Mentor Recommendation Program

We have introduced this program as an extension of our heartfelt thanks to the teachers for creating a congenial learning environment for their students. With this program, we are hoping to make publishing more accessible, easier and pocket-friendly for your students. Under this program any student that you will recommend will be allowed a concession of 25% on the total applicable registration fee.

How to take the advantage of this Program

All you need to do is to verify a couple of your details and your concession code will be generated automatically. Once generated, whosoever uses your reference while submitting the paper gets eligible for 25% concession on registration. Also, there is no limit to the numbers of papers that can be submitted under the concession.

How it works?

  • You need to verify the details given in the form aside
  • Once done, your data be updated in our system
  • From this point onwards, any paper comes using your reference will be eligible for concession

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