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Smart centralized attendance management system

The management of the attendance can often be a good burden on the lecturers if it is done manually. To resolve this problem, a smart and auto attendance management system is being utilized. But authentication is a crucial issue in this system. Biometrics are generally used to execute a smart attendance system. Face recognition is one of the biometric to be used. The human face is a vital authentication parameter, it has many applications in other fields such as video monitoring and CCTV footage system, access systems present indoors and network security, identification of people, electronics, and validation of identities. By using a similar framework, the problem of proxies and students being marked present even though they are not physically present can easily be solved. The important implementation steps used in this type of system are face detection and recognizing the detected face. This paper proposes a model for implementing an automated attendance management system for students of a class by making use of face recognition technique, by using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). After these, the connection of recognized faces ought to be conceivable by comparing with the database containing student's faces. This model will be a successful technique to manage the attendance and records of students.

Published by: Vaibhav Ghadiali, Jevin Jain, Meet Nandu

Author: Vaibhav Ghadiali

Paper ID: V7I1-1231

Paper Status: published

Published: February 12, 2021

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Basics of a police complaint

How to write a police complaint is very important. In everyday life, we face many difficulties and problems. Few of these can be taken care by mediation or by talking about the problems between each other, however, few complaints cant be redressed even after discussions as either party may either dont want to resolve the problems and others further threaten of dire consequences. In the latter situation, the said complaint must be redressed by filing a formal complaint with the authorities like police. Therefore it is quite important how to get a resolution of your problems by writing the police complaint which must contain every fact and everything crystal clear so that resolution is made by police immediately without any further delay. Hence this article would help people write a proper police complaint which would enable them to explain their complaint in a proper manner. This article would also help people get an idea as to what and how to write a complaint to the police and what is the basics of writing a police complaint. This article on the basis of a police complaint also discloses what are the do's and dont's while writing a police complaint. Which things are to be kept in mind while formally jotting down your complaints and which things to avoid. Further, this article also explains the view taken by the supreme court of India while relating to the laws of marking the police complaint. The supreme court has in detail passed guidelines as to what is the procedure to be followed while filing a police complaint. These guidelines of the Hon'ble supreme court are also elucidated in this article. So, in brief, this article would help a person from A to Z of how to draft/write a police complaint.

Published by: Gurmeet Singh

Author: Gurmeet Singh

Paper ID: V4I3-1884

Paper Status: published

Published: June 18, 2018

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Research Paper

Hybrid methodology for credit card anomaly detection

Nowadays, people prefer cashless transactions out of which card payment is most prominent. But with its popularity and ease of use, comes threat. The threat of fraud and misuse as we have seen in many debit card fraud cases wherein victims come to know about the fraud transactions done on their account only after the transaction was done and they couldn't do anything. Hence detecting such frauds while they are actually happening is difficult. It is only after the transaction is done, we get to know that this particular transaction was fraudulent. Hence in this paper, we have tried to throw some light on a combination approach that includes Hidden Markov Model and Fuzzy logic which we believe can help in accurate detection and prevention of frauds related to card payments.

Published by: Rushabh Jadvani, Vivek Parmar, Dhruvin Sangani, Payal Sanghavi

Author: Rushabh Jadvani

Paper ID: V4I2-2098

Paper Status: published

Published: April 23, 2018

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Research Paper

Diet system using modified RETE algorithm

People across the globe are becoming more conscious regarding their weight, eating more healthy food and avoiding junk food. A system that can measure calories and nutrition in everyday meals can be very useful for maintaining our health. Calories and nutrition measurement system are very beneficial for the people to measure and manage their daily food intake. Dieticians are educated with nutrient value of foods; hence they can provide a diet based on a person’s eating timing, height, and weight. The system is an expert system so it asks all this data from the user and processes it. The system stores and processes this data and then calculates the Body Mass Index and Body Fat and provides the user with a personalized diet to fulfill their goals

Published by: Aniket Pathak, Ratan Boddu, Harsh Bhanushali, Amol Kadam, Nilakshi Jain

Author: Aniket Pathak

Paper ID: V4I2-1733

Paper Status: published

Published: April 10, 2018

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Research Paper

Gravitational Current

The weakest force ever known to us is the gravitational force but on the other side it is the only force which binds our universe. According to Sir Isaac Newton, gravity acts between two bodies placed at some distances and have some stationary mass, but what if the bodies have only moving mass, what do you think, the gravitational force would be same in this case as well, as it was in case of stationary mass.

Published by: Manjeet Singh, Nakul Singh, Kartikey Chauhan

Author: Manjeet Singh

Paper ID: V4I1-1244

Paper Status: published

Published: March 6, 2018

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Volume-4, Issue-2

March- April, 2018 Research Paper 1. Study of Linear and Non-Linear Buckling Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Wall RCC walls are used worldwide to resist loads due to gravity and earthquake. Many of the tall buildings had buckled during recent earthquakes due to poor design and construction practices. When the RCC structure is subjected to axial […]

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