ShindeResearch Area: Data Security

Organisation: Nagesh Karajagi Orchid College of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Cloud Computing, Security, Privacy, Confidential Data

Research Paper

18. Removal of waste dyes from water by organic wastes

Dyes are colored compounds that are used in cosmetics, clothing, plastics, textile, and many more industries. Dyes attach themselves to the surfaces to give them color. Dyes are soluble in water and also make the water acidic. Organics dyes are toxic in nature and are one of the major contributing factors to water pollution because waste dyes are released into water bodies causing adverse effects on the aquatic environment. The dyes contain metal ions and other colored compounds. Since dyes are organic compounds they are aromatic rings and hence also have nitro, sulfo, chloro, and amidocyanogen chains which can be hazardous. Releasing organic dyes can also cause inhibit aquatic plant growth, it can also be consumed by a human and cause diarrhea and it can also make the water carcinogenic. ‘One way to remove waste dyes from water is adsorption. Adsorption is when molecules of a liquid, gas, or solution stick together to the surface of a solid, coating the solid (adhesion). The solid surfaces that they stick to are called sorbents. Sorbents are insoluble materials that are used to collect liquids by either absorption or adsorption. The three types of sorbents are Natural organic sorbents, Natural inorganic sorbents, and Synthetic sorbents (man-made materials).’5 In some places, dyes are removed from water using activated carbon but it is expensive and preparing it with the optimum conditions consumes a lot of energy, which prevents it from being used on a larger scale. The goal of this research is to show that Natural organic sorbents can be used to remove dyes from water as this is a more efficient, cheap, and most importantly environment-friendly method by measuring the turbidity of a solution.

Published by: Netra PatadiaResearch Area: Chemistry

Organisation: Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Dyes, Organic Solvents, Water Pollution, Adsorption

Research Paper

19. Personality prediction through questionnaire

In the modern world of development, more and more opportunities need to provide to an individual to achieve success in life. However, getting a job entirely depends on the selection process. With the advancement in information technology, electronics, and communication, the whole system of selection process becomes quite lengthy and complex. Moreover, every organization chooses a candidate by assessing the personality traits of an individual. In this project, we will try to implement a method that will allow an organization to easily select a candidate with the help of a personality test that will help in assessing the personality of an individual. This personality test predicts the personality with a success rate of 90%. Finally, the organization will choose a candidate if the personality traits of an individual match the requirement of the organization. Thus, the whole system becomes quick and accurate.

Published by: Siddharth Bhatt, Yash Sharma, Priyanshu Karki, Poonam KatyalResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, HaryanaKeywords: Recruitment, Aptitude, OCEAN Model, Personality Prediction, and Questionnaire.

Research Paper

20. Chat server application

Chat-Application gives the method of reproof others United Nations agency square measure exploitation the Network at a similar time you're. Several network systems square measure engineered to speak with each other furthermore as created accessible through service-oriented architectures. during this project, the shopper server design is employed to develop a talk application. Firstly a talk application is formed for each shopper and Server that relies on Transmission management Protocol(TCP) wherever protocol is an association-directed protocol and could be a reliable association protocol.

Published by: Vedant Laxman BhoirResearch Area: Social Media

Organisation: Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, MaharashtraKeywords: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp

Research Paper

21. A study to assess the knowledge and practice regarding respectful maternity care among staff nurses in labour room at selected hospitals of the city with a view to develop an information booklet.

Every woman around the world has a right to receive respectful maternity care. The concept of “respectful maternity care” has evolved and expanded over the past few decades to include diverse perspectives and frameworks Objective of the study were 1.To assess the knowledge of staff nurses regarding respectful maternity care.2.To assess the practice of staff nurses regarding respectful maternity care.3. To find the correlation between knowledge and practice regarding respectful maternity care. 4. To determine association between knowledge with selected demographic variables 5. To determine association between practice with selected demographic variables. Material & method of the study were The tool was developed in the form of three section as demographic data, structured knowledge questionnaire and observational checklist. The purposive sampling technique was used for selecting 100 staff nurses in labour from selected hospitals of the city. The Result of this study showed that, the knowledge level of staff nurses was found Majority of the samples 65(65%) were having inadequate level of knowledge on respectful maternity care whereas 29(29%) were having moderate knowledge and 6(6%) were having adequate knowledge level on respectful maternity care. Assessment of practice among staff nurses regarding respectful maternity care that, The majority of the samples 71(71%) were having inadequate level of practice on respectful maternity care whereas 29(29%) were having moderate level of practice and none of the sample were having adequate level practice on respectful maternity care The researcher used KARL PEARSON CORRELATION COEFFICIENT (r) to identify the relationship between knowledge and practice score (r= -0.018, p=0.856).The association between level of knowledge score on respectful maternity care with selected demographic variables. The study demographic variables were age, religion, education status, year of experience, monthly income and type of hospital In order to compute the association between the level of knowledge score and demographic variables chi-square was applied and the value was observed with 0.05 significance level. It was observed that there was no any demographic variable found association with level knowledge on respectful maternity care. The association between levels of practice score on respectful maternity care with selected demographic variables. The study demographic variables were; age, religion, education status, year of experience, monthly income and type of hospital. In order to compute the association between the level of practice score and demographic variables chi-square was applied and the value was observed with 0.05 significance level. The chi-square value of the demographic variables, such as education was χ = 13.296 with a 3 degree of freedom and year of experience χ = 7.118 with a 3 degree of freedom showed significant association with level of practice at 0.05 level, and there were no other demographic variables found association with level of practice on respectful maternity care. The study concluded that staff nurses have inadequate knowledge and inadequate practices regarding respectful maternity care. The knowledge and practice will be improved after providing the information booklet regarding respectful maternity care.

Published by: Anamika S. Bobade, Marylin ShindeResearch Area: Obstetrics And Gynecology

Organisation: Mother Teresa College of Nursing and MGM Institute of Nursing Education, Aurangabad, MaharashtraKeywords: RMC, Knowledge, Practices, WRA, Staff Nurse's, Labour Room, Childbirth, Maternity Care, Health Care.

Research Paper

22. Stabilization of Soil With Murrum, Saw Dust, and Coconut Fiber

Stabilization in a broad sense, incorporators the various method employed for modifying the properties of a soil to improve its engineering performance. In civil engineering, soil stabilization is a technique To refine and improve the engineering properties of soils. These properties include Mechanical strength, Permeability, compressibility, durability and plasticity. Stabilization is being used for a variety of engineering works, the most common application being in the construction of road and to reduce the construction cost by making best use of the locally available materials. The material used in soil stabilization depend on what technique is being employed. Method of stabilization may be grouped under two main two main types: (a) modification of the properties with the help of admixtures. Compaction and drainage are the first type, which improve the inherent shear strength of soil. Examples of the second type are: mechanical stabilization, stabilization with cement, lime, bitumen and chemicals, fly ash, seeds, different grade of soil and aggregates, synthetic resins, recycled and waste product etc. Some more method are in soil.

Published by: Shashikant S. Manekari, Abhijeet D. Shinde, Rohit B., Akash P. Surwase, Naresh S. GaradasResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Pratishthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Stabilization, Compressibility, Durability, Recycled and Waste

Research Paper

23. Assess the knowledge regarding management of diabetes mellitus and prevention of complications among adult diabetic clients in selected urban city

Diabetes is a complex disease charged by susceptible to chronic disease of management and prevention of complications among adult diabetic clients. Diabetes care aims to achieve a quality of life and life expectancy similar to that of the general population by reducing the risk of complications. A study was undertaken to assess the knowledge regarding the management and prevention of complications of diabetes mellitus among adult diabetic clients in a selected urban area. Objectives 1). To assess the knowledge regarding management and prevention of complications among the adult diabetic client. 2) To find out the association between the knowledge score with selected demographic variables. Materials and method- the descriptive study was conducted on 100 diabetic clients were non probability purposive sampling technique used and a structured knowledge and prevention questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge. The result of the study revealed that the age range of subjects was between 51-60 years belonging to 30% .40 % of clients had diabetes for more than 3 years, majority of 88% of clients were treated only with an oral hypoglycaemic agent and 46 % of them had experienced any one or more of diabetes-related complication, 52% of them had Inadequate knowledge, 41 % had moderate knowledge and 7 % had lack of knowledge on management and prevention of complications of diabetes mellitus.

Published by: Sangeeta Gajanan Pardeshi, Dipak N. KhadkeResearch Area: Medical Surgical Nursing

Organisation: MGM Mother Teresa College of Nursing, Aurangabad, MaharashtraKeywords: Diabetes Mellitus, Knowledge, Management and Prevention, Complication

Research Paper

24. Night Keeper

Drivers are more prone to become sleepy when they skip taking breaks in between the rides which they frequently forget to take as described by multiple studies. Research demonstrates that nearly one-fourth of every major mishappening is due to drowsy people who are tired which indicates that tiredness causes more crashes than driving while drunk. Our software will tell them while they are inattentive and sleepy during longer periods of time and also tell the driver of their sleepy behavior and the time of driving as a last resort.

Published by: Manvir SinghResearch Area: Computer Science Engineering

Organisation: Chandigarh University, Gharuan, PunjabKeywords: Drowsiness-Detection, SWM, Eye-Detection, Blink-Pattern, Face-Detection, LBP.


25. Strategic planning of city road

The increase in urban traffic congestion has become a serious concern to transportation professionals. Flyovers at major urban intersections can be instrumental in reducing European traffic congestion and delay our project has been committed to working for the benefit of the citizens of Solapur with the planned implementation of development schemes and is consistently striving to take Solapur to higher levels of progress. Solapur is one of the developing cities of the times and planned development has always been central to its ideology. We have come up with a vision to combat and maneuver the growing requirements of a large city in wake of the increasing population and to help give Solapur a planned look compatible and comparable to any metropolitan city of repute. We are trying to give a helping hand to speed up the development and progressive growth of the entire city to rapidly change the face of Solapur. To meet these important needs, we sprang into action and started to understand the necessary needs of the city. As per the requisites, we have been working towards time-bound construction, creation, and development of the central part of Solapur based on major commercial aspects. We have a view of the pioneer of the development of the city and creating a state-of-the-art city of substance. We firmly believe in bridging the gap and reaching out to its citizen to provide them with quick and hassle-free service.

Published by: Eshang H. Chippa, Sanjay R. Bugade, Vaishnavi S. Soma, Minal J. Gundla, Ashwini R. Vanga, Pallavi Y. BhairiResearch Area: Student

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Pratishthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Strategic, Street vendors, Junctions, Vertical Clearance, Underpass, Reconnaissance Survey

Technical Notes

26. Replacement of steel slage SA fine aggregate

Natural aggregates are becoming scarce and their production and shipments are also becoming more difficult. The main objective of this study is to identify an alternative source of good quality aggregates which are depleting very fast rate due to the fast pace of construction activities in India and to improve the workability and durability of concrete. The use of steel slag as a waste industrial which is the by-Product of iron and steel production provides a great opportunity to utilize it as an alternative to normally available coarse aggregates. In this study concrete of M20 grade for a w/c ratio of 0.45 respectively for the replacement of 25%,50%, and 75% of coarse aggregates by steel slag which is produced as waste material in the steel industry and has a negative impact on the environment when disposed of. The investigation reveals that the steel slag could be utilized as coarse aggregate in all concrete applications and shows a considerable improvement in the compressive strength of concrete over the control mixes by 7 to 8%. Results show that the concrete incorporating steel slag has higher compressive strength and an increase in density and stability was clearly observed in the specimens replaced with steel slag as coarse aggregate.

Published by: Krupanjali S. Bhange, Ritesh D. Jadhav, Pradip S. Shinde, Basavaraj V. Patil, Abhishek U. Jadhav, Sham R. Daware, Anil P. KajakwaleResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Prathisthan’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Metal slage, Steel slage, Natural aggregates, Compressibility, Durability

Research Paper

27. Utilization of scrap tires for reinforced subgrade

This paper presents an innovative concept in Geosynthetic materials, supported by using old car tires as geocells in construction. it's an awfully exceptional idea for development engineering. With the adoption of this, we are able to fulfill the utilization of geocells in roads and highway construction. More benefits with this total construction cost are reduced and optimized rubber waste in the world and it reduced pollution. aims at evaluating the advantages and identifying the constraints. the chance to use this technology direction for each different road type, the optimization of building trajectories through the employment of the most effective tire section, and further maintaining the elasticity of the road. Those must be composed with the building cost and extra strength issues within the heavy traffic.

Published by: Shashikant S. Manekari, Rajan Usakoyal, Akash Kamble, Shrikanth Vadkal, Samarth Pawar, Revansiddha PujariResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Prathistan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Rubber Waste, Material, Reduces Pollution, Strength

Research Paper

28. Assess the burnout syndrome among staff nurses and nursing teachers working in selected settings of Aurangabad city.

Nursing is to bring those who are suffering from disease to a condition for nature to act for preserving health, prevent diseases and injury, and restore health and cure disease. A Comparative study survey study was conducted among 80 sample staff nurses (40) and nursing teachers (40) working in the various settings of Aurangabad, samples were selected by non-probability purposive sampling technique. Data was collected by using sociodemographic variables and Maslach burnout inventory score. The result of this study revealed for nurses has got findings for high burnout levels in section A (Burnout) and section B (depersonazation) as well as findings for nursing teachers was having high burnout levels in section C (personal achievement). There was no significant association found between demographic variables and burnout syndrome among staff nurses and nursing teachers. Thus the study concluded that burnout syndrome was high in nurses compared to nursing teachers. Keywords- Burnout syndrome, Maslach inventory, nurses, nursing teachers Burnout syndrome, Maslach inventory, nurses, nursing teachers

Published by: Varsha Bhagwan Kondke, Rameshwari Ashok Bidve, Shaikh Mohammed Hasan Mohammed Aijaj, Shivkanya Devidas RawateResearch Area: Nursing

Organisation: MGM Mother Teresa College of Nursing, Aurangabad, MaharashtraKeywords: Burnout Syndrome, Maslach Inventory, Nurses, Nursing Teachers Burnout Syndrome, Maslach Inventory, Nurses, Nursing Teachers Burnout Syndrome, Nurses, Nursing Teachers

Research Paper

29. A study of factors that influence the level of impulse buying

This paper tries to investigate the fashion industry's irrational purchasing behavior. Comparisons between the internet and offline channels are made to see which is thought to encourage greater impulsive purchasing.

Published by: Ram TalrejaResearch Area: Consumer Buying Behaviour

Organisation: SIES School of Business Studies, Navi Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Purchases, Cost of Product, Impulse Buying, Customers, Virtual Sales, Buying Behaviour, Quality

Research Paper

30. Predicting stock market direction: hit songs’ sentiment analysis by using bert

Various machine learning algorithms have been used to predict stock market prices and perform analyses. Investor sentiment has been taken into account to predict the prices. However, there are different ways in which investor mood or sentiment can be influenced. Studies have confirmed that people’s mood or sentiment influences their choice of songs and likewise, songs influence people’s mood or sentiment and in fact their buying behavior. This paper proposes a prediction of whether the stock market will be bearish or bullish on the basis of daily hit songs listened to by people on a popular music streaming platform. Only a few types of research have been conducted that propose a correlation between popular songs’ sentiments and predicting the stock market. In this paper, the direction of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index is predicted from the lyrics of daily hit songs on Spotify listened to in the region of the United States of America. The model is trained on the dataset of lyrics of daily top 50 songs on Spotify from January 2017 to February 2022. The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) model in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been used to predict the direction of the DJIA index for the next day.

Published by: Sagar Bansal, Snigdha PatilResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: BERT Model, Stock Market Direction, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis

Research Paper

31. Promoting merchandise activity in rural India: An analysis

Merchandise activity has expanded the horizon and dimension of business universally. In India, villages are considered to be the spine and strength of our economy which contribute 25-30% of GDP. Unfortunately, due to lack of connectivity to town, deficient network, poor telecommunication, undeveloped transportation and inefficient planning of rural development has slumped rural markets in India. Nevertheless, rural India has the potential to contribute more in percentile by better connectivity and Livestock committee to promote indigenous products of 6,00,000 Indian villages. Globalisation in agricultural sector, exposure of unique handicrafts, textiles, arts, handlooms and treasure of diverse economic opportunity has brought faith among investors. This research paper attempts to analyse issues and address the challenges which have caused hindrance to promote Rural markets across India. The researcher aims to suggest parallel tech-savy solutions to approach global markets and boost economy. The aim of this paper is to give suggestions to promote native products grown and manufactured in villages throughout the world. Further, the role of Panchayat and financial distribution patterns is also discussed in this paper.

Published by: Jayesh P. K.Research Area: Local Self Governance In India

Organisation: CMR School of Legal Studies, Bengaluru, KarnatakaKeywords: Merchandise, Panchayat, Globalisation, Indigenous Products, Trade

Research Paper

32. Study of corrosion resistance chemical for steel structural material

Research projects and field investigations have been conducted since 1970 on methods for protecting reinforced structures or steel structures from corrosion damage. This method includes various alternative techniques and also use of different materials and processes. Usually, corrosion problem is seen in coastal areas and structures near the coastal areas. Each method is briefly described and their results in the field are also reviewed. The different materials in corrosion protection, protection, prevention, and control are a subject of interest. The process of corrosion should always be prevented to avoiding the steel from getting of bad quality. Different chemicals and materials such as Rust Guard, Zinc Rich Primer, Steel Guard, Corro Guard, Cement Polymer, sulfuric acid, and sodium chloride have been used. Anticorrosive refers to steel protection from atmospheric reactions. By application of anti-corrosive chemicals on steel, the increase and decrease in are corrosion is determined

Published by: Rajendra Sukhdev Chavan, Vishnu Sudhakar Patil, Shalini Satyanarayan Bhandari, Sarvesh Santosh Deshmukh, Sourabh Ananta Survase, Shruti Shrinivas EkkaldeviResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Vidya Vikas Pratishthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, MaharashtraKeywords: Rust Guard, Zinc Rich Primer, Steel Guard, Corro Guard, Cement Polymer, Corrosion Protection, Prevention, and Control

Research Paper

33. Fast pothole detection with the YOLO algorithm

Roads play a very important role in our daily life for the transit of goods and passengers. So, we have to be very careful about all the activities which may lead to the damage of roads to avoid major or minor road accidents. One of the main causes of this accident is due to the potholes created on the roads. These potholes are caused by the augmentation and dwindle of ground water after the water has plunged into the ground under the footway. To avoid such incidents a real-time-based road damage identification system is required. Our project proposal is how a real-time-based pothole detection system can be developed to avoid such accidents in the future.

Published by: Rupsha Debnath, Sayandeep Dutta, Soumajit Karmakar, Pratik Kumar Dewan, Ritasri Ghosh, Subhayu Das, Subarna Ghosh, Dr. Sangita RoyResearch Area: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Organisation: Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata, West BengalKeywords: Accident, Potholes, YOLO Algorithm

Review Paper

34. The medical technology industry in India: Present scenario and way forward

Medical technology, a segment under the large umbrella of the healthcare system in India is growing significantly over the last decade at a CAGR of 12-15%. Today India is counted among the top 20 global medical devices market and is the 4th largest market in Asia. This article attempts to assess the present scenario of the medical technology industry in India in terms of market sizing and structure, the key growth drivers, government initiatives to support the growth of the Med Tech industry, recent trends, changing market dynamics and the way forward to achieve the growth projection. To check the reality of the growth story we have performed a systematic review of articles and published data related to the Medical Technology industry in India. Our review shows that the industry is in the right direction and the market is expected to grow at a 37% CAGR and increase from US$ 10.36 billion in 2020 to reach US$ 50 billion in 2025.

Published by: Ashim Kumar GhoshResearch Area: Healthcare Industry

Organisation: Total Marketing Solutions, Pune, MaharashtraKeywords: Indian Medical Technology Industry, Indian Healthcare Industry, Medical Devices, Market Size, Growth Drivers, Recent Trends, Government Initiatives

Research Paper

35. The "governing” principle of the universe through language sciences

Based on the science of Language we tackle the tough problem of discovering the governing principle of the Universe the state that controls everything. And how everything relates to everything else and the Universe.

Published by: Nishanth MehanathanResearch Area: Physics

Organisation: Independent ResearcherKeywords: Universe, Physics, Language science

Research Paper

36. Index of Happiness

In this term paper, a neuro-fuzzy-based shrewd framework is created for team part execution assessment. There are five inputs and one yield in this framework. Engagement study, worker fulfillment, a special project take a toll, days within the final 30 days, and absence are the inputs. The рerfоrmаnсе score of а teаm membеr is the оutрut. The participation capacities exist for each input and yield. Three participation capacities exist for each input. Four participation capacities show up within the yield. Within the proposed work segment, certain participation capacities are talked about. MATLAB is used to carry out the complete venture. The information was gotten through Kaggle. The proposed innovation includes a 92% exactness rating.

Published by: Manvir Singh, Mehak KapoorResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Chandigarh University, Gharuan, PunjabKeywords: Sugeno, Fluffy Framework, Neuro-Fuzzy Framework

Research Paper

37. Adoption of m-learning to enhance LSRW skills for learners of English as a second language

M-learning, or mobile learning, is an educational strategy that employs mobile devices to promote learning in a variety of contexts and through a range of interactions. Using tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, and mobile phones, offers up-to-date methods for enhancing LSRW skills. Because everyone's interest and availability for studying are different, mobile learning is able to meet everyone's needs. Three of m-most learning's distinguishing features are its predictability, its casualness, and its pervasiveness in the learning process. Students using a mobile learning platform aren't needed to be in a traditional classroom setting or even in close proximity to a computer. In addition, it is a great method for getting over the limitations of time and place when learning a new language. The purpose of this research is to introduce participants to m-learning as a viable strategy for enhancing LSRW abilities through the use of mobile devices. This report also emphasizes the importance of self-study in the process of learning English as a second language.

Published by: Sailabhanu Sahoo, Dr. Subash Chandra RayResearch Area: English Language

Organisation: Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar, OdishaKeywords: LSRW, M-Learning, Educational Strategy, Predictability, Casualness

Survey Report

38. Voice Assistant Automation System for Applications

The project aims to develop a personal assistant for computers. Jarvis was inspired by virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Bixby. it's designed to supply an easy interface for closing a range of tasks by using sure well-defined commands[1]. Our personal voice assistant is the code that will perform tasks and supply totally different services to the individual as per the individual‘s settled commands. this is often done through a synchronous method involving the recognition of speech patterns and then, responding via artificial speech. Through these assistants, a user will alter tasks starting from but not restricted to mailing, tasks management, and media playback. because the technology is developing day by day individuals have become additional enthusiastic about it, and one of the principally used platform is the laptop. we have a tendency to all wish to form the employment of those computers more leisurely, ancient thanks to provides a command to the pc is thru keyboard however an additional convenient means is to input the command through voice. For this purpose, there's a desire for a voice assistant which may not solely take command through voice but additionally execute the required directions and provides output [1].

Published by: Bhaskar Balasaheb Patil, Srinivas Joshi, Soumya R. Shivashimpi, Sagar, Dr. Sadhana P. BangarashettiResearch Area: Information Science

Organisation: Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkote, KarnatakaKeywords: Automated Speech Recognition, Desktop Voice Assistant, Natural Language Generation, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Text-To-Speech, Voice Assistant

Research Paper

39. Thrust vector control in rockets: Methods and effects

This paper discusses the basics of the design of a preliminary LITVC (Liquid Injection Thrust vector control) system in today’s jet propulsion methods. In principle, several methods can be used, but because high-performance propellants produce very high temperatures and usually multiphase flow, thrust vector control methods that minimize contact between moving parts and propellant gases are preferred. Also, the technique of obtaining thrust vector control by the injection of liquid into the supersonic region of a rocket nozzle has been studied. A basic model of fluid-injection thrust vector control is developed. The analysis is done to show the effects of injectant and propellant properties on the performance of the vehicle. Aerothermochemical aspects are examined by predicting the performance of selected injections in combination with a hypothetical rocket propellant and nozzle. The idea of implying this method in the steering of terrestrial vehicles is also looked upon. This paper discusses the basics of the design of a preliminary LITVC (Liquid Injection Thrust vector control) system in today’s jet propulsion methods. In principle, several methods can be used, but because high-performance propellants produce very high temperatures and usually multiphase flow, thrust vector control methods that minimize contact between moving parts and propellant gases are preferred. Also, the technique of obtaining thrust vector control by the injection of liquid into the supersonic region of a rocket nozzle has been studied. A basic model of fluid-injection thrust vector control is developed. The analysis is done to show the effects of injectant and propellant properties on the performance of the vehicle. Aerothermochemical aspects are examined by predicting the performance of selected injections in combination with a hypothetical rocket propellant and nozzle. The idea of implying this method in the steering of terrestrial vehicles is also looked upon. This paper discusses the basics of the design of a preliminary LITVC (Liquid Injection Thrust vector control) system in today’s jet propulsion methods. In principle, several methods can be used, but because high-performance propellants produce very high temperatures and usually multiphase flow, thrust vector control methods that minimize contact between moving parts and propellant gases are preferred. Also, the technique of obtaining thrust vector control by the injection of liquid into the supersonic region of a rocket nozzle has been studied. A basic model of fluid-injection thrust vector control is developed. The analysis is done to show the effects of injectant and propellant properties on the performance of the vehicle. Aerothermochemical aspects are examined by predicting the performance of selected injections in combination with a hypothetical rocket propellant and nozzle. The idea of implying this method in the steering of terrestrial vehicles is also looked upon.

Published by: Harris Antony A., Swaraj ChouriwarResearch Area: Mechanical Engineering

Organisation: Tech Analogy, Noida, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Liquid Injection Thrust Vector Control, Liquid Propellant Applied Research Motor, Bipropellant Injection Test, Solid Motor Injection Test, and Orifice

Review Paper

40. Impact of social media marketing on online consumer behavior

Social media is on the rise and after the pandemic, social media has become the focus of the world. This paper aims to reveal the effect of social media marketing in general and influencer marketing in particular on the behavior of online consumers. The answer to this research can help businesses assess the importance of social media marketing and other traditional forms of marketing and enable them to accordingly shape their marketing strategy.

Published by: Riddhima SinghResearch Area: Marketing

Organisation: Miranda House College, New Delhi, DelhiKeywords: Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behaviour

Research Paper

41. Introduction of a training module on improving Health System Responsiveness for Nursing Officers

Health System responsiveness is a quality indicator introduced by the World Health Organization in the field of health performance evaluation. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of health care workers about responsiveness affect the level of responsiveness perceived by the patients as customers of the health system. The objective of the study was to develop, implement and evaluate effectiveness of a training module which was designed to improve the practices of nursing officers regarding responsiveness perceived by the patients. Study was carried out at medical wards of District General Hospital- Gampola. A validated instrument was developed to assess the nursing care responsiveness and a training module was developed to address the gaps in nursing care responsiveness. This quantitative study was performed utilizing the domain specific and the overall mean responsiveness score perceived by the patients selected from pre-test and post-test samples. Domain specific and overall responsiveness scores of the pre-test sample were assessed and training module was conducted as the intervention. Post-test sample was evaluated and compared with the pre-test sample using independent t- test. The results showed that the improvement in the domains of ‘dignity’, ‘communication’ and ‘basic amenities’ were statistically significant. The improvement in overall responsiveness was also statistically significant. The results show the ability of enhancing responsiveness by the capacity building of health care workers who deal in the health system. The study recommends that the training module for nursing officers on improving health system responsiveness can be implemented in other clinical units of the hospital to improve the perception of responsiveness by the patients.

Published by: Dr. C. J. K. Somaratne, Dr. S. SridharanResearch Area: Medical

Organisation: District General Hospital, Nawalapitiya, Nawalapitiya, Sri LankaKeywords: Health System Responsiveness, Nursing Care Responsiveness, Training Module, Nursing Officers

Research Paper

42. Impact of organizational climate on motivation and performance of employees’ : A review of different experts

Organizational climate have an influencing role in enhancing the performance of all employees in any organization. Organizational climate consists of a set of characteristics that describes work culture in the organization. It is a set of attributes of a particular organization that is induced from behaviour and attitude of employees. Individual perception of organizational properties and organizational factors are the major determinant of climate in an organization. Organizational climate has a relatively enduring quality of the internal environment of an organization that influences behaviour of its members and is described in terms of the values of a particular set of characteristics in the organization. The organizational climate refers to those aspects of the environment that its members’ consciously perceives. The present study focus on review of literature of various scholars who have contributed a milestone in improvement of organization climate and done betterment in Human resource management.

Published by: Dr. Gaurav SharmaResearch Area: Commerce

Organisation: Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shimla, Himachal PradeshKeywords: Organizational Climate, Human Resource Management

Research Paper

43. Designing an optimally efficient impeller for a submersible turbine pump

This paper aims to tackle the problem of designing an optimally efficient impeller for SUBMERSIBLE TURBINE PUMP (being developed first time in India under the ‘Make In India Aatmanirbhar’ scheme by Govt. of India) while taking into account several factors like the material of the impeller and its components. The paper suggests a mechanical solution to the problem that is practical and efficient, involving a constructive overview of the design process of each component in the impeller –the number of vanes and the outlet angle, the shut-off head, the diameter, the width, the eye diameter, the shaft diameter and more. This paper presents the construction and function of each component of the proposed system and illustrates the same using graphs and three-dimensional computer-generated models. It also takes into account the effectiveness of the material used in the construction of the impeller, whilst articulating safety requirements and ensuring that the design abides by them. Finally, it concludes by summarizing the effectiveness of the proposed design specifications.

Published by: Arjun AsudaniResearch Area: Mechanical Engineering

Organisation: Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Impeller, Outlet Angle, Shutoff Head, Shaft Diameter, and Polyoxymethylene.

Research Paper

44. Russia-Kazakhstan relations in light of the Ukraine war: An overview of Kazakhstan’s pivot to Asia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought about key questions that dictate the future of its relations with Kazakhstan. The crux of the matter is that Kazakhstan seeks to assert itself as a regional power of its own. Already Central Asia’s largest economy, Kazakhstan is the key player in an increasingly contested geopolitical battleground; it can either maintain its status as a Russian proxy state or pursue independence in decision-making via closer ties with its neighbor China and or the West. Recent events and evidence have shown that the nation is taking the latter approach and thus solidifying its pivot to Asia.

Published by: Krshna KakarResearch Area: Political Science

Organisation: Dubai College, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesKeywords: Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Politics, Policy

Research Paper

45. Quantum Computer: Why should we use it over classical computer

As we all know our world is getting advanced day by day in technology if its mobile phone or any tech. So why we are using a classical computer if we have a quantum computer? The goal of quantum computing is to find algorithms that are considerably faster than a classical computer. The quantum computer seems to be no longer just for physicists and computer scientists, but also for information system researchers. In this paper we will study the advantages of quantum computers over the classical computers, why it is better, and also the problems that we face while operating quantum computers.

Published by: Aman KhanResearch Area: Information Technology

Organisation: B.K. Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kalyan, MaharashtraKeywords: Quantum Computer, Qubits, Superposition, Entangle, Classical Computer.

Review Paper

46. Superfood-A new category of food or a superhype

In recent years many scientific studies demonstrate the importance of non-class processed foods whose nutritional composition is ideal for strengthening and promoting the proper functioning of the human body. These foods are known as superfoods. Superfoods are special kinds of foods capable of exhibiting different positive effects involving the prevention of different ailments, providing impetus to the immune system, and essential macro- and micro-nutrients in ample quantities. Nowadays, these are gaining considerable attention due to the increased health consciousness of consumers. In contrast to their exceptional health or even medicinal benefits, which are based on their long history of use, the concept of superfoods is still little understood. The category of superfoods mainly comprises different types of fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. This review sheds light on the nutritional composition of some significant superfoods. This manuscript could help consumers to use superfoods as part of their diet more often and very effectively.

Published by: Avdesh Thassu, Chandra Mohan NandiResearch Area: Food

Organisation: Emami Limited, Kolkata, West BengalKeywords: Superfoods, Immune System, Fruits, Nutrients, Health Benefits

Research Paper

47. Role of AI in Indian farming

The implication of AI in how Indian farming has advanced and the repercussions that it brings.

Published by: Kartike SachdevaResearch Area: AI

Organisation: Pathways School, Gurugram, HaryanaKeywords: Artificial Intelligence, Farming, Advantages

Research Paper

48. The evolution of hybrid terrorism in the Kashmir valley

A new challenge is confronting authorities in Kashmir - hybrid terrorists. According to the intelligence agencies and Security forces in Kashmir, hybrid terrorists are normal “boys next door” who belong to stable families who are well known in their villages and mohallas. Thus, they enjoy complete anonymity from the security forces radar, but at the same time they are indoctrinated and radicalised enough where they can be employed by their handlers to carry out a terrorist strike. The weapon training is often imparted through you tube videos and internet. Sarpanches, political activists and off duty policemen too have been shot dead as a signal to the community at large that those who are opposed to terror ideology and agenda of separatists will be eliminated selectively. However, due to the inviable nature of the threat and their strategy to remain below the threshold of the security forces radar the danger is lurking in most dark corners and alleys of Kashmir.

Published by: Kirpal GillResearch Area: National Strategy

Organisation: Govt University, New Delhi, DelhiKeywords: Kashmir Hybrid Terrorism Strategy, Weapon

Research Paper

49. Effect of Lathe Machine Waste on Strength of Concrete

The amount of lathe waste generated by lathes and CNC machines is 1200 million tons per year, and they are difficult to recycle. The effect of adding Lathe machine waste without pre-cleaning (covered with production lubricants and cooling oils) on the properties of concrete was investigated. A total of 24 concrete castings were cast out of which 6 were without fibers and the remaining 18 were with fiber dosage of 0.4%, 0.8%, and 1.2% by weight of cement for the concrete of M30 grade and were tested for their compressive strength and split tensile strength as per relevant Indian standard specifications The slump cone, air content, pH value, density, compressive strength, tensile strength, tensile splitting strength, elastic modulus, Poisson’s ratio, and thermal parameters were tested. The results of the slump cone test indicates the addition of different weight dosages of lathe scrap fibers to concrete has various effects on the ultimate workability of the concrete. The results of the compressive strength test show that the compressive strength gradually increases when the percentage of fiber weight dosage is increased, it has a maximum value of compressive strength for 1.2% fiber weight dosage. Furthermore, the Tensile strength test shows that different dosages of lathe scrap fibers also affect the ultimate capacity of concrete in tension. It shows that a 0.4% fiber weight dosage rate was the optimum dosage applied to the concrete.

Published by: Siddhant Bhatewara, Mohit Baheti, Aryan Solanki, Sahil Gulhane, Sheetal SahareResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune, MaharashtraKeywords: Lathe Waste, Concrete, Workability, Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength, Lathe Waste, Concrete, Workability, Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength.

Research Paper

50. How does stellar evolution affect the dynamics of active stars?

This paper summarises the process of stellar formation and evolution of stars over time and how other processes within the general phenomenon affect the dynamics of the life of active stars such as neutron stars, black holes, magnetars, and pulsars. Main sequence life has also been looked into while comparing the properties of these active stars with the ones of main sequence stars to see how much their dynamics differ over time. From multiple different sources, this paper has been able to give us an insight into the workings of stars and how the initial states of matter can affect the courses of life of the infinitesimal quantity of stars in the universe.

Published by: Aryaman TandonResearch Area: Astrophysics

Organisation: Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Active Stars, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Stellar Evolution, Stellar Formation, Supernovae, Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Research Paper

51. A comparative study to assess the knowledge regarding home accidents and its prevention in children among mother of under-five children in selected urban and rural area of the city in view to prepare informational booklet.

Children are especially at risk for injury because of their normal curiosity, impulsiveness and desire to master new skills. Also, children try to imitate adult behavior from an early age. It is important to know the pattern of trauma in children from developing countries as significant differences exist in socioeconomic pattern and government regulatory policies in comparison with the developed nations. A systematic review was conducted to evaluate cultural adaptability in interventional studies which were performed to prevent injuries caused by domestic accidents in children under five years old in all countries. Overall, 15 studies were entered in the analyses. 1. To assess the knowledge regarding home accidents and its prevention in children among mother of under-five children in selected urban area. 2. To assess the knowledge regarding home accidents and its prevention in children among mother of under-five children in selected rural area. 3. To compare the knowledge regarding home accidents and its prevention in children among mother of children between urban and rural area. 4. To find out significant association of knowledge score regarding home accidents and its prevention in children in selected urban area with demographic variable. 5. To find on significant association of knowledge score regarding home accidents and its prevention in children in selected rural area with demographic variable. A comparative study was conducted with 150 samples who met inclusion criteria in primary health center. the tool was used for study demographic variables and knowledge questionnaires to assess the knowledge of mother of under-five children. Non probability purposive sampling technique was used. The result that out of 150 samples of In order to compute the urban association between the level of knowledge score and demographic variables chi-square was applied and the value was observed with 5%. In order to compute the rural association between the level of knowledge score and demographic variables chi-square was applied and the value was observed with 5% significance level. the urban area mean score is 15.01 and SD is 3.08 and in rural area mean score is 12.97 and SD 3.46. The t value is 3.810 and DF is 148 and p value is <0.05The findings of the present study indicated that maximum mothers are in moderate level of knowledge regarding home accidents and its prevention in children in both urban and rural area. and also maximum mothers are in inadequate level of knowledge in rural area regarding home accidents and its prevention in children, so study conclude that there is difference in the level of knowledge regarding home accidents and its prevention in children among mother of under-five children between urban and rural area.

Published by: Salomi S. Gaikwad, Mrs. Prabhadevi NResearch Area: Pediatric Nursing

Organisation: MGM, Mother Teresa College of Nursing, Aurangabad, MaharashtraKeywords: Assess, Knowledge, Home Accidents, Prevention, Mothers of Under-Five Children’s

Review Paper

52. Cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome

Carotid endarterectomy and carotid artery stenting are the standard therapies for the prevention of stroke in patients with significant carotid artery disease. Cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome (CHS) is a rare complication that may occur following either technique. This syndrome can develop at any time, from immediately after surgery to up to a month later. The causes appear to be impaired cerebral autoregulation and postoperatively elevated systemic blood pressure. CHP causes headache, nausea, vomiting, confusion, macular edema, visual disturbance, focal motor seizures, and intracerebral or subarachnoid hemorrhage. In this review, the definition, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options of CHS are discussed.

Published by: Muzaffer BahcivanResearch Area: Cardiovascular Surgery

Organisation: Memorial Dicle Hospital, Diyarbakır, TurkeyKeywords: Cerebral Hyperperfusion, Carotis, Endarterectomy, Stenting

Research Paper

53. Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Adult Surgical Patients and Emergency Surgery

Background" The Emergency Surgical team (including surgeons, intensive care physicians, and anesthesiologists)should work together for the quality, quantity, and duration of fluid IV supply during the perioperative period. Being a leader of the surgical team, the surgeon’s role is important. METHOD AND MATERIALS: We use hand search conference abstracts, seminar lectures, talks, and symposium research papers. We have searched 200 published research papers, out of which were selected as shown in the reference. We also introduce a new study. Two authors have to identify and select the article based on the same criteria. Any discrepancy was resolved.

Published by: Dr. Karan Yagnik, Aayushi DaveResearch Area: Surgery

Organisation: Private Practioner, Ahmedabad, GujaratKeywords: The Emergency Surgical Team, Duration of Fluid IV, Quality And Quantity of IV Fluids, Surgeon’S Role

Research Paper

54. Social stock exchange – An Indian perspective

Most people are motivated by money, and they all want more of it. These people use the stock market as a platform to locate profitable companies to invest in, receiving returns in the form of interest on their initial investment. The companies use the stock market to raise money from the general public. Every stock market has a regulatory organization that ensures all companies have good justifications for their financial needs and are open and honest about other aspects of their operations. Only social firms with the intention of influencing society are allowed to exist on the Social Stock Exchange (SSE), a section of the stock market. Social companies stress social good over profitability, in contrast to traditional stock market listings. They are non-profit organizations, and the stock market gives them another way to raise money. These are particular businesses that can amass money by issuing non-dividend shares, which enable them to forgo annual shareholder payouts. This only applies to non-profit businesses with social purposes that want to draw donors; it is not applicable to for-profit businesses.

Published by: Tanya ZaveriResearch Area: Economics and Business Management

Organisation: Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Social Stock Exchange (SSE), Global Citizen, Public Investment, Non-Loss Organizations, Conventional Stock Exchange, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable, Securities And Exchange Board of India (SEBI), National Stock Exchange (NSE) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Zero-Coupon-Zero-Principal Bonds, Social Venture, Conservation, Multi-Dimensional Policy, Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act (FCRA), Entity, Inflexion Point, Bureaucratic Rules, Enterprise, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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55. Lifecycle Analysis of E-scooters in Sharing Services

E-scooters in sharing services are becoming increasingly popular as an alternate mode of transport to replace short distance car journeys. But this business model is clouded by questions that suggest they might be causing more harm to the environment than decreasing it. There is a growing consensus that emissions associated with the production of e-scooters and the collection and distribution process contribute to the most emissions. In this paper, we look at different production locations in China, UK and Sweden and compare the net emissions output from production in these countries. We also try to understand the impact of using sustainable vehicles during the collection and distribution processes (for charging) such as electric and fuel cell vehicles on the lifecycle of e-scooters. The results show how e-scooter lifespan, production locations, reimagining the distribution process and renewable energy concepts influence the green house balance compared to alternative means of transport. Manufacturing an e-scooter in the China, UK and Sweden results and using sustainable vehicles for e-scooter collection and distribution result in 234.2, 123.9 and 108.2 gCO2/mile. Lastly, a parallel is drawn to understand the benefits of using renewable energy sources for charging the e-scooter.

Published by: Ajay VijayakumarResearch Area: Lifecycle Analysis

Organisation: Innovate UK, Swindon, United KingdomKeywords: E-Scooters, Sharing Services, Emissions, Lifecycle Analysis, Carbon di-oxide, Micromobility, Manufacturing, Sustainable Vehicles.

Case Study

56. Twice Recurrence Right Atrial Thrombus Following Atrial Septal Defect Repair

Thrombus formation in the right atrium after atrial septal defect repair is a rare condition. In this article, a case of right atrial thrombus recurring twice after ASD operation in a 52-year- the old female patient is presented.

Published by: Muzaffer Bahcivan, Orhan TarhanResearch Area: Cardiovascular Surgery

Organisation: Memorial Dicle Hospital, Diyarbakır, TurkeyKeywords: Atrium, Thrombus, Recurrence

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57. Interpretation of hardness of CRYO and RT ECAPed Aluminium 6063 using micro-Raman spectroscopy

The severe plastic deformation technique that has attracted much attention from the material community in present days is Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP). Ultra fine-grained microstructures can be produced by this technique, without a significant change in geometry. Present work compares Hardness and Raman spectroscopic analysis of CRYO and RT ECAP of Aluminium 6063 alloy. For different aging times, different Raman spectroscopy graphs obtained will be different. The present work's purpose is to make use of Raman intensity ratio(ID/IG) to infer Micro Vickers Hardness of CRYO and RT ECAP of Aluminium 6063 alloy. The Raman spectroscopy utilizing a laser as the light source makes it suitable for measurements of different material properties. In this work, Raman spectra of CRYO and RT ECAPed Aluminium 6063 at different aging timings at 1800c temperature will be analyzed. These results showed good agreement with the age hardening behavior of CRYO and RT ECAPed Aluminum 6063.

Published by: Varri Vinay Kumar, Gurugubelli Swaminaidu, Srinivasulu arnuri, Gorsa JayaramResearch Area: Metallurgy

Organisation: JNTUK University College of Engineering, Vizianagaram, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Aluminium 6063, Raman Spectroscopy, Ecap

Survey Report

58. Use and impact of ICT among the various users of the library: A case study on the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology, Balasore

This paper displays the impact of ICT services on the users of CIPET, Balasore Library. For gathering data, the questionnaire method is accepted. Different ICT-related system of the CIPET library is discussed. In this paper, different ICT apparatus and facilities are also focused on. This paper also observes the quantity of using ICT services by the respondents may be students and staff

Published by: Aditya Narayan Rath, Soumyaranjan SamantaResearch Area: ICT

Organisation: Central Sanskrit University, Puri, OdishaKeywords: Information Technology, Information Communication Technology, ICT Apparatus, Facilities, Library Automation

Research Paper

59. High school particle detector using Peltier cooling modules

This project aims to design a cloud chamber for use in a high school in order to educate and get students interested in particle physics. The cloud chamber shows the tracks of particles in real-time, which is excellent for engaging students. They will be able to identify different types of particles based on the appearance of their tracks, and will therefore gain a more intuitive understanding of particle physics. The inclusion of two compartments separated by a lead divider allows students to infer the direction of particle motion by observing its loss of energy. This cloud chamber also includes an interactive element, which comes from the introduction of a school-safe sample of radioactive metal and the manipulation of magnetic fields using an electromagnet. The cart is on wheels and is easily portable. It requires almost no time from the instructor outside of class, except for replacing the supply of isopropyl alcohol, which is inexpensive and easy to access.

Published by: Sadie AllspawResearch Area: Particle Physics

Organisation: Cambridge Centre for International Research, Cambridge CB4 0PZ, United KingdomKeywords: Physics, Particle Detector, Cloud chamber, Cosmic Radiation

Research Paper

60. Nine-layer CNN for detection of the cancerous growth of abnormal cells in the brain

A brain tumor is a group development of abnormalities brain cells. There are numerous forms of brain tumors. Some brain tumors are cancerous, whereas others are noncancerous. Brain tumor identification involves several phases, including the capture of an input MRI image, the conversion of the input image to a grayscale image, the application of filters, segmentation, feature extraction, and classification. The detection of a tumor is a difficult process. The position, size, and shape of the tumor differ greatly from patient to patient, making segmentation a difficult process. The detection of a tumour is a difficult process. The position, shape, and structure of the tumour vary significantly from patient to patient, making segmentation a difficult process. A Nine Layer CNN architecture including an input layer, zero padding, Conv2D, Batch Normalization, Re-Lu, Max pooling, Max pooling, Flatten, and Dense layer is designed in this study. TCIA Brain tumor dataset is used to train the Nine Layer CNN. TCIA dataset is augmented to overcome overfitting circumstances. In order to overcome overfitting conditions, the TCIA dataset is augmented. CNN nine layer produced a decent outcome, with a training accuracy of 98.93%. If the classifier determines that the picture is a tumor present image, it will also provide the proportion of the tumor.

Published by: J. Guna Keerthana, N. Britto Martin Paul, S. Sravan Kumar, B. Kavya Pranathi, V. Divya, Prudhvi Kanth BezawadaResearch Area: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Organisation: Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Cancerous, Noncancerous, Nine Layer, Relu, TCIA, Augmented Etc.,