Authors can easily submit “Copyright Transfer form” of their manuscript. If you have not downloaded the form yet, then download the copyright form, please click here.

After the copyright form is duly filled and scanned, please complete the short process below to submit it. You will need to enter your tracking ID and upload the scanned file in next step.

In order to view the payment options available you will need to fill-in your Paper ID, that is provided to you within the acceptance mail.

What is my Unique Tracking Key?

Your Unique Tracking Key is the combination of your Paper ID and first three characters of your name. Example: For an author with name: Ankit and Paper ID: V3I1-1150, secret key will be V3I1-1150-ANK

Please note that the key is not case-sensitive and special characters like dot (.) or comma (,) are not considered as a valid character. So, if your name is: Dr. Sarvan Thete, then your unique tracking code will be: V3I1-1150-DRS