This paper is published in Volume-5, Issue-5, 2019
Electronic Engineering and Internet of Things
Suwetha I. G.
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Pub. Date
31 October, 2019
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Smart garbage monitoring, Nodemcu, Ultrasonic Sensor, Mq-135, DHT Sensor, Thingspeak, Blynk.


Suwetha I. G.. NodeMcu based smart garbage monitoring system, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Suwetha I. G. (2019). NodeMcu based smart garbage monitoring system. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 5(5)

Suwetha I. G.. "NodeMcu based smart garbage monitoring system." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 5.5 (2019).


Garbage monitoring is an essential issue for most of the cities in India. The current garbage monitoring and management system are highly ineffective contributing to high transportation and collection costs. Due to poor monitoring and collection, garbage bins are seen overflowing in certain areas which can lead to long-term problems such as bad odour and harmful diseases. On the contrary, in some places, garbage collection trucks end up collecting garbage from bins which have low garbage levels leading to high petrol consumption and increased air pollution. To overcome these problems “NodeMcu based smart garbage monitoring system” can be introduced as an effective solution. This smart garbage monitoring system employs NodeMcu as its main microcontroller. It uses the ultrasonic sensor as a level detector to detect the amount of garbage in the bin. It also employs an MQ-135 gas sensor and a DHT sensor to monitor the quality of air surrounding to bin and temperature and humidity data respectively. This information is then transmitted via the NodeMcu to Blynk application and ThingSpeak channel. In the Blynk application, the live monitored information is displayed using a graphical interface. In the ThingSpeak channel, the real-time output data is represented as a line graph which can be interpreted easily. Thus this system provides a web platform as well as a mobile platform for efficient garbage monitoring.