This paper is published in Volume-3, Issue-1, 2017
Computer Science
Rashmi Srivastava
SIIT,Gorakhpur, UP, India
Pub. Date
06 January, 2017
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Digital Watermarking, Image Steganography, Encryption , DCT, DWT


Rashmi Srivastava. DWT based Invisible Watermarking on Images, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Rashmi Srivastava (2017). DWT based Invisible Watermarking on Images. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 3(1)

Rashmi Srivastava. "DWT based Invisible Watermarking on Images." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 3.1 (2017).


The imaging technology is being enhanced day by day, there are a lot of possibilities of reproduction and manipulation of digital data such as digital image, digital audio, and digital video, hence a strong digital copyright mechanism must be produced in place. So the protection of digital data content from unauthorized users and the problem of copyright management plays a very vital role. The Digital watermarking is being used to protect and save the data of researchers and to keep secret information inside a signal which cannot be easily detected by unauthorized person or users. The digital watermarking is a field of data hiding which hide the crucial information or data in the original data for protecting illegal duplication and to restrict disturbance of multimedia data. This research paper presents a survey on the digital image watermarking techniques. The outputs of various digital image watermarking methods have been compared on the basis of the results. A digital watermarking can be described as a stream of bits embedded in a digital file that offers features such as IPM (Intellectual Property Management) and proof of authority of ownership. The digital watermarking has two basic ideas - first is content protection and second is the copyright management. There are various methods to hide information inside an image, audio/video, document etc. But the Image Steganography has its own importance and is most popular among the others. This paper gives a review of various techniques such as image domain and transformation domain algorithms available for implementing Image Steganography. In this paper, an overview of some Digital Watermarking methods is discussed such as Discrete Cosine transform (DCT) and Digital Wavelet Transform (DWT) and its purpose, techniques, limitations and applications.