This paper is published in Volume-7, Issue-2, 2021
Human Behavior
Duane Thomas Dsouza
Independent Researcher, India
Pub. Date
24 April, 2021
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Predictability, Unpredictability, Human Behavior, Algorithm


Duane Thomas Dsouza. Human behavior unpredictability (oracle) algorithm, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Duane Thomas Dsouza (2021). Human behavior unpredictability (oracle) algorithm. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 7(2)

Duane Thomas Dsouza. "Human behavior unpredictability (oracle) algorithm." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 7.2 (2021).


Background even though human beings are viewed as complex beings and each with their own characteristic behavior it is possible and can be ascertained that not everything is different and that it is possible to predict human behavior. Methods in this study, I made a study of my own predictability and used my own observations in this study.and further i can conclude that it is possible that by using a study group of individuals in a random sample selection of 100 0r more individuals and by preparing a group study of their preferences like places they visited or the things they like or the videos games in case of teenagers and a percentage can be generated through which it can found the things that are common between these clusters of random individuals what they think and how they perceive each ones taste and quality alike and thus both percentages of what is similar and what is uncommon can be studied thus preparing a chart of what pertains to be a compendium of behavioral analysis and thus giving the predictability of human behavior conceptualized although in most surveys or polls there are statistical anomalies the percentage error using statistics Conclusions the behavior of individuals can be predicted and thus i am able postulate a theory which can be useful to society in general from knowing how the human mind thinks alike from certain age to a certain race/culture it is possible to get a result which may be almost exceptional and thus prove that all human minds connected to form a link and thus give a predictable pattern of what is human thinkingThis involves to a certain extent the theory of probability as well and its implications and results to a large number of trials displaying the implications concerning the outcomes similar examples involving people individuals etc. and even though these occurrences happen in a large number of people but are not predictions about a given individual my aim is to produce the converse where knowing the behavior of a group of individuals produce the anomaly of the required result and its implications as well.