This paper is published in Volume-4, Issue-3, 2018
Concrete Technology
Rahul Dev, R. Navaneethan
Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Pub. Date
14 May, 2018
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Curing, Hydration, Concrete, Admixtures, Concrete, Strength, Test, Water, Specimen.


Rahul Dev, R. Navaneethan. Self curing concrete, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Rahul Dev, R. Navaneethan (2018). Self curing concrete. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 4(3)

Rahul Dev, R. Navaneethan. "Self curing concrete." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 4.3 (2018).


Since we identify water shortage is mounting day by day, so an vital research should be needed to do the constructions without water. In early stages, water was mandatory for the curing purposes in construction. Curing of material do a chief job in rising pore structure and microstructure to increase durability and performance with water-soluble polyethylene glycol as a self-curing agent and lightweight aggregate as granite. The aim of this thesis is to revise concerning the power and stability of concrete with water-soluble polyethylene glycol as the self-curing agent. This agent will lessen the water disappearance from concrete. The goal of this investigation is to look at the strength and durability houses of concrete the usage of water-soluble Polyethylene Glycol as the self-curing agent. The characteristic of a self-curing agent is to reduce the water evaporation from concrete, and therefore they grow the water retention capacity of concrete as compared to the conventionally cured concrete. The use of self-curing admixtures may be very crucial from the point of view that saving of water is a necessity every day (every one cubic meter of concrete calls for 3m3 of water in a construction, most of that's used for curing).In this examine, compressive energy and break up the tensile power of concrete containing self-curing agent is investigated and in comparison with those of conventionally cured concrete. It is observed via this experimental take a look at that concrete cast with Polyethylene Glycol as a self-curing agent is stronger than that received via sprinkler curing in addition to by using immersion curing.