This paper is published in Volume-4, Issue-4, 2018
Law And Technology
Sreevidya KV
School of Legal Studies CMR University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Pub. Date
24 July, 2018
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Cloud computing technology, Privacy violation, Data theft, Data misuse, Legislative measures


Sreevidya KV. Cloud computing technology and legal challenges, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Sreevidya KV (2018). Cloud computing technology and legal challenges. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 4(4)

Sreevidya KV. "Cloud computing technology and legal challenges." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 4.4 (2018).


Law influences society and society influence the lawmaking procedure. This symbiotic relationship is unavoidable. Any change in society has an impact on the legal process. Technology is no exception to it. Technology is today’s lifeline. Technology has become part and parcel of everyone’s daily life. Law and technology are becoming two balances of the scale by which human behavior is controlled. It is interesting to observe how these variants, law, and technology interact with each other and what effect is caused in society by such interaction. With the latest technological development in cloud computing, an opportunity has been created for researchers to investigate the action and reaction formula of law and technology on society. Cloud computing technology is very popular in the present days. It is the new technology that is looked upon by industries. Nowadays cloud computing is gaining popularity amongst business community because of its features like low cost, easy maintenance, scalability etc. Indian business is also adapting to cloud computing very rapidly. India is outsourcing in the field of cloud computing services. This increase in the adaptation of cloud computing technology is not without risks, the advantage of cloud computing technology comes with many disadvantages. As cloud computing technology transcends boundaries it has resulted in the spreading of legal problems like violation of privacy of cloud customers, access, and safety in online handling of data, copyright issues of the data stored in cloud and questions of jurisdiction. If regulatory framework with regard to the above-stated issues is not clear, the confidence of stakeholders will not be boosted. Additionally, any breach of privacy, data loss or data theft, on cloud causes catastrophic effects. The purpose of this research is to find out the necessity of regulating cloud computing, to inquire about the available methods of cloud regulation and also to find out suitable methods of cloud regulation for India.
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