UPDATE! Digital Copyright Forms – Makes it easier

Introducing Digital Copyright Transfer Forms. 

IJARIIT has implemented submission of digital copyright forms which will replace the previous lengthy method of printing and scanning back the paper form.

Making the submission process quick and convenient, the paper publishing process of IJARIIT has become 100% digital. This change strengthened IJARIIT’s continuous movement toward digitalization and a better system which will save time as well as trees.

The major functional benefit to the authors is that now the hassle of printing and scanning the copyright form is now a thing of the past. The electronic copyright form also invalidates the need for your signature and instead you just need to upload the copy of a valid Government issued ID or student ID proof with the address (list below).

Here’s how this process works:
  1. After you submit your paper you will be allotted a paper ID for your submission.
  2. Visit submit copyright form page and enter your tracking key, provided to you in the email.
  3. Click verify and view the digitally generated copyright form.
  4. This form is already filled with details of all authors.
  5. Upload a valid ID proof in image or doc format.
  6. Click Submit

Once you complete above process, we will verify your form and ID within 24 hours proceeding which you can submit the online maintenance fee at this page.

The process of submitting the Electronic Copyright Form is very simple like water damage restoration intervention. However, in case of any clarification or doubt, feel free to contact us via our Contact Form or Live Chat option at the bottom right corner of your screen.

List of IDs that are acceptable:
  1. AADHAR Card
  2. Driving License
  3. Passport
  4. College issued ID Card
  5. Employer issued ID Card
  6. Any other valid ID with address proof


Go Digital, Go Green.

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