This paper is published in Volume-6, Issue-3, 2020
Societal Cause
Snigdha Singhi
Amity Law School, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Pub. Date
15 June, 2020
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Patriarchy, Gender Inequality, Unemployment, Workplace, Suppressed, Sexual Pleasures, Discrimination, Manipulating, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Infringement of Fundamental Rights


Snigdha Singhi. Sexual harassment at workplace, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Snigdha Singhi (2020). Sexual harassment at workplace. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 6(3)

Snigdha Singhi. "Sexual harassment at workplace." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 6.3 (2020).


In this era of patriarchal society, where everyone deem to have adopt western culture could not change their thinking against goddess of the nation which is women. Nowadays crimes have been increased at a very high rate. Crimes in the nation have been increasing at a very high rate but crimes against women have taken a major boom. One of the major crimes is sexual harassment at workplace against women. Women are being suppressed from the very beginning and the men are used to take advantage of this and harass women and make them feel humiliated. Sexual Harassment At Workplace against women knocked doors of legal system in the case of Vishaka V/S State Of Rajasthan in the year 1997 where honorable Supreme Court gave a set of guidelines for the cases dealing with sexual harassment at workplace. Even after having guidelines and acts for the same the men take advantage of loopholes in the legal system and does not leave any table unturned in order to suppress women and make them feel insecure and humiliated. What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is a sexual behavior against the wish either directly or by implication through physical contact , a demand or force for sexual pleasure, showing pornography or implicating sexual action on exchange of any demand through force and any act which is humiliating or sexual in conduct either spoken or written or through actions. “Sexual Harassment at workplace is suppressing women or making them feel humiliated or insulting them or making them feel insecure or sexually harassing them at the workplace.” The definition still remains subjective and depends on how the judges interpret the citation put before them. It can make a person feel humiliated or offended. It can be verbal, physical or written. It has existed in the past and has become a source of discussion. A job or educational performance is conditioned on sexual pleasure. “Hostile work or educational environments can be created by actions such as addressing women in crude or objectifying terms, posting pornographic images in the office and by making derogatory or demeaning or humiliating statements about women like anti-female jokes.” Even after adopting a modern society the mind set of people will never change with respect to a woman. Many women feel unsafe even at workplace where good environment is a major clause for profit of the organization. Even if women complain about it to anyone specially illiterate women they are also being suppressed and are threatened or tortured if they raise their voice against men of the nation. Is this even about gender inequality that men of the nation can do whatever they want even without having any fear of the law? Even after adopting all the values given by the families where does the ethics and respect of men go toward women? Why they think they can do anything to women and can get safe without being punished? Is this because of women not being educated enough or small girls who are sent to big houses for non-employed works? Or is sexual harassment at heights due to illiterate and unemployed population of the nation? Even after having laws enforced or act for prevention of sexual harassment at workplace against women it is practiced almost in every one of 5 workplaces in developing nation like India. The troubles women has to face at workplace even gives a decline in efficiency and effectiveness of the women that is being humiliated and other women that are even working. Patriarchy has gone into heights at such a rate where men have made joke of women and even laws of the nation. I would like to address all such questions in my research paper and answer all these questions as we further.