This paper is published in Volume-3, Issue-6, 2017
Computer Science
Mary Shalin Benigna
SRM University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Pub. Date
08 November, 2017
Paper ID
Hostel Outpass Application, Android application


Mary Shalin Benigna. Android App for Hostel Outpass Form, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Mary Shalin Benigna (2017). Android App for Hostel Outpass Form. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 3(6)

Mary Shalin Benigna. "Android App for Hostel Outpass Form." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 3.6 (2017).


The prime objective of “Hostel outpass application” is to create a full-fledged Android application which could help the students to fill an outpass form and get approval from the consent staff and coordinators at one click. The form will be approved finally by the parent also thus making sure that the student’s activity is brought to parents notice . This helps in avoiding the problems which occur when carried out manually . It improves the efficiency of the system. It is a customized user-friendly application for hostel students which provides outpass information . This project offers user to enter the data through simple and interactive manner. The user is provided with the option of viewing their previous records of outpass forms in the history tab . The student will be directed to form page where they will have to input the details in the required field regarding the outpass details . Once filled and submitted the form will be sent to the consent staff and Year Coordinator and parent for approval . If the coordinator does not approve your form he will have to give certain reasons to it which will be then forwarded to the consent student . If not the approved , the form will be directed to the student as a final verified form with which the student can go out and use it as an outpass form . Similarly the parent is also given a choice of declining the form. In most cases the parents will not decline but still this notification remains as an intimation made to the parents so that they will be aware of their ward’s activities inside the college premises. However incase of emergency situations the students might not be able to contact their parent or wait for their approval due to several reasons In that case our application provides a more distinguished manner of filling up the forms namely : Emergency and Holiday outpass forms . The emergency outpass form segment enables the user to fill the form at that instance and get it approved only by their respective class in charge and not wait for their parents approval . This will lessen the time consumption without taking much of the student’s time and will be helpful for their need .However the holiday outpass forms will have to be submitted priorly like say before 3 days from the date of issue , for the head of the department and the parent to approve because the student will be aware of the holiday before in hand and thus they can make their necessary arrangements prior to the date . This application enables the student to fill the form in a more easier way than filling it manually. Since everybody uses a smartphone , creating forms through an app is the most convenient manner of establishing such platforms . Parents are also made aware of their children’s activities thus the management need not take up the responsibility as a whole in case of emergency situations . This advancement in technology has proven worthy for all the citizens which enables technologists to come out with such developments useful to them . The main modules of this project are : Student Module HOD module Staff module Parent module Each of these modules have various functions that will enable this application to function as a whole in a more user friendly manner.