Volume-1, Issue-1, October-2014

October, 2014

1 Uncertainty in Improving Durability Aspects and Mechanical Properties of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete
Dhanendra Kumar, Dr. S. Mandal
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
2 Human Factor Considerations in Sewing Machine for Workstation Design
Gurbhej Singh
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
3 Hard Faced Layer on Mild Steel Made by Paste Technique with Smaw Electrode to Improve Surface Properties
Hitesh Vasudev
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
4 Performance Study on a Pier Designed using Force based and Direct Displacement Methods
Sanjeev Kumar K.S., Syed Ahmed Kabeer K I
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
5 Comparison of Two Similar Buildings with and Without Base Isolation
Syed Ahmed Kabeer K I, Sanjeev Kumar K.S
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
6 Mechanical Properties of Alkali Treated Agave Americana (Rambaans) Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite
Bhupendra Kumar Saraswat, P. C. Gope
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
7 Significance of OSPF Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc NETworks (MANET)
Anuj Verma, Disha Guleria
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
8 SIFT: Scale Invariant Feature Transform (Review)
Ridhi Jindal, Sonia Watta
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)
9 A Survey on Web Research for Data Mining
Gaurav Saini
(Vol: M1, Issue: P1)

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