This paper is removed in Volume-8, Issue-3, 2022
Electrical Engineering
Lakshya Varshney, Anna Sharma, Manav Chaturvedi, A. Ambikapathy
Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sub. Date
10 May, 2022
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Wind Data Analysis, Wind Turbine, Wind Variation


Clean, safe, and renewable electricity is supplied with wind power, making it one of the fastest-growing green technologies. Research on sustainable energy harvesting using wind turbines and ways in which wind power can be done provides information about the available methods. Wind energy is mainly used for two purposes namely irrigation (pumping) and power generation. The hope for wind power can be analyzed in different ways. The Weibull distribution method is one of the most widely accepted methods of measuring wind power. In this paper, the prospect of wind power in India is analyzed by means of the Weibull distribution. Details are collected from the Indian Meteorological Department located in various parts of the country. Three different Weibull distribution methods were used to obtain validated Weibull parameters using the most widely accepted mathematical tools.