This paper is published in Volume-8, Issue-3, 2022
African Studies
Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao
University of Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Pub. Date
12 May, 2022
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African, Ashanti, Asomi, Awe, Aweera, Basketry, Heterogeneous, Variables


Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao. An african basketry of heterogeneous variables ashanti-asomi-aweera, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao (2022). An african basketry of heterogeneous variables ashanti-asomi-aweera. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 8(3)

Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao. "An african basketry of heterogeneous variables ashanti-asomi-aweera." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 8.3 (2022).


In terms of a scientific systems approach to the knowledge of human origins, human organizations, human histories, human kingdoms, human languages, human populations, and above all human genes, unquestionable scientific evidence with human dignity flabbergasted the European strong world of slave-masters and colonialist-policy-rulers. This deduces that the early Europeans knew nothing scientific about mankind beforehand unleashing their one-up-man-ship over Africa and the Africans except that they were the white-skinned flocks and so, not the kith and kin of the Africans in black skin living in what they called the ‘Dark Continent’! Of course, in later times, the same masters and rulers committed to not repeating their colonialist racial geo-political injustices. The whites were domineering and weaponized to the hilt on their own mentality, for their own interests, and by their own logic opposing the geopolitically distant African blacks inhabiting the natural resources enriched frontiers. Those ‘twists and twitches’ in the timeline led to the black slavery and white slave trade with meddling Christian Adventist Missionaries, colonialists, religious conversions, Anglican Universities’ Missions, intersexual births, the associative some, the dissociative some and the nonatomic divisions within African natives in concomitance. And yet, an indelible African Awe Era (AWE) prevailed in the African Continent. How is it made possible by the Africans? No people or no language or no kingdom exists without some kind of moral, social, and political framework and when this is not written down, it may be strongest as the unwritten-down. A number of early European-written-down accounts in respect of the European-called ‘Black Africans’ boomeranged when the European scientific researchers discovered that the genetic roots of mankind exploded in Africa proclaiming African commonality superimposed. The first woman of all human beings is an African Mother indeed as confirmed by the knowledge resources Scientists. Of classical civilizations, ‘The African Grand Narrative’, in turn, exposes that all, in reality, is ‘Spirit’ or ‘Energy’ or ‘Power’ and that a particular process of knowing emerges from African genesis such as the meaning of being human, and concept of life and death. This Research Work Paper of my self-directed efforts which I call an advanced research saga precisely answers the just question above by way of African basketry at my level for the African Awe Era with heterogeneous variables used as the brought-in-borrowed tools, say, African kingdoms, African languages and African people such as for example, the handy threesome tool of the “Ashanti-Asomi-Aweera”, respectively.