This paper is published in Volume-6, Issue-3, 2020
Dr. Neal Ratan Agarwala
Independent Researcher, India
Pub. Date
22 June, 2020
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Homeopathy, Medicine, Coronavirus, Treatment, Protocol


Dr. Neal Ratan Agarwala. Homeopathic treatment protocol for Coronavirus, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Dr. Neal Ratan Agarwala (2020). Homeopathic treatment protocol for Coronavirus. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 6(3)

Dr. Neal Ratan Agarwala. "Homeopathic treatment protocol for Coronavirus." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 6.3 (2020).


Natural Homeopathic Treatment Protocols for SARS-group of Viral Infections, Including COV-19 The rationale here is to select the herbs and plants plant-based Homeopathic mother tinctures that will counteract the actions of the SARS-group of viruses, and have a tradition of use for such kinds of viral infections. Homeopathic mother tinctures selected from plants and herbs that have the following functions: 1) Plants specifically antiviral for the SARS-group of viruses and are also effective as antivirals for corona-viruses as a group. 2) Blocks the viral attachment to ACE-2 linkages. 3) Lowers ANG2 4) Anti-Fibrotic and hence protects the lungs from fibrosis 5) Reduces autoimmunity and increases healthy immune function 6) Reduces Inter Leukin-1beta 7) Modulates cytokine responses 8) Regulates HMGB-1 9) Increases Interferon Alfa 10) HAS-2 Inhibitor 11) Increases T-Cell count 12) Lowers TGF 13) Protects the cilia 14) Protects lungs parenchyma from hypoxia 15) Protects endothelial cells 16) Protects spleen and lymphatic system 17) Stimulates Dendritic Cell maturation 18) Anti-coagulant Since no one particular medicine can cover all the above criteria's. Hence we need a combination of medicines to cover all the above 18 criteria. Here we need to mix a number of homeopathic mother tinctures to form a combination, which will cover all the above 18 parameters, and hence we can benefit from them. For your good health Dr. Neal Ratan Agarwala BHMS (Calcutta University) DBMS, MD(Bio), PGDPC, MS(Psycho), Graphotherapy & NLP(USA) Dr Agarwala Medical 21 Rabindra Sarani Liluah Howrah 711204 WB India Ph: 9231598225